“Tear Down This Wall” Protest-Concert Cancelled In San Diego

The anti-Trump protest/concert to be performed by several members of the Dresden Symphony Orchestra organized mainly by Markus Rindt, has been cancelled on the US side of the border. The event was widely publicized in the Internet. Markus Rindt blames it on Trump, but in reality it was poorly organized from the beginning and is mainly an Internet publicity stunt to get attention for Rindt. If the concert is not impressive on the Mexican side, as expected, Markus will blame that on Trump, also. The entire Dresden Symphony never planned to play in Tijuana as Rindt made it sound, but just a few of it’s members. They will probably hire a Mariachi band to play with them in Tijuana. Haha.

The Border Patrol would not give them a permit for the protest directly on the border due to security considerations and the potential for the event to attract a large number of participants. Another plan was proposed to have the concert on the nearby beach. However, the band would have to stay about 50 yards away form the second, older internal fence that actually divides the US from Mexico. The Border-field State Park also declined to issue a permit, due also to security concerns, the potential for the event to attract a large number of onlookers and the ecologically sensitive nature of the wetlands which make up the park.

A performance is still expected to take place on the Mexican side of the border fence near the International Friendship Park. This will be held actually in the neighborhood called Playa de Tijuana, a suburb of Tijuana.

There were also supposed to be performances all along the 2,000 mile border with Mexico. It is not clear that any other musicians or artists have joined the protest in other cities.

Without a permit from the Border Patrol, a band would not be able to play within about 50 yards of the fence that separates the United States from Mexico, even if they could get a permit from the neighboring state park. This is a big handicap for the original plan to have two bands play together on opposite sides of the border fence. In this case, there would be little interaction with any potential participants on the US side. So, the German organizers have abandoned this part of the plan, according to and article by Bild Zeitung.

USA verbieten Auftritt von Dresdner Sinfonikern (USA forbids appearance by the Dresden Symphony) by Bild Zeitung

International Friendship Park on the US/Mexico border.

One Border Patrol agent said that they would step in and take action, if there are any threats to safety or criminal activity along the border fence during this protest concert.

The truth is that Trump is too busy to worry about a ego-maniacal crybaby, like Markus Rindt.