Report the Obama Birth Certificate Fraud to the FBI

Obama's birth certificate was fabricated on a computer
Obama’s posted birth certificate was
fabricated on a computer, not scanned
It is outrageous that this fraudulent birth certificate has been posted on the White House website for so long and still nothing has been done about it. Many immediately recognized that it was not a simple scan of a paper document, when the long form birth certificate was first posted on the White House web site in April of 2011.

I could not believe it was fabricated, either, until I downloaded the file about a year ago ago and used Adobe Illustrator to verify what others were saying about it, that it is a computer-generated forgery. Before that, I was often mocking the “birthers,” myself.

Well, some birthers are hysterical, but that does not mean there is not a kernel of truth behind their rantings. It is not clear, whether Obama has a real birth certificate or not, but the one posted on the White House website is an obvious forgery and that, in itself, is a crime that should be fully investigated and punished. The real documents, if they exist at all, should be finally produced.

Call your local FBI field field office and request that they investigate this crime. The object is to demonstrate overwhelming public demand for them to investigate the fraud and to embarrass the FBI about their inaction in this matter. There must still be a couple of responsible FBI agents, who want to do their job and are willing to blow the whistle on this affair.

The idea is just to help motivate such agents to speak out. We want to get the rank and file agents talking about this at all the field offices. The best way to do this is create massive public demand for it. Covering up a crime is itself a crime and the managers, who cover up and sweep this fraud under the rug can and should lose their jobs and perhaps go to prison for it.

The fake birth certificate has been used to defraud the public in all 50 states. Let them know that this is no joke, but a serious request that they investigate a real crime. You do not need to prove the facts to them, just request that they do a forensic investigation of the birth certificate that has been provided on the White House website. They will know how to find it.

The FBI has experts, who will recognize immediately that the birth certificate is an amateurish forgery. Try not to sound like a kook. Do not try to convince them of any conclusions and do not get bogged down in the details. Just ask them to investigate.

FBI agents are also sworn to uphold the Constitution, not to serve and protect the would be King Obama. Tell them to do their duty to the Country and the Constitution. J. Edgar Hoover must be turning in his grave.

You can find your nearest FBI office here at the link below. Click on the city on the right-hand side of this website.

FBI Headquarters – “Contact Us” page

For more information, you can direct the FBI to the Maricopa Cold Case Posse at this website:

MCSO Cold Case Posse

If you make a recording of the call and send the file to “sonsandiego at” I will post a few of the best audio files here.



2 thoughts on “Report the Obama Birth Certificate Fraud to the FBI”

  1. Donald Trump brought this up almost 2 years ago and no one listened, but instead, called Trump a crazy and worse. I do not know why the FBI did not investigate it themselves, at the first hint that it might have been false. Why would those tasked with protecting our nation from criminals, allow this to go unchecked? Was some one high up in the chain of command paid to have this covered up? Who ever was in charge of investigating it, should be charged with treason, if it was not investigated properly. O’Bama had no right to be president, if he offered a forgery as proof of his birth, and, he also went to school in America, with the help of a foreign aid grant. He would not have been eligible if he were born in this country. The grant providers would have checked out his claim to be a foreigner, and therefore would have known he was a foreigner, before he was elected. All who knew he was not born in America, or helped him to cover up this fraud, to gain control of our nation, is guilty of Treason, it seems. I hope the FBI and other agencies use due diligence to prove one way or the other, if O’Bama is a liar, and should be imprisoned for such treacherous acts. This kind of lends purpose as to why he allowed so many possible terrorists from the middle east into our nation without vetting. Trump was correct in saying they should be allowed in, but only after extreme vetting. Those in charge of the security of this nation, should step up and do their job, or, lose their job. The military should do as they have sworn, and protect the people of this nation from all threats, foreign and domestic. They should remove O’Bama from office, as soon as possible, before he can do more damage to American citizens.

  2. The media including Fox News have been covering for this fraud and usurper barack hussein obama since 2008 . The FBI has been protecting the fraud and usurper barack hussein obama from day one January 2009 and they are still protecting him in 2019 long after he left the White House .

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