The Real Border Fence – Arizona Progress Report

This progress report about the Arizona border has just been started. I have done an initial survey of the Arizona border and took many images. I should be able to flesh out this report in the next few weeks.

I also have these videos, and more, posted here on Bitchute, but have used Facebook videos in this page, because Facebook provides higher resolution.

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The Read Border Fence – Where to find the videos

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1. Colorado River (near Yuma)

2. San Luis (near Yuma) – Upgrade of the old landing-mat fence at San Luis has been blocked for now by a court.

3. Goldwater Airforce Range (near Yuma)

4. Lukeville / Organ Pipe National Monument – A progress report on the border fence building project in the area of Lukeville and the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument area. About 43 miles of new 30-foot-high bollard fence is being constructed there at this time.

5. Tohono O’odhom Indian Reservation

6. Sasabe

7. Nogales

8. Naco

9. Douglas

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