So far, the ‘Ride for the Constitution’ is a bust

So far, the 'Ride for the Constitution' is a bust

So says the Washington Times, who are based in D.C. Click the photo to read more.

A real movement has to be built from the ground up. That means by local people organizing local groups. Look around you and see what you can do locally.

It takes a lot of time and conservatives are not easy to organize. So, keep protesting locally at a sustainable pace for the long term and keep trying to grow your local group. If groups do this all over the country, eventually these local groups will coalesce into one giant movement.

Rome was not built in a day. Make up your mind to stay with us, even if it takes a year, two years or even longer. There are no quick and easy solutions. It will take time, hard work and organization by local group leaders, before a national event can be sure to be successful.

We will give Zeeda Andrews credit for a good try and publicizing the impeachment effort. It may just be a little too early, yet.

One thought on “So far, the ‘Ride for the Constitution’ is a bust”

  1. You did very good we were waiting for you at the Overpass of the Freeway 57 and Imperial Highway, City of Brea. We were holding our America Flag and our sign “IMPEACH OBAMA”. Now, we the patriots in California are organizing a National shutdown of all the Freeways and we want you to be part of it. We can keep communicating. My E-mail: Anita Hynds

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