Why has Obama not been exposed?

A lot of people ask why is Congress not doing anything, why has Obama not been impeached, etc. Below is a simple explanation.

Since the time of the Civil War money has had a big influence in politics, but at least the companies that were influencing Congress and the President were American and were generally loyal to the United States.

In the last few decades there has been a huge growth the the globalization of wealth. So, the financial interests, who exert influence over the politicians, do not have any loyalty to America any longer.

International money also has a lot of influence in the media, of course, and not just the so-called liberal media, but in the conservative media, as well. I believe this is why Obama is not being exposed. The people that put him in power also have a lot of influence over the Congress and the media and they don’t want him exposed. This includes both major parties, Democrat and Republican.

The largest concentration of private wealth in the world in the hands of a few like-minded people is in Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf oil states. The Saudis appear to have helped Obama since he was a student.

It is not just oil money, but this is one example of international money that has a big influence on American politicians. It is also not necessarily a tight conspiracy, but the a collective interests of a wealthy elite, who have interests that may not be aligned with American national interests.

Obama bows to the Saudi Dictator, who helped him become President.

Our military has recently been supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, which is based in Saudi Arabia and we are giving billions of financial aid now to countries, where the Muslim Brotherhood is taking over.

This is also why both major parties do not support drilling in the US for oil as they could, even the Republicans. There are vasts reserves of natural gas in shale deposits in the US. The formations produce not just natural gas but large quantities of “condensate,” as well, which is equivalent to light crude oil.

It is expensive to produce this energy, due to the great depth of the shale deposits. For this reason, it is not just a matter of issuing drilling permits, but a policy that encourages domestic shale gas production is also necessary. That could require something like a import duty on oil imported from OPEC, for example.

The oil producers in the Gulf obviously do not want more gas and oil production in the US, because is would compete with their own oil sales. The politicians respond to the international financial interests that ultimately control them, unless American citizens can unite and act together to oppose it.

The video below describes how the American adviser of the Saudi Prince, al-Waleed bin Talal, helped Obama since his student years, with financial ad and gaining admission into Harvard. His name is Khalid al-Mansour. Percy Sutton is the former attorney of Malcolm X and the clips of him in the video were taken from an interview given to a television station in New York, years before Obama became a candidate for the US presidency.

Adviser of Saudi Prince, Al-waleed bin Talal,
groomed Obama as a Student

It is important to note, however, that Obama is not the only politician by a long shot, who is influenced by foreign money. Both parties are bold enough lately to even have fundraisers in foreign countries. Obama had one in China and Mitt Romney had fundraisers in the UK and Israel.

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