Nonprofits and the Effort to Impeach Obama

Nonprofit means wanna-profit or gimme-money
Nonprofit means wanna-profit or gimme-money
When it became evident that our Republic was under grave threat of destruction from would-be dictator Obama and his subversive minions, many brave conservative leaders rose to the occasion and said, “I think I can use this crisis to cash in, form a nonprofit and draw a salary.” The name “nonprofit” is a euphemism, like calling Islam the “religion of peace” or illegal aliens “undocumented immigrants.” It is the opposite of what it really is. Such parasitical organizations would be more accurately called “wanna-profit.”

The Tea Party was a great movement in the beginning, but when it became dominated by one national wannaprofit organization just before the 2010 elections, it pretty much died as a political movement. We had a budding impeach-Obama movement going until the largest group (Overpasses for America) filed as a Super PAC, which can receive contributions from anyone that are unlimited in size. That was when they started moving the focus away from impeachment.

There are a number of nonprofits doing fine work on specific issues. But people need to realize that nonprofits are not effective in leading a broader effort to confront Obama. A potent movement to stop and remove Obama must be done in the old-fashioned American way, as a movement made up of real volunteers, whose leaders are not paid salaries by anonymous fat-cats.

5 thoughts on “Nonprofits and the Effort to Impeach Obama”

  1. That’s correct Roger. Non Peofits are usually people out for money – ” more money please, send us more money”. If a person needs a tax write off before sending in money/support, then, they can not call themselves true patriots, or, care much for the survival of our Country (in my humble opinion). Dan

    1. Dan, usually the sender does not get the write-off. It depends on the type of nonprofit, but for political organizations the money is tax free to the receiving organization, not the donor.

      1. Let’s just do away with all Income Taxes, that way there is no need to have Nonprofits/Tax Exempt Organizations. We will all be equal to speak our minds and enjoy our restored Liberties. Let Freedom reign! Dan

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