How To Monitor Illegal-Alien Charter Flights

The government has a large fleet of private Boeing 737’s that shuttle illegal aliens around the country. Maybe you want to have a protest or find out where fake refugees are going or just monitor the flights out of interest? There are many government flights distributing thousands of illegal aliens / fake refugees around the country every day and you can also monitor these flights. They may be flying to your town, too. If you have a question put it in a reply below or use the contact tab at the top.

The airline doing charter flights for ICE now is Swift Airlines and the planes belong to iAero Airways. The prefix for Swift Airlines is “SWQ”.

  • Go to

  • Create a free account for yourself

  • Hover your mouse over “Flight Tracking” menu on the upper left of the website and then click on “Browse by Operator”

  • Then enter the prefix “SWQ” for Swift Airlines in the slot above the table of airlines/prefixes and hit “return”.

  • Now you should be able to see all the flights in the air.

  • Monitor any single flight in the air by clicking on the “Flight Identity” on the left of the list of flights.

This gives you a real-time map like the image below of planes in the air with the airport of origin, destination and arrival time. The airport lights up before they are actually in the air, as soon as a flight plan is filed. Click on dot representing an airport to see the long name of the airport.

Real-time map of flights

Keep in mind ICE charters flights to many Caribbean and South American countries even during non-crisis times to deport them back to their homeland. Besides taking very recent illegal border crossers back to their homeland, they are also always routinely deporting illegals from the interior who may have been here for years.

These flights are also picking up detainees at the border or from detainment centers around the country and flying them around he country for various purposes, transferring between detainment centers, to court hearings, to shelters for temporary housing, to prison or back to the border to be deported or expelled into Mexico.

Some planes are shuttling fake refugees around, others are transferring criminals to/from prison, taking traditional illegal aliens to detention or for deportation back to their homeland. The fake refugees, treated more like honored guests, are not handcuffed and frisked as are traditional illegals and serious criminal aliens.

The iAero planes, operated by Swift Airlines, look like below. The iAero logo is on the tail, a circle with a little “i” and a big “A”.

iAero Airways plane operated by SwiftAir

You can also browse by tail number if you want to track an individual plane and Flight Aware gives you a record of where the plane has been for the last three months.

You can find the tail numbers of planes that Swift Airlines flies at the link below. The tail number is painted on the plane’s fuselage. Click on the image above to expand it and read the tail number, N149XA.

Swift Air Fleet Details and History

Fake refugee plane boarding in San Diego, Ca – A major part of our immigration system has been outsourced to the cartels by our government. CBP and ICE have been made auxiliary organizations for the trafficking of illegals into the US and their distribution via a massive airlift all around the country, ultimately to their desired destination. It will only get much worse when Biden lifts the Covid restrictions at the border soon.

BITCHUTE VIDEOFake Refugee ‘Children’ Boarding Plane Bound For Midland, TX

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  2. Some people have been claiming in the Internet that ICE is flying to other countries to pick up illegals and flying them to the US. I don’t think this is true at all. Things are pretty crazy, already, but not THAT crazy. They are just flying deportees back to their homeland and dropping them off.

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