Stop Asylum Fraud / Stop Child Trafficking Rally in San Diego on 3/27

A small group will gather on Saturday, March 27, at the San Diego Convention Center to rally against mass asylum fraud and the child/human trafficking that is closely associated with and feeds mass asylum fraud. The rally will begin tentatively around 10am. Hundreds of homeless Americans will be kicked out and trafficked children/minors will begin to move into the Convention Center on Saturday. This human trafficking can be stopped by just not releasing them into the US, which is the incentive for this mass movement for border chaos.

The wave of refugees showing up at our southern border are generally trafficked by the smuggling cartels. This is the same drug smuggling cartels that kill tens of thousands of people in Mexico every year, often in the most gruesome ways imaginable. As we have seen lately, lack of immigration law enforcement greatly promotes the trafficking of Central Americans and well as many others from the Caribbean, Africa and Asia to our border in the hope of using legal loopholes to gain easy entry to the United States without any real expectation of obtaining asylum status from a court.

Former President Trump showed in the last few years that this massive fraud, child abuse and human trafficking movement, which continues due to reasons of radical progressive politics and corruption can be easily stopped in its tracks, if the president shows a determination enforce the law.

President Biden only had to signal that he was not willing to enforce the law to prevent asylum fraud and the other social ills that go along with it to restart it in a massive way, bigger than ever.

Immigration attorney Esther Valdez is interviewed about child trafficking

Protect these children by eliminating the incentive to traffick them