Monthly Protest Report – Impeach Obama NOW! – September, 2015

Protest in a dramatic setting Federal Hall, NYC by LaRouchePAC
Protest in a dramatic setting
Federal Hall, NYC by LaRouchePAC
This is a monthly report of protests by the Impeach Obama NOW group and also gives some information about protests that other, related groups have carried out. The purpose is to provide a brief overview of protests which are taking place around the country during the current month and to encourage patriots to rise up and protest more in the next month! If you would like to have an event or a group highlighted in these monthly reports, send a link to photos and/or video via the contact tab above or via one of our Facebook groups.


„● LaRouche PAC protests in New York, San Francisco and at United Nations building in Manhattan

„● Littlerock Tea Party joins Impeach Obama NOW protests in California

„● 9-11 Remembrance protest in Long Island, NY and Palmdale, Ca

„● Several groups protest at the Republican presidential candidate debate in Simi Valley, Ca


Long Island, New YorkLong Island Patriots

The Long Island Patriots did a 9-11 Remembrance protest in September.

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Palmdale, California

Littlerock Tea Party (near Palmdale, Ca)

Contract: or phone: 661-944-6282

Littlerock Tea Party did a 9-11 Remembrance day event in Palmdale, California in September. Photos are in the slideshow below.

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Littlerock Tea Party has recently joined Impeach Obama NOW. One of the original Tea Parties, it has been active since the Tax Day Tea Party protest of 2009. They have bi-weekly rallies/protests and also lobby their local congressmen.

San Diego, CaliforniaImpeach Obama NOW! – California

This is video of the impeach Obama NOW protest in Oceanside, California, which occurred on September 5, 2015. Oceanside is in North San Diego County near Camp Pendleton Marine Base.

Seaside, OregonImpeach Obama NOW! – Oregon

Rhoda and Robert held an Impeach Obama NOW protest on September 7, 2015. They have these events at least once a month to educate the public about Obama and his lawless agenda. Join the Oregon state group here.

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Below is the description from Rhoda.

As it turns out, it was the Best Protest! The traffic was heavy and the people were passionate and patriotic – lots of thumbs up and shouting out: America ! There were a few of the other, but they paled by comparison. One elderly lady walked by – lives in Seaside and as I was about to inform her of the Coalition, she immediately told me that she loves Obama. So, I asked, what do you love about him – she responded: ‘everything,’ I asked her, name one thing he did or accomplished – she could not answer me, but said, he’s liberal and so am I This is the biggest problem – people associate Obama with their personal mission and or ideas and they walk around with ‘eyes wide shut.’ However, it was a positive and excellent day. An elderly couple did walk over and read our sign – asked questions and were very happy to hear about what we were doing and said they would go online and look for our coalition. Some people feel that they can;t wait for him to get out, but that he only has one more year. When I informed them of what his agenda is for our country and our purpose is immediate, they showed a different attitude. People are uninformed and influenced by the media.

It was a great and positive feeling and day. Seaside also had the flags out everywhere, which added to the enthusiasm. I actually stayed from 11-2:30pm – it was worth it! I had a sense that September would be a strong month for People who are so ready to take action. That is what I felt today.

Simi Valley

At the debate in September in Simi Valley many groups turned. There a huge contingent of supporters of the illegal-alien invasion and also a good number of anti-illegal groups, such as We the People Rising. There were also a couple of impeach-Obama protesters at the event.

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We the People Rising, based in Orange County, has multiple events per week, such as protests against illegal immigration and lobbying of local congressmen in support of enforcement of immigration law.



High profile protests were carried out in September in San Francisco, at the Federal Building in NYC and in front of the United Nations building in Manhattan, NYC. The protest at the United Nations was done at the time that Obama gave his speech before the UN Assembly. According to Gerald Pechenuk of LPAC many national leaders of other countries passed by and saw their protest banner. Many of them responding positively as they went by!

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LaRouche PAC has been carrying out anti-Obama protests, since the start of his regime. Their trademark 2-person protests and information booths have been widely seen via the Internet and have had a huge impact. Most nonprofits are too intimidated by tyrannical government agencies under the control of Obama (IRS and FEC) to protest against Obama. LaRouche PAC has been a major exception to this rule.


You can always have a personal protest by just displaying a bumper sticker. Send us images of your bumper stickers (or T-shirts).


Organize your own protest and join Impeach Obama NOW. The suggested date of the protest is the 1st Saturday of every month. However, if it is not possible to have it on that date, any date you want to do it is also fine.

To find a state group, use this link:

Join a state group here

Or, search Facebook for “Impeach Obama NOW (your state)”

If you would like to host a protest, contact us via the “contact” tab at the top of this page or click here.

“Impeach Obama Now” is the name of our informal organization of volunteers, but is also just a common slogan, which can be used by anyone. If you have your own group, you can still be part of it and we will report your results in this page as we are able. The idea is to promote a truly grassroots movement for removing Obama from office and bringing him to justice that is not controlled by any one person or group. Many local organizers are needed to start protest groups in their own town.

Groups that protest with Impeach Obama NOW are free to work with other groups as they wish. We do not try to control their other activities. Having a very large number of independently-organized local groups is very difficult to control or divert away from the goal of bringing Obama to justice. It can very quickly become a very powerful movement when enough groups join in.

Some naysayers are saying it is too late or too expensive, but if Congress turns against Obama, they can force him out in a number of days, as Nixon was. It does not cost anything to impeach Obama. In fact it would save us enormous sums of money. The public outrage has to grow large enough to make Congress feel there is a real threat that it is either them or Obama, who has to go. This has already occurred to a small extent with the recent rebellion in the House against Boehner. The primordial fear of all corrupt politicians is the masses of the People rising up against them and holding them responsible for their crimes. Exercise your rights while you still have them.

It’s like they say about prisons, the guards are only in control only as long as the much greater number of inmates allow them to be in control. Now is the time to rise up and take control back.

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  1. Great Job!!! Hope it isn’t a labor in vain!! At least, you are informing the folks that will listen!

  2. Has he committed treason? Don’t just impeach put this impostor in prison and undo all of his policies and laws.

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