Daily Ledger On The Effort To Impeach Obama

Host Graham Ledger of the One America News Network (OANN) interviews Attorney & Legal Analyst Annelise Goetz on the Efforts to Impeach Obama. The background video is of our Impeach Obama Protest at the Obama fundraiser in La Jolla on May 8th at the home of Irwin Jacobs. The protest video starts at 2:36. If you were at the protest you may see yourself on national TV, because OANN is a new national network.

OANN is available nationally on ATT U-verse cable TV, channel 208.

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2 thoughts on “Daily Ledger On The Effort To Impeach Obama”

  1. Graham,
    This marine that’s in jail in Mexico is to be an abomination to our troops in our armed services. I’m a retired disabled vet and see this as just a slap in the face by our current a administration . How can our president can be so damn cold to our military. This is why he needs to go . We will spend many many years to right this administration’s wrongs to this country

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