The real Reason Many call Obama a ‘Muslim’

Obama attended a madrassa (Muslim school) for a couple of years. His father and step-father, whether practicing or not, came from Muslim families. From his speeches and other signals, Obama clearly has a great affinity and admiration for Islam and is not fond of traditional Christianity. However, Obama has not practiced Islam, since he was a small child, over 40 years.

You can say he is a “cultural” Muslim, because he embraced his ethnic Muslim family, but I think there is another reason that many simply prefer to call him a “Muslim” and ignore the fact that he was part of a nominally “Christian” church for 20 years, which has a bizarre, heretical, racist black identity doctrine. There is a desire to label Obama something foreign and alien to America, in large degree to avoid a controversial discussion of American religion.

Many of the first American settlers were religious refugees from Europe. Often these settlers had unorthodox, heretical and occult religious beliefs. Many of the home-grown religious groups in the US have such doctrines that are unorthodox and that were influenced by heretical, occult doctrines imported from Europe and expanded in the United States, which are often also hostile to traditional Christian belief, holding that traditional belief is apostate. Mormonism and Black Liberation Theology both come from this same heretical Christian religious tradition and actually share some common gnostic theological roots.

Some of these heretical new religions, like Black Liberation Theology and Mormonism have religious doctrines, which teach that they will dominate and install their own political theocracy in the United States. A lot of people, who may hold similar and related religious beliefs, or are just too politically correct, do not want a public discussion of what is Christian and what is not. So, it is convenient to just simplistically and disingenuously label Obama a “Muslim” and avoid any public discussion of which home-grown American religious sects are legitimately “Christian” and which aren’t. In effect, they continuously repeat a lie in order to avoid any real religious discussion, which would make them feel uncomfortable.

They just sweep the issue under the rug. This also has a lot to do with why so many people labeled Black Liberation Theology “Marxist,” another alien doctrine, though Black Liberation Theology has very deep theological roots in the black religious tradition of the United States and the Caribbean and borrows much from the white unorthodox religious tradition of America.

“Liberation Theology” of South American origin (Peru) may have ties to Marxism, but “Black Liberation Theology” was formalized several years before “Liberation Theology” and it originated in America with black American roots, not in South America.

Many are afraid to face up to the truth of these American religious issues and we are suffering greatly, because of this political correctness and willful ignorance.


This is a pretty good book that discusses the history of messianic, black religious doctrines in the United States, though it does not specifically address Obama’s Black Liberation Theology.

“Black Messiahs and Uncle Toms”, by Wilson Jeremiah Moses

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