Defund Amnesty / Impeach Obama NOW Protest – Phoenix, Arizona

DailyMailA major protest for the defunding of Obama’s dictated Amnesty and his impeachment is scheduled for next Thursday in Phoenix. He will arrive in Phoenix on Wednesday night. Local patriot groups are expected to take part, because one of the largest such protests took place during his last visit to Phoenix in 2013. Make your signs or bring flags, bullhorns, etc. Get ready. Extra signs will also be available on site.

Where:    Central High School, 
          4525 N. Central Ave 
          Phoenix, AZ Map
Time:     8:00am (Talk is scheduled to start at 10 or 10:30am
Date:     Thursday, January 8, 2015
Parking:  Free parking on nearby side streets.

Note location change: News reports now state that Obama’s talk is scheduled to start at 10:00am at Central High School in Phoenix, not Dobson High School (1501 West Guadalupe Road, Mesa, AZ) as was first reported.

A national network has contacted us about this protest. If it is a significant protest we will almost certainly have national coverage. So, do your best to participate and bring some friends.

Try to arrive at the protest very early (around 8am), because the crowd builds over time as people drive by, stop to join us, call their friends to come, etc. Also, it is good to meet and socialize with other protesters beforehand.

Golf Buddies
Dump Boehner & Obama

Hundreds of protesters turned out at a previous Obama visit in August of 2013. See video below. Contingents of protesters from other states will be participating. This protest is one of a series that have occurred recently across the rising Southwest and is expected to be the largest to date. The protests have gone from Carlsbad, to Phoenix, to La Jolla, to Anaheim, to Bundy Ranch, to Murietta, to Las Vegas and now back to Phoenix (your turn again, guys). It is critical that people show very strong support at this time for defunding amnesty, replacing his protector, Benedict Boehner, and for finally removing the lawless Usurper from office for his many blatant crimes, dereliction of duty, abuse of office and unconstitutional acts.

Now is a crucial time to demonstrate clearly to Congress that we are not just going to roll over and take it one more time. Your participation will give courage to others across the Nation. This protest can be a historic turning point. Don’t miss it!

This was the protest of Obama’s last visit to the rising, anti-Obama Southwest (Las Vegas) in November, 2014. Keep the trend growing.

This blogger is not “the” organizer, just a promoter of the protest. Impromptu protests like this usually have multiple organizers, whether they are all publicly named or not. Contact your local organizers and ask them to please help bring the People out.

Roger Ogden
Protest promoter
Coalition to Impeach Obama NOW
San Diego, Ca

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