How can Obama be Impeached?

Memphis, TennesseeImpeachment is not a criminal trial, but a political trial. There is no list of impeachable offenses. Gerald Ford said once that an impeachable offense is whatever the Congress will vote for. It may help, if there is a real crime involved, but that is not a necessary requirement.

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In the phrase “high crimes and misdemeanors,” misdemeanors does not just mean “minor crimes,” but also means bad behavior. Lying to the public and allowing four Americans to die, is impeachable, if the Congress deems it so. It depends on how embarrassing it may be to the Democrats and whether they think he can function as president. It also depends more on whether there is massive American public demand for impeachment.

mis·de·mean·or [mis-di-mee-ner] noun
1. Law. a criminal offense defined as less serious than a felony.
2. an instance of misbehavior; misdeed.

For example, if a president became sloppy drunk every day and refused to perform his job, that would not be a high crime or a misdemeanor in the criminal sense, but would certainly be good cause for him to be impeached, convicted and removed from office.

Impeachment is the charge made by the House of Representatives and requires a simple majority vote. A trial is then held in the Senate. For the president to be removed from office, he must be convicted in the Senate by a at least a two-thirds vote.

Impeach Obama – Sample Letter to Congress

Obama has committed many acts that more directly violate the Constitution and the Republicans need to bring multiple charges, not just impeachment say for Benghazi, if they are really serious about impeaching, convicting and removing him from office and not just scoring political points before the next election. These should include abuse of his executive powers, illegal war, killing of American citizens without due process, funding Al Qaeda in Syria and even his ineligibility for office.

Tea Party Non-Participation – The national umbrella organizations for the Tea Party do not generally support impeachment, though many of the rank and file do and independent Tea Parties may also. This is in large part because national organizations, like the Tea Party Patriots, are already adhering to 501(c)(4) rules for non-profit organizations — which can be self-declared, even before IRS approval — and political campaigns for such groups are limited by law. The group can not be primarily about politics.

501(c)(4) rules allows unlimited contributions from anonymous fat-cats. The Tea Party national umbrella organizations fear ultimately losing their tax status and fat-cat donors, if they support impeachment/removal of Obama.

*Impeach Obama NOW* Protest at Angel Stadium (Anaheim)

Protests like this are needed all over the country to rally public support for impeachment and removal. Contacting Congress also helps, but what we really need are large public demonstrations to demonstrate public support and motivate Congress to act.

You can contact your senators and representative, but it is better to demonstrate your demand for impeachment in public. A town hall with a congressman is also a great place to demand that Obama be impeached and removed, as in the clip below of a town hall held by John McCain. Obama has clearly violated the Constitution and his oath of office in a number of ways.

The Senate is controlled by Democrats, but if Obama’s crimes are exposed, he can become a politically intolerable embarrassment to some Democrats. Even, if Obama is not convicted and removed, it would be a significant benefit to air his crimes and misdeeds in public in an official forum for the public record.

In 1970, Gerald R. Ford, the then majority leader of the House of Representatives, wrote the following:

An impeachable offense is whatever a majority of the House of Representatives considers it to be at a given moment in history.

The most clear of a long list of offenses by Obama against the Constitution is violation of his oath of office, his waging of illegal wars in Libya and elsewhere, including the terrorist drone war in multiple countries, the murder of American citizens without a trial via drone strikes and his support for Al Qaeda.

Congress has become complicit in Obama’s crimes and that is why they are reluctant to act against him. Congress has allowed Obama to wage war without approval, fund Al Qaeda and even to murder US citizens without a trial.


Obama has committed the following offenses, many of which are impeachable or should disqualify him from holding office. He has committed already more than 100 times what Nixon did, for which Nixon was forced to resign or be impeached, including the targeted murder of American citizens without due process. The difference between Nixon and Obama is that the leaderships of both parties are to some extent complicit in Obama’s many crimes and usurpations. They have been corrupted and it is therefore not in their own personal interest to pursue Obama.

• In general, he has usurped the power of Congress and violated his oath to uphold the Constitution

• Even before he became president, he gave a couple of interviews that made it clear he does not believe the Constitution is valid today

• Has a radical, anti-American political and religious background, which has never been fully explained to the American people

• Refused to show that he is constitutional eligibility to hold office and, in fact, fights any investigation tooth and nail and at great expense, which implies a knowledge of ineligibility

• Does not conform to the constitutional requirement of being a “natural born citizen”

• Forged his draft card in an apparent attempt to hide the fact that he failed to register for the draft in violation of federal law

• Defrauded and provoked the public by posting a purported birth certificate on the White House website, which has obviously been manufactured with computer software.

• Lied about details of his life’s story in his auto-biography and elsewhere, in order to advance his political career (Claimed for years to be born in Kenya in his publishers bio.)

