Why Election Fraud Will Not Be Investigated in 2012

In two words, the reason voting fraud will not be investigated in 2012 is “Eric Holder.” The New Black Panthers were back intimidating white voters again at the polls and nothing will be done about that. I do not want to sound defeatist and any fraud discovered should be pursued in any way possible, but does anyone really expect that any significant ballot fraud in Obama’s favor will be investigated by the Civil Rights Division of Eric Holder’s Department of Justice?

Below is an interesting 10-minute interview from Scribecast of J. Christian Adams, the DoJ attorney assigned to the case in 2008 of voter suppression by the New Black Panther Party. His book “Injustice” is recommended reading and is available from Amazon.

Audio – J. Christian Adams on Obama’s Lawless Department of Justice

Another point is that free elections are not possible without a free media and the American media is largely under the thumb of Obama. As Mike Savage said, the fourth estate has become the fifth column. They never investigated and vetted Obama’s radical background nor his illegal actions while in office.

In this sense the last two elections were stolen, because the average voter did not have the information that they needed to make a decision. It may be easier to make this case than to prove ballot fraud and it is a much larger case of fraud, because most of the nation has been deceived.

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