The ‘Virtual’ National Impeach Obama Protest

Every protest and every protester counts.
Every protest and every protester counts.
This event is a “virtual” event and it will continue until Obama is out of office. That is, it is an Internet event, not an event in realtime. The idea is simple. Have overpass or street protests, whenever and wherever it is convenient for you locally. Post photos or video of the event and the images/video will be re-posted here and hopefully at other sites.

Since last summer there have been perhaps as many as one thousand overpass and other protests for Obama’s Impeachment and removal, large and small, mostly by Overpasses for America (OfA) aka Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment (OfOI). There was national coverage recently of a single protest by a couple of dozen people for the rights of killer whales at Sea World, but these impeach Obamas protests have been totally blacked out by the national media. If this does not make your blood boil and make you determined to overcome it, what will?

Large and small events are appreciated. You do not have to have professional video-editing skills. A couple photos of a few regular people protesting are also of interest. There reason is that there are a LOT of ordinary Americans out there, who may not have a lot of computer or video editing skills, who will identify with that and say, “We can do that, too.” Cool YouTube videos with a sound track, special effects and all that are nice, but this is a movement of ordinary Americans and not a few YouTubers. If you have a small protest, we want to see it and post images of it. What is important is to build up a movement over time of a tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of people. Up until now, probably only a couple thousand people have participated in the protests nationwide.

Synchronized national events are good and you are encouraged to join in such events, if you want. However, if the national media does not notice or report them, synchronization is not so critical. The media elites expect that, if they black you out, you will give up and go away. What is important is that a large and growing number of groups are committed over the longer term.

Let the Virtual Protest Begin
Let the “Virtual National Impeach Obama Protest” Begin
Who Needs the National Media?
We need to build up a base until the movement becomes so large that it can no longer be ignored. We can do this via the Internet, but it takes much longer than if the broadcast media is covering the protests. This means YOU have to be in it for the long run, doing protests at whatever rate is sustainable for your group, one a week once every two weeks, once a month or whatever. People need to see that the protests are continuing and that they are multiplying and becoming larger. That can be done via the Internet.

Protesting for Obama’s Impeachment and removal is, in itself, a very useful and therapeutic act of rebellion against the brainwashing, political correctness and corruption that reigns in America at this time. However, if you work at it, we can become big enough to drive him from office and some of his Quisling collaborators in both parties, as well. The politicians only real fear is ordinary Americans rising up and uniting.

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