ALIPAC & OfA Warn of ‘Fake’ Amnesty Protests

Two kings of over-hyped protests, William Gheen and James Neighbors, have issued this advisory about over-hyped protests by another would-be organizer, trying to steal their glory. Honestly, you can’t make this stuff up, two pots calling the kettle black. No one has over-hyped protests more than William Gheen and James Neighbors have or tried harder to hog the credit. William Gheen is the lead for Americans for Legal Immigration PAC and James Neighbors for Overpasses for America.

Advisory against alleged Jan 3 protests against Obama

What is needed is for some neutral, national organization to suggest a date that makes sense for protests against Obama’s illegal amnesty and give everyone a few weeks lead time to organize. The organization does not have to lead the organization of the protests, but just issue a statement that protests on or around a certain date would be most effective. The date should not be tied to any one group.

There are too many organizers already, who do not work together, due to ego problems and because some want to use the issue to raise money and build their own nonprofit organization. Many local organizers will not organize on the same date called by William Gheen, James Neighbors or any other national group that seems driven by the ego of a lead organizer.

Competition is a good thing. Some (neutral) national organization or individual, whom everyone respects, is needed to line everyone up and fire the starting shot, such as maybe FAIR or NumbersUSA. Then there would be great pressure on everyone to participate at the same time. It should probably be before the vote to fund DHS for next year, but give us plenty of time to organize, at least a couple of weeks.

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  1. PLEASE!! Please!! We need to form a huge anti-amnesty march in front of the white house! I am looking for groups I can join and make this happen. I’ll do anything. Its time we fight. We see the pro-amnesty protesting against us. We need to form a huge strong anti-amnesty group!

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