Secure American Jobs – Demand E-Verify

Illegal immigration already is a threat to the sovereignty of the United States. Both the Democrat and the Republican leaderships are pushing some form of amnesty for illegals, because they are utterly corrupt and big business wants cheap labor, for which the taxpayers pay the social costs. Amnesty is not just a path to citizenship but granting any form of legal residency to illegal aliens. That is, exemption from the immigration law that applies to others.

Many are clamoring to “secure the borders,” but that is not going to happen, no matter how much money is spent until the incentives are eliminated for illegal workers to come here. The harder and more expensive it is for illegals to come to the US, the more incentive they have to smuggle drugs to pay for the crossing.

Securing the border is a distraction, used by the politicians to divert the attention of Americans away from a much more practical solution, elimination of the jobs for illegals, punishment of employers that hire illegals, raids on businesses that ignore the law and deportation of illegal workers.

Eliminating jobs for illegals will also stop the millions of illegals, who came to the US legally and overstayed their visas, which no amount of border security will stop. Jobs for illegals have to be eliminated first. Demand that E-Verify be mandatory.

What is E-Verify

E-Verify is a quick and easy way to verify the legality or workers. It is not intrusive on a person’s privacy. It just checks the employment data that you are already required to provide with government records that already exist. E-Verify should be mandatory for every employer and enforced with heavy fines for those, who hire illegals. After the employment opportunities are eliminated, the border can be much more easily controlled with less money than we spend now, because a lot fewer people will be trying to cross.


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