Presbyterian Church USA Boycotts Israel — Boycott this Radical Church!

PCUSA answers
Islamist call to Boycott Israel
At this dangerous time in the Middle East, the Presbyterian Church USA has recently voted to boycott Israel. This is the only church in the US that has, to this date, called for a boycott. One National church with about two million members boycotting Israel may not itself seem like much of a threat, but the point is that the anti-Israeli forces want it to grow into a much larger effort that will destroy Israel as a state. The time to stop it is now when it is small. Nip this boycott effort against Israel in the bud.

The Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA) is the largest and most liberal of the several current branches of the original Presbyterian church in the United States. If you belong to the Presbyterian Church USA and would like to help reverse this decision, suggest that you contact the church and complain about it or even leave this anti-Israel, political church. If you are giving money to the church, please stop until they reverse this decision. Your tithes are being used in the attempt to destroy Israel and other radical causes.

Apparently, a anti-Israel pro-Islamist clique has infiltrated and gained influence over the church leadership. Membership in the PCUSA is declining at a rate of about 2.6% a year. This is not a surprise, since the Church leadership is spending the members’ offerings on their favorite radical political causes!

Even if you are not a member, it would help to make a complaint. If they want a boycott, let us boycott this pro-Islamist church.

CONTACT the Presbyterian Church (USA): Send them the link to this page.

Presbyterian Church USA
Phone: (800) 728-7228
100 Witherspoon Street
Louisville, KY 40202

Presbyterian Church in U.S. votes to boycott Israeli settlement goods

Buy products, if you can, from these two companies which have been explicitly boycotted by the Presbyterian Church.

– AHAVA Dead Sea Laboratories (beauty products)

– Hadiklaim Israel Date Growers Co-operative Ltd. (dates)


In 2004, the PCUSA met with in Lebanon with representatives of the State-Department-designated terrorist group, Hezbollah (aka Party of God). Hezbollah was found responsible for the killing of 241 marines in 1983 in a trial in 2003, just one year before the meetings. The Presbyterians praised the Hezbollah terrorists and called for the end of of the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories, saying it was much easier to have a dialogue with Hezbollah than with “the Jews.”

Presbyterian Church (USA) Hezbollah controversy

This is a instruction from the Presbyterian Church USA for members to support illegal immigration.

Presbyterian Support of Illegal Immigration (PDF file)

This PDF file, under the guise of promoting democracy, encourage the current bloody revolutions in the Middle East, which are, in fact, designed to hand these countries over to radical Islamists, especially the fascist Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaida terrorist organization. The Muslim Brotherhood was the Arab ally of the Nazis during WWII. Al Qaeda terrorist groups are widely known to be an integral part of these revolutions, especially of late in Syria.

For Human Rights, Civic Freedom, the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda

The Presbyterian Church is supporting illegal immigration, the handover of the Middle East to terrorism and the destruction of Israel. With such actions, you have to assume that the Presbyterian Church has been hijacked by a pro-Islamist, Anti-American group.


This note published by the Los Angeles Times hints of Pagan/occult influence in the leadership of the Presbyterian (USA) Church. It was allowed to include the female reproductive organ in the definition of the Christian Trinity.

From the LA Times – Presbyterians and the Trinity – Let Us Phrase

When referring to the Trinity, most Christians are likely to say “Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.”

But leaders of the PCUSA are suggesting some additional designations: “Compassionate Mother, Beloved Child and Life-giving Womb,” or perhaps “Overflowing Font, Living Water, Flowing River.”


In an indication that members know there is a major problem with the Presbyterian leadership, members are leaving in droves. In the last two years, the church has lost more than 60K members per year. The PCUSA has often cited 2.3 million as the number of members. It appears that several hundreds of thousands of members have left the church in recent years.

PCUSA Membership vs. Year

The PCUSA has lost about half it’s membership in the last few decades, but in the last couple of years the trend has been accelerating as seen in the graph. The membership of other, more conservative branches of the Presbyterian Church appear to be growing or are at least more stable.


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  1. This appears to me, to be a betrayal of God, Israel and America. “For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; so that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.” Matthew 24:24 I come from a long line of Cumberland Presbyterian ministers. I personally believe they would be appalled if they were alive today. I, in their stead, stand against this ungodly movement.

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