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A page has been started here that lists a few links, videos and books that provide some background on the Church of Latter Day Saints, also known commonly as the Mormon Church. Mormonism is a home-grown American religion that was started by Joseph Smith in the Burned-Over District of New York State. The area was given that name due to the religious fervor of the region during the early 1800’s of the many unorthodox religious communities that arisen there. Many of the unorthodox American religions that started in the US have theological roots in this area, including Obama’s Black Liberation Theology, which is actually theologically related to Mormonism. This list gives those, who are so minded, a relatively quick means of learning about the unorthodox theocratic beliefs of Mormonism.

The doctrine of Mormonism teaches that Mormons have a destiny to found a political and ecclesiastical theocracy in America and the world in their version of the imminent end times. The Mormon church already did found such a political kingdom of God in the Utah territory in the mid-1800’s. That ended, more or less, when Utah became a state, but the church is still organized as a government that exercises quite a lot of control over members’ day-to-day lives. For this reason Americans should be more aware of the doctrine and history of this very influential religious sect.


Articles of Faith Written by Joseph Smith, Article 10 prophesies that the Mormon theocratic Kingdom of God, which is political as well as religious, will be established on the American continent.

1838 Mormon War – Conflict between Missouri and the Mormons.

Blood Atonement and the Early Mormon Church – a form of sacrificial murder sanctioned by Brigham Young.

God and the People: Theodemocracy in Nineteenth-Century Mormonism

The Godmakers – A Shocking Expose of What the Mormon Church Really Believes by Ed Decker and Dave Hunt

Joseph Smith and the Burned-Over District

Mormon Oath of Vengeance on the United States – Mormons swore to take take vengeance on the United States for the mob-killing of the Mormon Prophet.

The Mormon Plan for America and the Rise of Mitt Romney – The Man Who Would Be God by Ed Decker

Mormon War in Utah – Conflict between the Mormons and the US military.

Mormonism – Christian or Cult?

Romney’s Mormon Problem – Slate Magazine

State of Deseret – Early Mormon Theocratic Political Kingdom with ambition to govern most of the western United States

United Order – Mormons implemented a form of communism nearly a century before the Soviets


Book of Doctrine and Covenents

JOURNAL OF DISCOURSES, HB 1-26 & INDEX – MORMON LDS NEW (26 Volume Set + Index) (Also available as Kindle version)

Doctrines of the Kingdom (Foundations of the millennial kingdom of Christ) by Hyrum Andrus

Joseph Smith and World Government by Hyrum Andrus

Mormonism Unveiled: The Life and Confession of John D. Lee, Including the Life of Brigham Young

The Mormon Conspriracy by Charles L. Wood

Mormon Doctrine by Bruce R. Mcconkie – Mormon Church has stopped printing due to controversy, but a few used copies are available.

My Kingdom Come: The Mormon Quest for Godhood by Ed Decker

No Mormon for President by Douglas Wallace – Wallace is 83 years old and a little eccentric, but the book has some useful information and references.

Quest for Empire: The Political Kingdom of God & the Council of Fifty in Mormon History by Klaus J. Hansen


Frontline – The Mormons – A not-very-critical, overall history of Mormonism.


Former Mormon Ed Decker Goes to the Temple (1 of 2)


Former Mormon Ed Decker Goes to the Temple (2 of 2)


This World: The Mormon Candidate


The Lost Book of Abraham


The title page of the 1830 Book of Mormon! Problems already!



Bibliography of Mitt Romney’s Mormonism

Does Glenn Beck have a Messiah Complex?

Romney & the Melchizedek Priesthood

Mitt Romney & World Government – The Mormon ‘Kingdom of God’

Mitt Romney – Not eligible and dodged Vietnam War

Obama, Romney and Freedom of Religion

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