Call For Arrest of CA Senator Huff (R) For Aiding Illegal Aliens

Aiding and abetting illegal aliens to stay in the United States and obtain employment violates federal law with a penalty of up to 10 years in prison. When states like California aid and abet illegal aliens nothing happens. In fact, the Federal Government helps them go against the law. However, when Arizona tries to ENFORCE the law, they are punished and viciously attacked by the Department of (in)Justice. They should all be arrested for conspiracy and treason, not just aiding and abetting illegals. Open borders is the cornerstone of the Progressive plan to gain permanent political control of the U.S. Contact Bob Huff (R) here.

For example, see this section of the Federal Immigration and Nationality Act:

§ 274 (8 USC 1324) Bringing in and harboring certain aliens

This gutsy group of California citizens were meeting with an aid to the State Senator when they called for the Senator to be arrested and imprisoned. Our politicians are convinced that they are above the law. The laws are only for the “little people” in their minds. This is most epitomized by the lawless Obama White House.

Announcing National Impeach Obama Week II

Impeach Obama Protest - Austin, Texas
Impeach Obama Protest – Austin, Texas
Find a street corner a government building or an overpass and start making your signs, because National Impeach Obama Week is October 18-25, just before the mid-term elections. The time to stand up and be counted is before the election, not after the election. You can learn more and register your own protest at this link.

National Impeach Obama Week

Large and small protests are encouraged all across the Nation. They all count. We want to enable average Americans to stand up and speak out. Anyone can do this. All you need is a couple of like-minded friends and some signs.

Since we hardly expect the main-stream media to publicize this event beforehand, we plan to repeat these protests every few weeks, gradually attract new participants and snowball the effort. So, have patience and stick with us over the longer term. This is a campaign that will last months, not a single event.

This is an all-volunteer effort, we do not ask for your money, only your participation. Please send photos and video of your event afterwards so that we can show our results and attract new participants for the next event. Act like America is depending on you, because she is!

Impeach Obama Protest - Norwich, NY
Impeach Obama Protest – Norwich, NY

Lone Wolf Impeach Obama Protest in Indiana

Obama was greeted with an Impeach Obama sign and thumbs down from some at a visit to a steel mill in Indiana.

Just like on the motorcade to Princeton, people lined the roads, some carrying signs of support or disapproval. Schoolchildren and soccer players waved and took pictures with their mobile phones. A few people gave the motorcade the thumbs down signal, and a man dressed as a prisoner stood over a large sign that said ‘IMPEACH OBAMA.’

Obama Visits Princeton, Millennium Steel

Some are discouraged that more people do not turn out for impeachment protests. But the impeachment protests against Nixon and Bush were mostly small, also. There just are not a lot of people in the beginning with the balls to stand up against a traitorous and totally corrupt president. It is much easier to protest for/against impersonal issues. Those few who do get out on the street and protest for impeachment have an more impact than you might expect, because it is so much more difficult for them to do. They can pave the way for more to come out and they ought to be encouraged.

One guy with a handwritten impeach-Obama sign can make a difference and be noticed all over the country. Obama ought to be protested wherever he goes.

Announcing National Impeach Obama Week II – Western Journalism

Western Journalism posted my announcement of the upcoming event, but they put a different photo on it than the one I sent. It reverses the message that I wanted to send. Instead of promoting protests, the photo seems to say that impeaching Obama would help Democrats. I am wondering if Western Journalism has sold out to the Republican Establishment? What do you think?

The Establishment does not want a pre-election debate about Obama’s lawlessness or his eligibility for that matter. Many Republicans do not seem to believe that supporting the Constitution is in the interest of their party.

See the Western Journalism article at this link:

Announcing National Impeach Obama Week II

I usually get thousands of hits from a post on Western Journalism, but this time only getting a couple dozen.

Below is the photo that they substituted in my article (with my name on it), implying that impeachment would benefit the Democrats.


These are the photos that I originally submitted with the announcement showing two of our protests for impeachment.

Impeach Obama Protest - Austin, Texas
Impeach Obama Protest – Austin, Texas
Impeach Obama Protest - Norwich, NY
Impeach Obama Protest – Norwich, NY

Black Hebrew KKK Prepares for Destruction of the White Man

A troop of Black Hebrew Israelites meet to drill in Dallas in preparation for their coming end times and the destruction of the white devil. Black Hebrews are one branch of a black-identity cult movement that includes the Nation of Islam and other such cult religious doctrines, including the Black Liberation hate doctrine of Obama’s own god-damn-America Church of 20 years led by Jeremiah Wright, Jr.