Black man on Obama: We’ been betrayed, sold-out!

A black man at an impeach Obama protest in downtown San Diego on October 11, 2014 offers some candid thoughts on how he and many other blacks feel about Obama. He says Obama has been a weak and indecisive leader, especially with regard to the murder of the ambassador in Benghazi, Obamacare was a waste time and that Obama is carrying out a socialist take-over.

Robin Hvidston On The Human Cost Of Illegal Immigration

Graham Ledger of One America News Network (OANN) interviews Robin Hvidston of “We The People Rising” (Orange County, Ca) on the Human Cost of Illegal Immigration. The Hvidston interview starts at about 1:50 and she provides a couple of concrete examples of the human tragedy caused by Government tolerance of illegal immigration and blatant refusal to enforce the immigration laws. Robin Hvidston and her band of cohorts were instrumental in the Murrieta protests and also the early impeach-Obama overpass protests in Southern California, which inspired the “Overpasses for America” effort. They lobby SoCal politicians and speak before Town Councils on almost a daily basis.

Obama Has Become Radioactive For Democratic Candidates

Democratic Candidate for Senate in Kentucky, Alison Grimes, will not even admit she voted for Obama. Candidates in close races do not want to be seen anywhere near Obama or be connected with him in any way. My, how things have changed for the one-time Messiah.