Why Obama Has Not Been Impeached

Palm Spings ProtestWhy has Obama not been impeached? Because Congress is corrupt and often collaborating with Obama. Also, the people are not mobilized, in part, because funded organizations are prohibited from focusing on a single politician by IRS/FEC regulations. Congress would fear the People, if a large part of them, at least, were of one mind and acting together. An all-volunteer movement is needed with a goal of removing Obama from office, but that is very difficult to organize. The “Impeach Obama Now” group has been trying to do that, but without much support.

People really need to understand the problem before they can do anything about it. That is nonprofits cannot focus on impeachment. It is actually illegal to fund an impeachment effort to organize people. Even if you could fund it, large donors would step in to divert it in another direction. It has to be all volunteer. It is difficult to make people focus on that without paid organizers. Americans love to just throw money at problem and let someone else take care of it, but that method is not possible with an impeachment effort.

If a small protest effort does get started, then the Obama fanatics start showing up at the protests to threaten and intimidate the protesters. Most of the older, soft, middle-class people involved are not used to that kind of treatment, will not stand up to them and are scared off. The Obama thugs are well aware of this and take full advantage of it. In San Diego, we have been standing up to them, but they are constantly trying to snuff out our very small protest effort. Here are a couple of examples of pro-Obama fanatics, who have tried to disrupt our protests.

4 Responses to Why Obama Has Not Been Impeached

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  3. Stone Boy Singh says:

    Because he is the best president we’ve had. And because normal people love him and the job he’s doing. Look at his numbers. Look at the recovery statistics. The majority of American people love him and are doing better with Barack on the job.

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