• Rejected the validity of the Constitution in public during a radio interview before he took office and cynically swore to uphold the Constitution, which he earlier declared to be no longer valid

• Set up a system of government “Czars” in order to usurp/bypass congressional authority

• Forced churches to accept practices at their medical institutions, which are a serious violation of their religious belief

• Is increasing US government debt at unsustainable rates

• His cronies in the Senate have refused to pass budgets are required by law in order to prevent the House of Representatives from de-funding his criminal activities.

• Wasted billions of stimulus funds on political cronies

• Smuggled a couple thousand illegal firearms to Mexican drug lords, who used them to kill dozens, of people, including the mass murder of 16 persons including 14 teenagers at a coming-out party and a US Border Patrol Agent

• Murdered three American citizens — one of them 16 years old — without due process in an unauthorized, illegal and undeclared terroristic drone war that has killed thousands, including many civilians and children

• Supported openly the “Occupy Movement,” which had anti-American, anarchist and communistic revolutionary objectives

• Waged war in Libya without the constitutionally required approval from Congress

• Refused to affirm in an open congressional hearing the sole right of Congress to declare war via his Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta

• Enforces the law selectively, according to his political agenda

• Refused to prosecute the New Black Panthers for blatant voter suppression

• Dictates new law via abuse of executive orders, as with immigration and gun control laws

• Aided radical Islamist groups, including the Muslim Brotherhood and elements of Al Qaeda in the destabilization and overthrow of various governments in the Middle East

• Deserted the American Ambassador and other Americans while they were under attack for his own personal political reasons

• Blatantly lied to the American public to cover his own culpability about the circumstances of the murders of the Ambassador and other Americans in Benghazi by an Islamic terrorist group

• Failed to pursue justice for the murderers of the Libyan ambassador, while the suspected leader of the terrorist group roams free and unhindered in Libya

• Has committed numerous other illegal acts and abuses of power while in office


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  1. Dear Americans. Obama needs to be stopt.
    Dont give up your guns. you are going to need them.
    praying that the USA will be forever a Nation under God. not allah!

  2. When is someone gonna grow a pair and impeach that asshole, already found out his birth certificate was forged,he should have been gone already,any democrates worried about being embarrassed or exposed need to b gone to .GROW A PAIR AND DO WHAT NEEDS TO B DONE BEFORE HE BRINGS MORE PEOPLE HERE THAT DONT BELONG HERE ,AND BRING WW 3 here cause we will dig plenty of hole to bury all of them , 1 pissed of American ,and millions behind me ,I want to c Obama n Guantanamo bay where he belongs..

  3. The problem is that the Congressional leadership has been infiltrated and co-opted. The people to to rise up in large numbers. Boehner and McConnell need to be removed from office and imprisoned.


  4. Obama is planning to destroy America. he planning to take over the white house that’s why he trying to in force the immigration reform. he is also using Pope Frances to in force the u.s to abide by his rules. he is up to no good. he is trying to allow Isis to enter do u.s. through the illegal immigrants.he also is trying to disarm and break the u.s. wake up America before it’s too late.

  5. Instead of complaining about it WE MUST TAKE ACTION, Russia is taking over in the middle east and our national debt is increasing exponentially under Obama. We need to form large scale rallies in support of impeachment.

    1. I have been asking people to do that for a long time. If you are on Facebook search for “impeach Obama now” and a state name or “america to go to the national group.

  6. / Just noticed this little goodie on the net. Share if you like it! /

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    (One of the following will stop the runaway train called “Obama” and will be famous forever! Check everyone listed and guess who will achieve this:)

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    (The correct answer, buried above, is three letters long and in caps. For more on the same tyrant, Google “The Background Obama Can’t Cover Up” and also “WHITE HOUSE-GROWN TERRORISTS starring Obaba Black Sheep…”)

  7. We as Americans, the ones who love this country and what we used to stand for, the ones whose children, grandchildren and all of their children that need some hope for the future, need to take a stand and stop this so called person, who says he’s president (I don’t think he has earned that title), NOW.
    It is just another year away before a new president is elected, but we can not wait another year. Before that year ends, he will destroy the United States.
    We can not wait for Congress and all those other government officials to do anything, because they won’t. We the People of the United States, these United States need to take a stand and take our country back, before he totally annihilates us.
    Let us join together and take our country back


  9. Al Qadea is a know terrorist organization and a enemy of the United States. His arming of the enemy of the United States should be a treasonable crime and charge.Is congress so corrupt they let him commit crimes against America and the constitution? Obama and congress needs to be investigated for their direct crimes against America the country and the American citizens.

