Congressman Talks Impeachment, Gets Stung for Drugs

Congressman Trey Radel was stung by federal agents for purchasing $250 worth of cocaine only a couple of months after talking openly about impeachment of Obama. He resigned from Congress after a plea bargain.

Who can be sure that this was not a rigged affair and he had to admit guilt or go to prison. It seems at least to be a case of selective enforcement. The Feds are a lot better at pursuing Obama’s opponents for their misdemeanors than they are at investigating Obama’s various felonious and treasonous crimes.

Rep. Trey Radel resigns after drug plea


One thought on “Congressman Talks Impeachment, Gets Stung for Drugs”

  1. Killer Obama is on the lose again we American have to stop him since Washington will not and so they will be out of a job or killed if they do not go with killer Obama/. What did he do with our Gold and where did it go to. I do want to have Obama impeached now. All you in Washington wake up. Do some thing and get off your asses and do what Americans want now.

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