Rebellion in the “Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment” Groups

Today their are rumors of misuse of donations by the leadership, that admins are being kicked out and some of the “Overpasses for America” state groups are being taken over. Have heard that the North Carolina group with a couple thousand members was taken over recently by one of the admins. Also, the North Central Alabama site has been “hijacked.”

This Impeach Obama Now Coalition site is independent, not a part of Overpasses for America.  If you would like to communicate with others about what is happening, you can go to this FaceBook group and join.

Impeach Obama Now Coalition – Hub

Or, you can just comment at this Impeach Obama Now website site on this post, which you can do anonymously.

Received this message below via FaceBook.  People should, of course, keep in mind that rumors may be started in order to be disruptive. However, it does appear that Ann Whitten has been removed from the Alabama group. That part is true. Only James Neighbors and Dallas Thurman are currently admins there.

Just received this from a friend of mine in Alabama. Know if there’s any truth to it?? Just posted in North Alabama Overpasses……………………….. Hey members, Got some disturbing news after the rally today. The National leader of Overpasses James Neighbors, got caught misapropriating donations. Ann Whitten has been removed as leader from Alabama leadership by him. I have hijacked this page to keep it ours. We are discussing name changes or starting a new group altogether. I feel this is gonna hurt the movement as a whole if it gets national attention. I value everyones opinion, so let me know your thoughts. Please everyone let’s keep our whits about us and not let this drive a wedge in the group. We will get through this and continue the good work we are doing. Thanks David

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