Beck suggests Obama is Luciferian / Satanist

Glenn Beck suggests on his show on Fox News that Obama is Luciferian. Satanism exists and is widely practiced in American society and is acknowledged as an official religion by the U.S. Government. It is not universally accepted by the American public, however, and for this reason not every congregation that has a doctrine of Satanism, actually refers to it as Satanism or Luciferianism.

There are two basic types of Satanism, theistic and atheistic. Theistic Satanists worship Satan as a god, a spiritual being. Atheistic Satanists do not worship the Devil as a being, but emulate the perceived characteristics of Satan. Beliefs may differ from group to group, but generally atheistic Luciferians / Satanists are self-exalting and worship man as god. The following are some of the characteristics of Satanism:

• Anti-Christian
• Revolutionary – goal is to overthrow the established order and create thereby Utopia
• The ends justifies the means
• Man is just another animal
• Social Darwinism / Survival of the fittest
• Inverted morality (Good is bad, bad is good)

Both Black Liberation Theology and and Saul Alinsky’s doctrine of radicalism display many of the basic tenets of Luciferianism. Black Liberation Theology is a branch of supremacist black nationalism. There are many different branches of black nationalism, the Nation of Islam, Black Hebrew Israelites, the Nuwaubians, Nation of Gods and Earths, the Rastifarians, etc.

Here are a few examples. The Nation of Islam worships one of there founders, Fard Muhammad as God in the flesh. Louis Farrakhan, the current head of the Nation of Islam has said that he is god. More than one god at a time is possible. Farrakhan also insinuated that Barack Obama is a messiah, during the election campaign of 2008. The Rastafaris worship the emperor of Ethiopia, Haile Sallassie, as god.

The Black Liberation Theology of Obama church in Chicago, implied that the black race is divine that it is the manifestation of God on earth and the chosen people. The white race is equated to the Antichrist. There were many suggestions during the campaign, by Obama’s supporters that he is the messiah or a god.

For these reason’s it is understandable, if some people speculate that Obama has Luciferian beliefs. More to be added later. (Under construction.)

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