Boycott Monday Night Football – Support Hank Williams, Jr.

Hank Williams, Jr.

ESPN has stopped using Hank Williams, Jr. for the opening of Monday Night Football (MNF), because he made a comment that compared Obama to Hitler. See the article below for more details:

ESPN yanks Hank Williams for comparing Obama to Hitler

The fact is that Obama sat in Jeremiah Wright’s church for 20 years, which has a doctrine based on a racialist black identity concept that has striking similarities to a black form of Nazism. The media has, of course, largely suppressed this truth. Go to this link to learn more about the parallels to Nazism of Black Liberation Theology and Black Nationalism, in general:

Obama – Black Nationalist and Nazi Cooperation

Protest ESPN’s pathetic attempt to censor Hank by boycotting Monday Night Football until they bring back Bocephus and make Madonna apologize for comparing McCain and Bush to Hitler.

If you don’t watch MNF, then you can boycott other programs on Disney and ABC.

An list of sponsors has been compiled at the link below.

List of Sponsors of Monday Night Football

To contact ESPN by E-mail to complain about their action go to this link.

ESPN – Contact Us

At the “Contact Us” link above, there is a e-mail form as shown in the image below. Fill out the E-Mail form, as shown in the image. Select “doesn’t apply” for the network and “other” as the topic.

Sample E-Mail Form

Hank Williams is an icon and a great American. He does not deserve to be punished by ESPN for what he said, he deserves a damn medal! Here he sings his protest song against the anti-American Obama regime, “Keep the Change.”

Click the link to hear the new version updated for Fox & Friends / ESPN. Here’s a big salute to Ol’ Hank for standing up. Download your own copy here.

Hank Williams, Jr. – Keep the Change


There are independent Tea-Party groups, organized primarily on FaceBook.

Impeach Obama Tea Party

Boycott Oprah

20 Responses to Boycott Monday Night Football – Support Hank Williams, Jr.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wrote to have that racist off MNF !! Boycott his music!!

    • Roger says:

      As long as the media refuses to explain the truth about the Nazi-like racism of Obama’s church and his other extremist influences, it should be fair game to compare Obama to Hitler and/or call him a “black Nazi.” The Black Liberation Theology of his so-called “church” is a lot like a black version of Nazism. David Horowitz called it “Afro-Nazism” in his book “Hating Whitey.” The media, even Fox News, has suppressed this information, due to political correctness and fear of controversy that causes sponsors to withdraw their support. The brainwashing of the America public by the media must finally stop!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have much greater respect for Hank than I ever have our joke of a president!!! Boycott Hank? I don’t think so.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Funny that political comments related to BHO are always construed as racist…boycott all ESPN, ABC and Disney programming…take America back from the Mainstream Media and liberal elite!

  4. Just more proof of leftist taking complete control of anything media related.
    the above link also points out other efforts the Soros group is undertaking.

  5. bryan west says:

    Obama promised hope and change. Well, he is right because now because of him, we have very little hope and we are down to the change in our pocket.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Boycott Hank’s music?? Lmfao!!! It is what it is.. At least Hank has the nerve to say it for the world to see!!!Go Hank!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    My wife and I will be boycotting ESPN’s Monday Night Football until Hank Williams is re-instated. If we find out who advertises on the broadcast, we will not only send comments to them, but boycott their products as well. This is America – the land of FREE SPEECH, but sometimes we vote with our wallets and I hope your ratings suffer as a consequence of your ill-thoughtout actions. Only a full TV apology to the Monday Night football-watching nation and to Hank Williams will get us and our neighbors back. This will spread like wildfire if you persist in inserting YOUR political activism into a football game.

    • Roger says:

      @Anonymous. I will try to post who the advertisers are next week on a separate page. If people can’t give up football, it may make sense to boycott their advertisers. That may even work better.


  9. Todd says:

    I’m done with Monday night football. Right is right, and wrong is wrong. Fuck the asstards that made that decision, long live Hank!

  10. Don Costello says:

    If they had Snoop Dog sing the opening song and he said something like that about a white President would they take his song off? I don’t think so.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I will not be tuning in the leftist ESPN network until HANK is back. He simply told the truth! Hussein Obama and his wife despise white people and our country and demonstrate it, daily!

  12. Rob White says:

    We the People stand right beside you, Hank. ESPN are jerks….you are much too good for their libertard ethics.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Will not watch ESPN EVER if they pull Hank Williams, Jr., from Monday night football. As a female watcher, that is the highlight of the show for me and not the announcers who have been heard spouting words we don’t want our children to hear and are protected in their FREE SPEECH right to do that————-unlike HW, Jr. What’s the difference??? It is ridiculous

  14. Anonymous says:

    I thought we, as Americans, had the right to free speech. It sounds like we do , until we say something that upsets the execs. The thing about it is, even if it was wrong to say ( which I don’t think it was), Most of us in the USA wouldn’t even know it happened if it weren’t for ESPN and all the execs telling us about it on their shows. Alot of people were upset at Rosanne Barr when she sang the National Anthem at a Baseball game and I don’t think her career ever recovered after that. All she proved, was that she wasn’t a singer. Big Deal. The execs on that should have auditioned her before they put her out there. As Earl Pitts says——- Wake up, America!!!!!

  15. Anonymous says:

    I am another female that loves football. I have been watching Hank Williams sing “Are you ready for some
    football” ever since he started on ABC. I didn’t think ESPN could get any stupider after they let Rush
    Limbaugh leave, but I see they have. As much as I like football, I will not be watching it on Mon. Nite
    if you fire Hank. What part of free speech do you all not understand?

  16. Anonymous says:

    How pios can you get? NO more MNF for me——-ever!

  17. Anonymous says:

    I’m joining the MNF boycott. Bring Hank back!!

  18. Anonymous says:

    Here are phone numbers to call: ESPN 888 549-3776. Sponsors: Appleby’s 888 592-7753. Dunkin Donuts 800 859-5339. Dr. Pepper 800 696-5891. GM/GMC 888 988-7267 (press any option). Kayak Travel 203 899-3100, press 0. also
    Miller Light 800 645-5376. Please put this up on the site for everyone!

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