The Real Border Fence – California Progress Report

After the current projects are completed only about 25 miles more fence will be needed to have a primary bollard fence all along the border, except in the most rugged areas where it is difficult to bring in heavy equipment. The California Border is 160 miles long. This post was made on January 8, 2020.

A great, 30-foot, secondary fence is being constructed also in San Diego and is nearly finished. More secondary fence construction may be built next year, at least in urban areas on the California border. The Secure Fence Act of 2006 originally required secondary fence everywhere.

I also have these videos, and more, posted here on Bitchute, but have used Facebook videos in this page, because Facebook appears to support higher resolution than Bitchute does.

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I have also surveyed the entire Arizona border and a page like this for Arizona is also coming in the next few weeks, as soon as I can make the videos. I live in San Diego. If you would like to kindly contribute to my travel expenses, go to this link.

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1. San Diego / Tijuana – 14 miles of 18-foot high primary bollard fence has been built in the last couple of years. Construction of 14 miles of 30-foot-high bollard fence is in progress and should be finished some time in the next few months. A couple hundred yards of old fence on the beach has not been replaced, probably because this would be a task requiring a special design across the sandy beach and extending into the ocean surf.

2. Otay Mountain – There are about 4 miles of pre-Trump 15-foot-bollard fence and 8-9 miles which is pretty rugged, but where additional fence could conceivably be built. Plans to build another mile of primary fence and two miles of secondary fence on the west side of the mountain have been blocked for now by a court.

3. Tecate – Four miles of 30-foot bollard fence is being constructed all the way across town. It is over half done and should be finished in a couple months.

4. Campo – There is about 20 miles of mostly old 10-foot-high landing-mat fence between Tecate and Boulevard that needs to be replaced. It is not known when a contract will be in place to do this.

5. Jacumba Hot Springs area. Jacumba has about 5 miles of pre-Trump bollard fence in the valley in the area and less than a mile of old landing mat fence. At least the landing mat fence should be upgraded. A secondary fence would be helpful, too. Right now all they have is a barbed wire fence behind the primary fence.

6. Yuha Desert – 15 miles of 30-foot high bollard fence is under construction. It will meet up with the new fence being constructed in Calexico. No fence expected to be built in the Jacumba Wilderness, due to the difficult of getting heavy equipment into the mountains of this area.

7. Calexico – Calexico got the first section of 2.25 miles of 30-foot-high bollard fence. 11 more miles of 30-foot bollard is under contruction. So they will have a 30 foot-high primary fence which is expected to be connected up to the new fence in the Yuha desert and the pre-existing fence in the Imperial desert.

8. Imperial Desert – There are about 41 miles of pre-existing, 15-foot-bollard fence from the outskirts of Calexio almost to the Colorado river at the Andrade Port of entry, where there is about 2/3rds of a mile of landing-mat fence. The landing mat fence, belongs to the Yuma CBP sector. Not yet clear when it will be upgraded.

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