Terroristic Aspects Of The Trump Movement

Some parts of the Trump movement are using similar terrorist tactics as antifa and Black Lives Matter uses. In some ways, many Trump followers are becoming what they hate.

Terrorism is the use of violence or threat of violence to advance a political agenda. I know most Trump supporters would not agree with that, but some of them do, including Trump, himself. The rest go along with it, without questioning it.

Attack On Congress

The Trump-inspired assault on Congress was intended to terrify and intimidate Congress and especially vice-president Mike Pence into doing what Trump wanted. That is, overturn the election.

It was similar in goals and behavior to Hitlers “Beer Hall Putsch” in 1923. In that episode, Hitler and followers marched on the Bavaria Parliament (Landestag) in hope of starting a national insurrection from the German state of Bavaria. The Bavarian police shot and killed 12 of them before they could reach their destination and Hitler was sent to prison for almost a year. Of course, that did not stop the Nazi movement.

the the intimidation of the German National parliament (Reichstag) in 1933 by the Brown Shirts and SS, when Hitler had the legislator vote to change the German Constitution and give him dictatorial powers under the so-called “Enabling Act”. Under threat from Hitler’s stormtroopers, the opposition politicians just left the building and did not come back. This was reportedly also the plan for Congress when Trumps followers marched on Congress, to have the opposition leave, due to the threat from Trump’s own “stormtroopers”.

It was also similar to Mussolini’s “march on Rome” in 1922 by his Black Shirts, which was intended to intimidate the Italian government to turn over power to him, which they did. legally, but under physical threat from Mussolini’s street paramilitary.

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Threats Against FBI After Raid On Mar-A-Lago

Armed Trump supporters hold protest outside FBI Phoenix offices Saturday

This week brought an “unprecedented” number of threats against FBI personnel and property, law enforcement sources tell CNN. In the days following the search, violent threats against the bureau began surfacing online, with posters writing, “Garland needs to be assassinated” — referencing Attorney General Merrick Garland, who “personally approved” the decision to seek a warrant — and “kill all feds.” Additionally, the biography and contact information of the federal magistrate judge who signed the search warrant was wiped from a Florida court’s website after he too became the target of violent threats.

In a separate incident Thursday, a man who was believed to be armed with an AR-15 rifle and a nail gun tried to breach the FBI’s Cincinnati field office. He was killed hours later after a standoff with authorities. Although the suspect’s motive has not yet been identified, he had been known to the FBI because he had an unspecified connection to the January 6, 2021, riot at the US Capitol and because he had associates within a far-right extremist group, two law enforcement sources told CNN on Friday.

Threats Against Prosecutors

Trump issues a veiled threat to those prosecuting him that he will send his violent mob. of they follow through with his prosecution. The way he runs America down and tells us he is the only one that can save America, is a hallmark of ultra-right-wing extremists. America does not need a terroristic, would be dictator to “save us”.

QAnon Conspiracy Theory

QAnon is. of course, a conspiracy theory about a group of pedophiles ruling the world. Trump opponents were often identified as pedophiles. Some Trump followers said that the pedophiles would all be slaughtered when the “Storm” came.

Here, Dr. Jerome Corsi Discusses QAnon’s relationship to Trump and plans for a “legitimate” military coup by Trump and the setting up of military tribunals for “traitors”, like Hillary Clinton and Obama.

Dr. Corsi Discusses Plans For Trump Military ‘Coup’ And Tribunals

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In addition, Corsi says that Qanon is military intelligence and that it is close to Trump. I can believe that Trump is close to Qanon, but I would not believe that it is military intelligence or has anything to do officially with the military.

Trump Identifies With Terrorist Dictators

Of course, Trump is in bed with Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un, two of the worst terrorist national leaders in the world. Both have murdered numerous political opponents.

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When Putin invaded the Ukraine, Trump praised him as a “genius”. Putin has committed numerous horrific war crimes in the Ukraine, as he did in previous wars, bombing civilian populations and moving tens of thousands of Ukrainians to Russia. Listen to Trump praise Putin’s criminal invasion below.

Trump Praises Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine

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Trump’s Violent Mob Attacking Congress