Lone Wolf Impeach Obama Protest in Indiana

Obama was greeted with an Impeach Obama sign and thumbs down from some at a visit to a steel mill in Indiana.

Just like on the motorcade to Princeton, people lined the roads, some carrying signs of support or disapproval. Schoolchildren and soccer players waved and took pictures with their mobile phones. A few people gave the motorcade the thumbs down signal, and a man dressed as a prisoner stood over a large sign that said ‘IMPEACH OBAMA.’

Obama Visits Princeton, Millennium Steel

Some are discouraged that more people do not turn out for impeachment protests. But the impeachment protests against Nixon and Bush were mostly small, also. There just are not a lot of people in the beginning with the balls to stand up against a traitorous and totally corrupt president. It is much easier to protest for/against impersonal issues. Those few who do get out on the street and protest for impeachment have an more impact than you might expect, because it is so much more difficult for them to do. They can pave the way for more to come out and they ought to be encouraged.

One guy with a handwritten impeach-Obama sign can make a difference and be noticed all over the country. Obama ought to be protested wherever he goes.

Announcing National Impeach Obama Week II – Western Journalism

Western Journalism posted my announcement of the upcoming event, but they put a different photo on it than the one I sent. It reverses the message that I wanted to send. Instead of promoting protests, the photo seems to say that impeaching Obama would help Democrats. I am wondering if Western Journalism has sold out to the Republican Establishment? What do you think?

The Establishment does not want a pre-election debate about Obama’s lawlessness or his eligibility for that matter. Many Republicans do not seem to believe that supporting the Constitution is in the interest of their party.

See the Western Journalism article at this link:

Announcing National Impeach Obama Week II

I usually get thousands of hits from a post on Western Journalism, but this time only getting a couple dozen.

Below is the photo that they substituted in my article (with my name on it), implying that impeachment would benefit the Democrats.


These are the photos that I originally submitted with the announcement showing two of our protests for impeachment.

Impeach Obama Protest - Austin, Texas
Impeach Obama Protest – Austin, Texas
Impeach Obama Protest - Norwich, NY
Impeach Obama Protest – Norwich, NY

Black Hebrew KKK Prepares for Destruction of the White Man

A troop of Black Hebrew Israelites meet to drill in Dallas in preparation for their coming end times and the destruction of the white devil. Black Hebrews are one branch of a black-identity cult movement that includes the Nation of Islam and other such cult religious doctrines, including the Black Liberation hate doctrine of Obama’s own god-damn-America Church of 20 years led by Jeremiah Wright, Jr.

Prosecutor Calls to Impeach Obama – Francis Boyle

Not sure how Dr. France Boyle should be classified politically, but he is certainly not a conservative. Having people from across the political spectrum calling for Obama’s impeachment and removal makes it more likely to actually happen. Rep. Walter Jones (R) threatened to push an impeachment resolution two years ago, if Obama sent any ground troops into Syria.

Oklahoma Beheader Not Muslim?

Alton Nolen aka Yah’keem Yisrael, the person who allegedly beheaded a coworker in Oklahoma does not appear to be an orthodox Muslim judging from his name and some of his statements on Facebook. His alias, Yah’keem Yisrael, is a name derived from Hebrew, not from Arabic. He is supposed to be a convert to Islam, but how many typical jihadist Muslims choose an alias for themselves in Hebrew and name themselves “Yisrael,” after the so-called Zionist entity?? Yisrael is a poetic form meaning “O Israel” in Hebrew.

There are a number of accretionary, anti-American, black-supremacist cult religions that typically mix and match concepts from Judaism, Christianity and Islam. They may call themselves Black Hebrews, Black Hebrew Israelites, Black Muslims, Nation of Yahweh, Nation of Gods and Earths (5%-Nation), Nuwaubian Nation, Moors, Black Liberation Christians (such as Obama), etc, but they are not orthodox or traditional in any mainstream religion. They have a common black identity cult belief, no matter what they call themselves, Black Hebrew, Muslim or Christian. Followers of these black-identity cult religions, like those of Obama’s own black liberation church, are often sympathetic to Islamic jihadists.

A person with a black identity cult belief may call themselves Christian, Hebrew, Jew or Muslim, but they are not any of them in the orthodox sense. This is the same reason that Jeremiah Wright and Obama are not traditional Christians, just because they call themselves “Christian.”

“Yah” is a word that some black identity sects use that is short for “Yahweh.” The similar Hebrew name, “Yakim” means the rise of God (Yahweh). Yah’keem Yisrael then can be taken to be Black Hebrew cult lingo for “Yahweh rising O Israel.” How many fanatical Muslim jihadists name themselves after Israel and the Hebrew God of Israel? Not many!

Most of his FaceBook friends appear to be black identity cultists also. People should be more aware of the dangerous, home-grown millennial cults that we have in the US, which may ally themselves with fanatical Muslim jihadists. Google or search YouTube for “Black Hebrew” to learn more. Alton Nolen may have been converting to Islam, but he appears to have already been part of a dangerous cult even before that.

The Yahweh bin Yahweh sect, a Black Hebrew cult, carried out one of the worst serial murders at that time in US history in the 1980’s. They also beheaded one of their victims.

The Yahweh ben Yahweh Cult Murders

John Muhammad, the beltway sniper killed 10 people in 2002. He was also associated with some of these anti-American black cult religions and was not an orthodox Muslim. Americans should be aware that we also have these domestic, black cult religions, which are anti-American and may sympathize with the extreme Islamic jehadist cause. Google or search YouTube for “Black Hebrew” to learn more.

Black Hebrew Nazis Bait Jew

White Man Submits To Black Hebrew Haters