White Man Submits to Black Hebrew Israelite Hate

A young white man submits and literally grovels before the genocidal rants of a group of Black Hebrew Israelite street preachers. This is analogous and symbolic of the current relationship between America and Obama, who is a Black Nationalist with similar beliefs.

The Nation of Islam, New Black Panthers and Black Liberation Theology churches, such as Obama’s Trinity United pseudo-Church of Christ in Chicago are all part of the greater Black Nationalist cult movement and have similar genocidal racist beliefs regarding the white race..

Obama’s Trinity church is just a higher-class, more sophisticated branch of this racist cult movement. It was originally designed to attract black professionals to the movement. The basic beliefs are essentially the same, though the members are not necessarily so outspoken about their views or engage in such street theater.

(Black Hebrew Israelite) Tea Party Organizer revives UFO-Cult

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