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16226_397934853720961_7764667651555632764_nEmperor Obama will triumphantly display his nakedness in the San Francisco area this week at a Cyber Security conference at Stanford University in Palo Alto and at a fundraiser in San Francisco proper. Local patriot, Libertarian and Independent groups and even individuals are requested to join in. If you belong to a group in the area that opposes Obama’s disastrous policies, please ask your organizer to support this protest. If any individual would like to help organize this event, use the contact tab above to volunteer. Sometimes we cannot find a group that will help. Individuals can help, also.

Obama in Bay Area next week for cybersecurity summit, DNC fundraiser

Keep checking this website for updates, because the information may change. There are several routes into the University that he could take. For that reason, there is no guarantee that you will see the motorcade, so a convenient and high visibility place near the university was selected below. Please send links to any photos and video taken via the contact tab above, so they can be used to encourage other protests. This protest is being advertised broadly and any such protest at all in the Bay Area would be a BFD. Please show up and take photos.

Where:      Stanford University
            Sand Hill Rd and El Camino Real Intersection map
            Palo Alto, California 
Time:       9:00 am            
Date:       Friday, February 13, 2015
Parking:    Nearby streets and businesses

We decided to forego a protest downtown as it is a little complicated and may be too ambitious at this time. The protest at Stanford however will take place. It is not expected to be large, but any protest of Obama in the Bay area will be significant. Please take photos and provide links to this blog admin to be used to promote other such events.

Russian Hill Neighborhood of San Francisco
Russian Hill Neighborhood of San Francisco
Click for larger view
The DNC fundraiser will be at the home of venture capitalist Sandy Robinson, in San Francisco’s Russian Hill neighborhood. We need her address. Major donors often do not like the embarrassment of having throngs of protesters outside their home. Russian Hill is a small neighborhood. If we cannot learn the address, it will be obvious on the night of the event when the police rope off the area near her home. Parking will likely be nonexistent there. So, you may have to take public transportation. This is a tall order, I know, but we will see, if anyone is game or has an alternative idea. It may be easier to protest him at some point along his route into the City, probably Highway 101.

At the link below are some poster images that you can download and take to Staples and have them print a 2x3ft sign for about $3.50 per copy. Consider making more than one sign to share with your other co-patriots, who may come without one.

Impeach Obama Poster Downloads

Take photos and video. Let me know via the contact tab above, if you have an image or video to share. If this protest goes well, there is likely to be some mention of it on national news. Check back here at this blog next week for a report.

Roger Ogden
Impeach Obama NOW
San Diego, Ca

Note: Impeach Obama NOW is an informal, unstructured, volunteer movement, if you support impeachment, conviction, removal and the just punishment of Obama for his crimes, you are already a member. Polls show 100 million Americans and growing want Obama impeached! Get active. Demand it NOW!

Impeach Obama Protests in Idaho and Kansas in January, 2015 (photos and video).

impeach Obama NOW Protest with multiple groups in Las Vegas in November, 2014. Our goal is to have large crowds protesting him wherever he goes.

This was the Impeach Obama NOW protest in Phoenix in January, 2015.

Impeach Obama NOW protest at Angel Stadium in Anaheim in June, 2014.

Impeach Obama NOW protest in La Jolla in May, 2014.

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  1. I would love to join you but as I am a truck driver I will not be available. May God bless you in you endeavors. Please keep me in the loop.

    1. That sometimes happens. Everyone drives by and no one has the courage to get out and anchor the protest. Someone needs to get there early and show that a protest is starting. Otherwise, everyone may drive by and no one stops. They are too timid to stand on the sidewalk by themselves.

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