Importance of Protest for Impeaching Obama

Someone commented on the Internet recently that protests have never achieved anything. It was apparent from his comments that he meant protests had not directly achieved anything immediately. There are many defeatists among us, who think that way. Conservatives by nature are hardly exhibitionists and the idea of protesting in public just does not much appeal to them, but they need to do it to get results.

Impeach Nixon Now Demo of the 1970's
Impeach Nixon Now Demo of the 1970’s
Protests have had a big impact, though maybe not always for the good from a conservative point of view, being most often used by leftists. Protests helped blacks obtain their civil rights. Protests helped put an end to the Vietnam War. Anti-war protests were a huge factor in the ultimate resignation of Richard Nixon under threat of impeachment from his own Republican Party.

The purpose of protests is not to achieve an immediate result, but to change public opinion over time and rally support. The mass media has a huge influence on the way the public thinks. Public protests can put the lie to media brainwashing. It can also put enormous fear into politicians. It can rally massive support from the public for the cause. It can give national political leaders the confidence they need to come out and support your cause.

The benefit of protests, however, do not happen overnight with little effort. Changing public opinion, especially, if you do not have access to mass media, is like changing the course of an aircraft carrier. Protest has to be done over a long time at whatever your sustainable rate is, but over time it can produce big results.

A political movement may grow slowly, especially if there is no media support, and has its up and downs. At special times, it will peak when a lot of people join in for some unexpected reason. We must keep the fire smoldering until there is another flare-up. Organizing local groups and doing occasional local protests is important to keep people involved. Publicizing your activities in the Internet or local media is also important. Post your images of protests, large and small, where everyone can see them. It will encourage others to do the same. When people see a small protest, they often think, we can do that, too. So, posting photos/video of even small protests are helpful in encouraging others to act.

Carlsbad, January 25, 2014
“Impeach Obama Now” Demo
Carlsbad, January 25, 2014
The Overpass protests of 2013 were great in that they showed that a large part of the public, even in so-called liberal states enthusiastically support removing Obama from office. Only a few thousand people, an estimated 3-5k, took part in those protests, but they had a big impact. However, it had a faddish aspect to it. Most did it for a short time, got burned out and then quit. We need to sustain it over the longer term.

The recent Operation American Spring (OAS) was flawed in concept, calling for the Government to be toppled in an unconstitutional manner. Supporting such objectives will give the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) good reason to investigate you and your contacts. Some will say DHS is already watching. Maybe so, but why give them a legitimate justification for that? This could have been a false flag operation. That is, instead of being a protest against Obama, it is an event to identify his most outspoken opponents and a justification to investigate them, since they are in effect calling for a coup.

We do not know who was behind it and such militancy can be used to discredit the movement to impeach, remove and punish Obama and his co-conspirators. We do know, however, that the initial foremost promoter of OAS, General Valleley, was involved in PYSOPS when he worked in Army Intelligence. One of Valleley’s close associates in Army Intelligence was Michael Aquino, Founder of the satanic “Temple of Set” an offshoot of Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan. Aquino is also a huge admirer of Nazism. Nazism is, itself, a form of Satanism. Aquino once performed a satanic ritual in Heinrich Himmler’s Castle in Germany, dedicated to the dead of the Nazi SS.

Michael Aquino talks about his fascination with Nazism

Even so, it was a big step forward to see hundreds of people shouting “impeach Obama” in the Washington Mall. 500-2,000 protesters was a good result, even if the event was way over-hyped by the organizers. The protest was the largest such event so far in Washington calling for Obama’s removal. The participants and supporters should not be discouraged, but should correct their course a little and keep going. Be independent leaders, not followers, and focus on the goal of exposing, impeaching and removing Obama from office. Do not incriminate yourself by calling for what amounts to an illegal coup.

People probably should not expect Impeach-Obama protests to ever be as large as the Tea Party’s anti-Obamacare protests, because impeachment is much more controversial. Impeach Nixon protests were also much smaller compared to the biggest anti-war protests or pro-civil-right protests in the 1960’s and 70’s, but the smaller impeach-Nixon protests still had a big impact, as will the smaller impeach-Obama protests.

The impeach Obama movement should be made up of many independent groups with local and national leaders. Organizing locally in your own home town is important. In that way it can not be so easily diverted, bought out, discredited, manipulated or potentially used for false-flag operations and PSYOPS purposes. It should be focused on peacefully exposing and removing Obama from office using protest to rally support for the constitutional process of impeachment, conviction and removal. After his impeachment and removal, then he can be punished for his crimes, if he does not seek refuge in Saudi Arabia before we can catch him and put him behind bars.

Much progress has been made in the last year. Not long ago there were few bold enough to carry an impeach Obama sign or shout “Impeach Obama” in public. Now it has become widespread and fairly well accepted.

The truth is Obama is extremely vulnerable at this time. The Fake Messiah has dramatically lost public support in the US and all over the world. If we can have him exposed and removed in a legal way, then we will be a lot stronger and can work on the secondary issues and the traitorous people, some named by OAS organizers, who put Obama in office and collaborated with him in his plan to bring America to her knees.

by Roger Ogden
Impeach Obama Now!!
San Diego, Ca

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