The National Day of Protest Against Illegals Is A Farce

Getting away with murder
Getting away with murder

The National Day of Protest does not address the immediate root problem, Obama’s removal. The illegal-alien and other problems will not be resolved until the lawless maniac Obama is removed from office.

Obama is a dangerous anti-American subversive. That was clear from his background even before he took office. He believes with a perverse religious fervor that he has a messianic destiny to bring America down. He only cares about the immigration laws in so far as he can abuse them to achieve his purpose. Demanding that Obama enforce the immigration law is like demanding pimps enforce chastity. The illegal resident in the Oval Office has to be removed and punished to stop the illegal alien invasion and other crimes now in progress. Don’t tell me it is too hard. There is no other way.

The latest crisis on the border was engineered by Obama. When he illegally bypassed Congress, stopped the deportation of certain classes of illegal aliens and relaxed the requirements for refugee status, it was an open invitation for those people to head for the borders with visions of jobs and free Government hand-outs dancing in their heads. It has been reported that illegal entry was even encouraged in the media in Central America. He has already promised to stop deporting millions of other illegal residents, which will turn the current tickle into a torrent.

So, how much sense does it make to protest against illegal entry and not demand that the real culprit, Obama, be removed from office and punished for his treasonous crimes? The current crisis is not just about illegal aliens, but an attack by Obama on American sovereignty, using encouragement of illegal entry as a weapon against us. For Obama to see that people are protesting against illegal aliens, but are for the most part too timid to go after him directly, just emboldens him to go further in his plans for the destruction of American sovereignty.

Such over-hyped protests as this are often just attempts by organizers of non-profits to raise money and build personal nonprofit empires and are not designed to resolve any real problem. The immediate solution to many of our problems would be to remove Obama from office and see that he is finally exposed and actually punished for his crimes.

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