Vote for the Day of the Next Overpass Demo

Some may have other activities planned on the day of July 4th. Others would prefer to have the demo on July 4th for symbolic reasons. Please vote your preference.

7 thoughts on “Vote for the Day of the Next Overpass Demo”

  1. Anybody going someplace will likely get on the road Wednesday July 3. Everyone will stay someplace on July 4th. July 5 and 6 are fun days. July 7th people will be going home after 12 noon to 6 PM. Monday July 8th people will be dragging their rumps back to work.
    So, I like the 7th.

    1. @Wilma, I’ll be working on the 14th and, in general, don’t have time to do more than about one a month or every 6 weeks.

  2. Gerry pointed out that July 4th is the last day of the Del Mar Fair and the Del Mar Heights overpass would be a good place to catch that traffic going to the Fair. I believe traffic backs up in that area before you get to the Fair, anyway. On a busy day about 70-80K people go to the Fair and that makes for a lot of traffic in the area.

  3. Stop Obama supporters in Orange County are doing an overpass rally in LaVerne on July 4th with activities following the rally. We decided to do the 4th because we thought Saturday the 6th was firm in San Diego. I voted for the 6th and it seems anywhere on I-5 is great…always traffic going to San Diego on holidays.

  4. Adrienne, the 4th of July may be the biggest attendance day for the Del Mar fair. There will probably be 80-90k visitors. There is a nice overpass just 2 miles south of the exit for the fair. Traffic will be very heavy and there will likely be slowdowns, like last time. I thought the fair would go all weekend. But Gerry let me know that the 4th is the last day of the fair. It is a unique situation, I believe.

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