Ukrainian Refugee Encampment in Tijuana

These are scenes from the Ukrainian encampment in Tijuana from April 5th, 2022. It is growing rapidly and they told me there that there are well over 1,000 Ukrainians seeking asylum now in Tijuana, whereas there were only a couple dozen a week or two ago. Anti-American community organizers and antifa normally assist refugees in Tijuana, who ware smuggled into the US by the cartels, but with the Ukrainian refugees these radicals are nowhere to be seen. A nonprofit formed by traditional Ukrainian Christian churches is aiding these refugees. To donate go to the organization’s page, Giving Hope .

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7 thoughts on “Ukrainian Refugee Encampment in Tijuana”

  1. America can use some intelligent Ukrainians; the US trained NAZI terrorists in Ukraine are responsible for these people having to seek asylum….the US/NATO trained NAZIs in Ukraine have been systematically burning down the Eastern Orthodox churches at the behest of their NATO handlers…please patriot fire, get your facts straight…you’re glorifying the same criminals running our current US government that are destroying yet another country and interfering in a sovereign country halfway around the world

      1. Actually, I heard read a report that they fly to Mexico City from Romania, get a visa from the Mexican government and then AMLO is having the Mexican military fly them to Tijuana. Maybe they are flying them to other border cities, also.

  2. Wait.. why don’t they stay in Tijuana? Why do they need to come to America? O
    There are a number of other countries that could absorb these refugees, why America given our border crisis now. Granted, that isn’t that many but, we have a very burdensome issue on our economical and security level as it is. On top of which WILL NOT reabsorb their citizens after a certain number. Perhaps we should open interment camps similar to the 1940’s. Until we get this sorted out.may be that would act as a deterrent for many of them.

    1. Hi Bee. They are saying they will accept those who have relatives here already. I believe the asylum law gives a lot of discretion to the president. They are not “entitled” to come here, by law, but Biden can choose whether he wants to allow them to come, or not.

      Probably most people will not have a problem with it, because they are real war refugees and not just economic refugees who feel they have a right to social benefits and better jobs in the US. Also, they are not smuggled here by the cartels, as are most so-called “refugees” on the southern border these days, who are likely to be working for the cartels after they cross.

      Plus, I think we just want to help Ukraine and have a stronger connection to the Ukrainian people, who are fighting so hard for survival against a dictatorial maniac. They are setting an example for the world.

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