Border Wall Contracts Granted 2017-19 (264 Miles)

Border fence construction
in Tecate, August, 2019
The table below lists the Border Wall Contracts awarded as of May 10, 2019. These contracts use only money appropriated by Congress in 2017-2019 and does not include any money redirected by Trump from the DoD or other government agencies. The total fence to be built under these contracts totals to 264 miles.

The money reprogrammed from DoD and other agencies under Trump’s executive order declaring an emergency will fund 2-3 times as much fence as listed in this Table. The contracts for this money, which is expiring this year, will have to be granted by the end of the government fiscal year, September 30, 2019 as the Supreme Court has approved already.

This list was obtained from an environmental group, which will not be named. It appears to to be accurate according to the media releases that I have seen from Customs and Border Protection. Either they did a FOIA request to CBP to get this information or they assembled it themselves from media releases. (Sometimes we can count on progressives to be accurate.)

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There are about 8-10 crews now (August, 2019) working at different locations on the border, building about 5-10 miles of fence per month. That should increase in coming months, as many more contracts are granted and more crews start work.

CBP has announced that they plan to complete 450 miles or more border fence by the end of 2020, if they are able to obtain the funding.

New Border Wall Project Completed in San Diego

Don’t let leftists and the liberal media fool you, even this much fence will have a big impact on the traditional illegal immigration, in which they run away from the Border Patrol. However, even more may soon be in the pipeline. Every mile of new fence or replacement of the old, inadequate fence counts.

Fraudulent asylum seeking, in which illegals run towards the Border Patrol to surrender, falsely claim asylum, demand government assistance and then disappear into the US to live illegally, is a different problem and has to be solved by legal means, not by a border fence.

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