Beware of Obama’s Provocations

When an agency of the federal government comes down with a heavy hand, as they are doing in the Bundy Ranch affair in Nevada, we should consider that Obama and his henchmen may be trying to provoke a violent response from militia organizations. This would energize Obama’s supporters and justify his cracking down even more in the future.

The militias can also benefit from a conflict, allowing them to recruit more members and raise money. So, it could be that people on both sides would benefit, creating a very unstable situation. Nazis and the KKK, or like-minded people, are influential in the militia movement. Violence will bring such people to the fore, just as Ruby Ridge and Waco led to the Oklahoma bombing by a terrorist with white supremacist connections and visions of the apocalypse portrayed in Turner’s Diary.

Though the confrontation at Bundy Ranch was an inspiring sight, if there is an outbreak of violence, Obama wins, hands down. When both sides are armed, it only takes one nut with a gun, such as a Timothy McVeigh, to start shooting. It will justify to many people everything that he is trying to do. The Feds withdrew, because they were outnumbered and so that they appear to be the moderates. They will probably just return later with more force and more armor, or stage a similar event at a different location. Never assume that there is no broader plan behind such events. Obama would love to see a shoot-out at OK corral take place, if it allows him to paint the “cowboys” as the fanatics.

Obama is a professional agitator and his henchmen in Government have the same mentality. It is best to avoid being provoked in the way he would like for you to be provoked. He wants to paint all of us as violence-prone, right wing extremists.

Recommend staying away from any “protests” that have a militia or paramilitary flavor to it, including the American Spring event. Militias are for training and potentially for fighting and not for peaceful protests. We should not give Obama any excuses for a violent crackdown. If Nazis and Klansmen want a fight, let them fight on their own. Obama is on the ropes, though probably now more dangerous than ever. Why would we want to help him re-invigorate his support?

One thought on “Beware of Obama’s Provocations”

  1. That is one thing Obama would love there is noting more that Obama would love Americans to do Obama wants the guns out of the voters so he would have a free hand on getting the guns it would be much easier to take this country over to the Muslims. That is why the united states can not do anything because Obama has cut the Army to noting and Putin know that and he has Obama over the a dead army we do not have. Think about that Obama screwed himself with out any ones help and Democrats did not do a dam thing about it. Now I have to say that is congress and senate for you. That is not leadership at all. That is why we have to Impeach Obama before the country will not be able to do anything.

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