Biden Reopens Obamacare, Registrations Surge

Univision reports that Biden has reopened Obamacare and masses of people are rushing to register for it. The report states that Obamacare is not for undocumented immigrants, but most illegal workers have fake documents. If they signup for Obamacare with fraudulent documents, who is going to investigate and stop them?

California says on their website, Covered California, that they verify citizenship or legal residency electronically via government databases. If the search fails they ask the applicant for documents proving citizenship. If the applicant cannot prove citizenship they refer him/her to Medi-Cal which only requires the applicant to prove residency in California, probably not caring whether the person is legal or not.

Tens of millions of illegal aliens are working in the U.S. now with fake documents, but nothing significant has been done about it, even when Trump was in office. Deporting only criminals does nothing for the broader problem of the millions of illegals living in the U.S.

This report was broadcast on 2/15/2021.

Bitchute Video – Biden Reopens Obamacare, Registrations Surge

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