Why Won’t Tea Parties Support Impeachment?

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If you want to support impeachment/removal of Obama and are against amnesty for illegal aliens and other such political issues, stop supporting and donating to the Tea Party Patriots and their local affiliated groups, including some 9/12 organizations. Support instead a Political Action Committee that does take positions on such issues. Don’t settle for inane, patriotic platitudes, but look for the real thing.

The Tea Party does not generally support impeachment, though probably a majority of their rank and file membership do. This is because national organizations, such as the Tea Party Patriots, have applied for non-profit status and are adhering to 501(c)(4) rules for non-profit organizations.

Such non-profits are limited by law and not primarily about politics. Such National Tea Party organizations are mainly about soliciting large contributions from anonymous, fat-cat contributors.

● 501(c)(4) β€” Civic Leagues, Social Welfare Organizations, and Local Associations of Employees

ACORN was organized as a 501(c)(4), but they really could argue that they worked with poor people as a social welfare organization, whether they did worthwhile work or not. Tea Parties should be about politics, not social welfare. They should not be trying to be a RINO version of ACORN.

The Tea Party Patriots censor themselves in exchange for their non-profit status. They also have a big influence over their associated local groups. This is ironic for Tea Party Patriots, who have about 3,000 affiliated local groups. They have neutered themselves for purposes of any real political action.

501(c)(4) non-profit organizations have no contribution limit and are not required to report who their contributors are. There appears to be no good reason for a Tea Party to be a 501(c)(4), except that they can receive unlimited contributions from secret fat-cat contributors. Presumably, they can even accept unlimited foreign contributions in secret.

The first big contribution ($1,000,000) was given to the Tea Party Patriots on the condition that they not reveal the donors name and they not endorse or oppose individual candidates, including Obama. This was a very cheap buy-off of the Tea Party Patriots. It is still the reason that they do not support Obama’s removal in any way, because it required them to operate as a 501(c)(4) non-profit org, which legally cannot be primarily about politics.



In other words, the Tea Parties have essentially been hijacked, sold down the river and tamed in exchange for being able to receive unlimited contributions from big-money sponsors.

If you want to support an organization that stands for impeachment and removal of Obama, you should find a Political Action Committee (PAC) that supports impeachment. PAC’s are legally able to take such political positions and organize campaigns for that purpose. Their contributions, though, are transparent and limited to $5K per year. The names of contributors are made public, in contrast to the Tea Party.

You should also join a local group that vocally supports impeachment and removal, if you can find one. Your local Tea Parties probably will not support it, though there may be a couple of exceptions. If you cannot find a group, consider starting one yourself.

Impeach Obama Coalition – Directory of Local Groups

If you support impeachment, stop waiting for the Tea Party to act and go elsewhere. They will never support it.


I am not necessarily endorsing any of these organizations, just providing a complete list of PAC’s that are actively promoting impeachment. Readers can do their own research and decide whom to support.

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC)

Impeach Obama FaceBook Page (by ALIPAC)

Conservative Majority PAC

Impeach Obama Campaign

LaRouche PAC

Life & Liberty PAC

Revive America PAC


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