Monthly Protest Report – Impeach Obama NOW! – July, 2015

GadgetDan(4)This is a report of the national impeach Obama protest for July. Organize your own protest and join us. The suggested date of the protest is the 1st Saturday of every month. However, if it is not possible to have it on that date, any date you want to do it is also fine.

The concept is to grow step by step every month. We will publicize the results and recruit new organizers every month. Help spread the word recruit new event hosts and participants. To find a state group, use this link:

Join a state group here

Or, search Facebook for “Impeach Obama NOW (your state)”

If you would like to host a protest, contact us via the “contact” tab at the top of this page or click here. Or, just leave a comment at the bottom of this page. If you have you own group or belong to another group, a link back to your group page can be added to the monthly report to give your group credit for organizing.

Below are photos or video of individual protests.

Austin, TexasImpeach Obama NOW! – Texas

Austin, Texas (Cedar Park)
Austin, Texas (Cedar Park)

Bakersfield, CaliforniaImpeach Obama NOW! – California

File Photo for Bakersfield
File Photo, Bakersfield

Bucksville, AlabamaImpeach Obama NOW – Alabama

File Photo for Bucksville
File Photo for Bucksville

Charlotte, North CarolinaImpeach Obama NOW! – North Carolina

Charlotte, North Carolina (file photo)
Charlotte, North Carolina (file photo)

Indianapolis, IndianaProtest Obama – Indiana

The man in the video parked in front of the Impeach-Obama banner to block it from view. He loves Obama and Hillary but did not like the rebel flag. The police were called and we were asked to move because Kroger said they were getting complaints. The protest was on Kroger’s property.

Long Island, New YorkLong Island Patriots

The Long Island Patriots had their two-year anniversary protest on July the 10th. They call Long Island the “Blue Island” because it is heavily leftist. The Long Island Expressway is the main traffic artery and it runs the entire length of the Island. The long Island Patriots have been protesting regularly and there is no doubt that a large part of the 7.5 million residents have seen their protests repeatedly, usually on an overpass in Ronkonkoma. There have also been two solo protesters, Vincent Rasulo and Danny Martins, who have had many protests on overpasses elsewhere in Long Island. Even though Long Island is overwhelmingly blue they have received an enthusiastic response. Danny Martins was arrested and prosecuted for his protests on the same overpass that the District Attorney hangs her campaign signs. Danny, who is in his early 20’s and a student, fought the charge and won.

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Memphis, TennesseeImpeach Obama NOW – Tennessee

Memphis, Tennessee  (file photo)
Memphis, Tennessee (file photo)

Meridian, Idaho Impeach Obama NOW – Idaho

There was a protest in Meridian, but no photos were provided. This is a file photo.

Impeach Obama NOW protest in Boise, Idaho Click photo to go to gallery
Impeach Obama NOW protest in Boise, Idaho
File Photo for Meridian (Boise)

Oceanside, California (San Diego, County)Impeach Obama NOW! – California

Our Independence Day Protest for Obama’s impeachment and removal in Oceanside. On this day every month the intersection of Coast and Mission becomes a liberated zone from political correctness. One passenger in an auto flashed her boobs. We took that as a sign of support.

Oceanside is just outside the front gate of Camp Pendleton Marine Base. A mother of two Marines joined our protest and livened it up quit a bit. She was very outspoken and engaged people in the cars. She said that she was a former exotic dancer and had moved to California to be close to her two Marine children.

Sacramento, CaliforniaImpeach Obama NOW! – California

No protest took place in July.

File Photo for Sacramento
File Photo for Sacramento

San Antonio, TexasRiver City Tea Party Patriots

Have not heard whether a protest took place in San Antonio, this month. This is a file photo.

File Photo for San Antonio
File Photo for San Antonio

San Diego, CaliforniaImpeach Obama NOW! – California

Gadget Dan is a former San Diego Minuteman, retired fireman and Army veteran. He does solo protests a couple times a week around San Diego. He also helps out the Border Patrol as a volunteer almost daily in El Campo, one of the hot spots. You won’t find him on the computer much, though, posting on Facebook. He’s too busy.

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San Diego, California Impeach Obama NOW! – California

A few went to the Stop Iran NOW rally in Balboa Park to display Impeach Obama Signs. The Daily Ledger did a report that included some of our signs. See video and images below.

Here are some images of the event. Several women tried to make me the display of our images, but were told them “no way” that it is my personal freedom of speech protest.

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Seaside, OregonImpeach Obama NOW! – Oregon

There was a protest in Seaside, Oregon, but no photos were taken. This is a file photo of an earlier protest in Seaside.

File Photo
File Photo for Seaside

Simi ValleyImpeach Obama NOW! – California

There was no protest in Simi Valley this month. Below is a file photo.

File Photo for Simi Valley
File Photo for Simi Valley

Victoria, TexasVictoria/ Port Lavaca / Port O’Connor Patriots

There was a protest in Victoria this month, but no new photos were received.

File Photo
File Photo for Victoria


New York City, New York

A crowd in Times Square chants “impeach Obama” during the speech of Caroline Glick, an editor of the Jerusalem Post. Glick was speaking on July 22 against Obama’s insane unconstitutional treaty with Iran, which will lift sanctions on the Death-to-America Cult of the Mullahs, providing them with access to $150 billion for the support of terrorists. It will allow development of an atomic bomb and better long-range missile technology.

La Crosse, Wisconsin

This group of activists is not a participant in our efforts but did an impeach-Obama protest of an Obama visit in La Crosse, Wisconsin. 


A national cable news network reported on our protest in April, The Daily Ledger talk show of the One America News network (OANN). OANN is a new cable news network, which has a mandate from its owner to cover those, who have not had a voice before. Their talk shows are targeted at the patriot movement. To find out how to receive OANN on your cable, go to their website.

One thought on “Monthly Protest Report – Impeach Obama NOW! – July, 2015”

  1. To get Congress to act as a single unit, both House and Senate, both Republican and Democrat, we need to make the fall-out for not publically renouncing and calling for Obama’s Immediate impeachment and removal a non-negotiable option.
    We do that by listing state by state the congressional leaders who have not renounced Obama to date and start a recall petition in that state to remove those member of Congress, both Republican and Democrat, House or Senate, who fails to act as we the people expect. Nothing less than their full “Call to Action” publically and in a televised, open floor vote of hands and ayes, in both houses to immediately impeach and remove the President and anyone else who refuses to be an active party in the immediate reversal of Obama’s Amnesty act, Obamacare, appointees’ removal from the Supreme Court and so on.
    If we fail to impact and communicate by recall petition every member of Congress who is not actively calling and commits publically to vote to impeach Obama then the fault lies with us, the voters – no one else. We need to start this recall process immediately and put Congress on notice that we expect their full cooperation or it will be their jobs.
    This is a democracy that is “of the People and by the People”, but only if we make it so.

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