Quinta De Guadalupe Shelter for Migrant Caravan / Fake Refugees

The video below shows bogus refugees being unloaded at the Quinta de Guadalupe Catholic Church at 938 18th in San Diego, Ca. These may be caravaners, but there are fake refugees crossing in small groups all the time, whether they come in a caravan, or not. Many thousands have crossed in the last couple of months, just in San Diego County. There is a so-called Rapid Response Network, which consists of churches and nonprofits, which assist the fake refugees, often using state and local tax dollars.

California has pledged $25 million for the next year. San Diego County and City are also dedicating tax money to help these people who are fraudulently exploiting a loophole in the immigration law to gain easy access to the US. The County has approved a large building for their use, a vacant courthouse. The great majority of them will end up living illegally in the US.

Aimee and Melinda pay a visit to a secret caravan / fake refugee way-station, probably the main way-station in San Diego at this time, Quinta de Guadalupe Catholic Church. The local Catholic diocese, headed by Jesuit-trained, progressive Bishop Robert McElroy, is an official partner in what amounts to a human trafficking operation.

The fake refugees are dropped off by DHS, as seen in the above video or picked up at other drop-off sites and brought by volunteers. Most of them continue on to their ultimate destination within a couple days. At any one time, there may be around 100 residing at this location. The Rapid Response Network says they have assisted about 5,000 fake refugees on their journey to their destination in the last couple months.

The living expenses, medical costs and transportation to their ultimate destination are paid by state and local government and leftist progressive nonprofits. The County sent vaccines to the pseudo-refugees already when they were in Tijuana in anticipation that thousands would cross the border.

These “refugees” are given documents authorizing legal residence for a year, the time they have to submit a formal asylum request. However, 90% of them are not qualified to obtain asylum. They are taught how to say the right things to pass the initial credible-fear interview. In other words, they use fraud to gain entry into the US.

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