Impeach Obama NOW / Anti-Amnesty Rally in Greenville, SC

Greenville- ImpeachObamaWay to go, y’all. Many protests like this all over the U.S. will add up to a huge movement.


Demonstrators in Greenville called for Congress to impeach President Barack Obama on Saturday.

The group gathered in front of the federal courthouse on Washington Street on Saturday afternoon, holding signs and chanting “impeach Obama now.”

Demonstrators were upset over the President’s recent executive order that would help more than 4 million illegal immigrants avoid deportation.

Demonstrators in Greenville said the President’s order violated Article I, Section VIII of U.S. Constitution.

Participants had a laundry list of complaints about the President and other lawmakers’ track record. They also had a message for lawmakers on Capitol Hill representing the Palmetto State: listen up or lose your office.

Read more and see more photos here:

Group calls for Obama’s impeachment at Greenville rally

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