Black Lives Matter Has To Admit “San Diego Is NOT Portland!”

About 300 people showed up for a sympathy-with-Portland event in La Mesa, a suburb of San Diego. Some BLM terrorists declared that there would be “war” that night. However, after finding themselves greatly out-numbered and surrounded by hundreds of police and angry local citizens, many BLM terrorists decided to leave early in mid-afternoon, long before dark. The Organizer declared that, “San Diego is not Portland!”. What a disappointment for them!

There was no vandalism and no fires. Many of the would-be terrorists packed up and went home in mid-afternoon, long before dark when the “war” was supposed to break out. Some stayed until about 9pm, but eventually, the police withdrew and they all left a few minutes later, concerned about their own safety for a change. (On May 30th BLM “protesters” had burned down two banks and another major building, burned vehicles and vandalized and looted dozens of other businesses.)

It is clear that they were intending to turn La Mesa into San Diego’s “autonomous zone”, much as in Portland and Seattle. The event was billed as a stand-with-Portland event.

There were several groups of defenders there to make sure the rioting and destruction of property did not happen again. The largest contingent was coordinated via the Defend East County Facebook group. Probably there were about 150 defenders representing the various groups, scattered around town. They were not really counter-protesters. They were “defenders”, there to try to make sure that BLM did not devastate La Mesa again.

Many were armed with various types of weapons. I believe that was in most cases legal, because they were generally on private property, there to defend the property from attacks by BLM fanatics.

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  1. It’s really hard to tell what is happening in this video…but good for the La Mesa residents for standing up for their city…creepy white kids instigating much of this and standing with Hispanic activists

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