Who Owns the Impeach-Obama-Overpass-Protest Idea?

We started the impeach Obama Overpass protests in Southern California (Stop Obama Now and We the People), not “Overpasses for America.” No one owns the idea. Lots of people should be starting their own independent groups. That no one owns it means that it can’t be controlled, diverted or sold out and that it can’t be stopped. Just because you quit the Overpasses-for-America group does not mean you have to stop protesting for Obama’s impeachment on overpasses or in some other way. We need a large, diverse, growing movement, not one controlled by one person or one small group.

Publicity for your group is very important. It helps you recruit. Everyone has access to at least a still camera these days. You should upload photos and share them around the Internet. You don’t have to make the best movie or have the most people at your event. It encourages others to see that many events, large and small, are taking place all around the country. We will post photos/videos of many of these events here, if you give us a link.

Too many admins are closing off their groups. Maybe some have a legitimate reason to be private, but to be less visible makes it more difficult to publicize what you are doing and to recruit more members. Any really malicious person is going to be able to get into your group, whether it be closed or not.

Irrational paranoia has been cultivated by Obama and his minions in the population. There is safety in numbers, which means we need to grow larger and come out more in the public. The effort should be publicized more openly, not closed off. If you don’t want your name publicized, use an alias. I have had open groups for years, even when we were virtually the only ones protesting for impeachment and have never had a significant problem with that.
(Roger Ogden, San Diego)

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