  10. The refugees wont be coming to Alabama thanks to our Governor!!! At least some government officials have some balls. F you Obama and your plan to destroy us! You will not succeed here. We’ll take care of our own bet that you pos!!!!! We are armed down here in the south 🔫🔫🔫🔫

  11. I will be there for the states who decide not to let refurgee in thier state. Obama is not for thessafety of Americans, msnbc should be removed from the airways. France sure wishing thay had taking a diverent direction, I am ex army and it upsets me to think I may beacting against fed because! My duty was and still to protect American homeland and its people. Not to follow stupid leaders we have now ( oboma )

  12. Take Obama out of office and send all of these people that don’t belong in America back where they came from, and close our bourders. They come here and take our jobs, don’t pay taxes, and end up trying to kill us..This is a lot of bull , what’s happening to our Country..STOP IT !!!!!!!

  13. Impeach Pres Obama now & all those supporting ISIS. He’s committing treason, lies, & doesn’t care about the Constitution or the American people. Innocent people have died or were injured since ISIS which appears to have happened when Obama was 1st elected. Was this some kind of bet that he was reelected?

  14. Although, Obama should be impeached for all of his lies and destruction to our country, it will never happen. Personally I cannot stand the man or what he stands for. He has put our country at great risk, our economy stinks, he has ruined our relationships with our allies and the list goes on. You have to be an absolute idiot to have voted for this dirtbag. Hopefully we can make it until the next election before he completely destroys our country. I have no friends not have any respect for this man and the ones that did vote for him regret it. I hope his prosecuted and jailed for breaking the laws of our government and constitution along with the Clintons. They are nothing but political scumbags who are looking out for themselves and their friends. Or whomever pays them off for favors. This country has no clue, the people are so stupid they have no idea what is going on and the politicians know this.

  15. In terms of people coming out regarding the other mental health concerns
    you mention maybe people still arebt comfortable talking about because
    of the stigma associated, i mean only now depression is
    being spoken about yet its so common, it must be so much harder to speak
    about the other illnesses.

  16. Obama has to go before he takes his next Vacation. Get rid of the vacationer-in-chief! Is he that thick or just protecting HIS people? We don’t need him. Dead air ! And send Oprah with him.

  17. i cannot stand to even look at that traitor he should have been out four years ago i cant stand that little bitchass smurk he has when he talks either and if he loves musliums so much then him and the rest of em need to go to a muslim country cause we are a christian country point blank and always wil b a christan nantion and quit stealing myy tax money to hand to these whores having all these bastard kids they cant takel care of they just having them so they can get free shit and i could go on and on about that trash

  18. With All of This No One not the congress , not the senete not the people Voted into power twice , nor the Military does a thing about ANYTHING hummm interesting So go ahead talk your shit till your blue This all started in 1936 amd yes Islam will dominatwe the world america LOL Jesus Christ Himself will deal with all of this SOON ENOUGH repent for the kingdom is nearer that you think Believe that Jesus is LORD and confess with your MOUTH that God raised Himself JESUS IS GODfrom the DEAD

    1. I am mearly speaking the TRUTH The fact that no one is doing anything just validates all I say they are all criminally in bed with the NWO They all need to be Mass Arrested………. I have already give all I am to the Lord Brother so take some sedatives and get some sleep! Date: Sat, 19 Dec 2015 20:01:46 +0000 To:

  19. I want to support and get obama and his legacy out of America. However i don’t know politics and dont know how to go about supporting people that want him out. If someone could please help me and show me how. I give my full support, GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  20. Andrew what you can do is this…… Arm up and ammo up stock up on long range food buy as much physical Gold and Silver as you are able buy a way to purify water ie., Life Straws and Berky for you your family and tell everyone you know to do the same. If possible get out of the Cities and our of the suburbs…… When it happens you will know. follow those who are like minded and communicate clearly to all you meet make sure they are of the same Patriotic mind and follow Veterans and Military Leaders and meet up with Melitia to offer support as soon as you are able.
    Freedom is not Free..
    3 Agents with CIA, FBI and DEA Warn America

    FBI can access you computers Webcam


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    What this Criminally DeFacto Tyranical Government is keeping from you…..


    Citizens Mass Arrest

    How we were defrauded……….detailed timeline!

    Source Documents

    Judge Anne Von Reitz Blows the lid off of the Great Fraud

    Understanding the Corruption in the Courts

    Citizens Mass Arrest

    How we were defrauded……….detailed timeline!

    Source Documents

    Judge Anne Von Reitz Blows the lid off of the Great Fraud

    Understanding the Corruption in the Courts
    Daniele Ganser addresses False Flag Operations
    In this interview from April 2014, Daniele Ganser addresses False Flag Operations within the latest 100 years, mainly carried out by the US, the Empire of recent time. Dr. Ganser points out that the one thing fueling wars and conflicts is resources, oil first and foremost. Through wars the powers that be have maintained a development where the Cold War is back in it’s “hottest” form. The means have been like the ones used by Goebbels in the Nazi Reich. Dr. Ganser interviewed by journalist Tommy Hansen.

    James Holmes+Black Bloc=Black Ops: Further proof of a False Flag Terror Attack against the 2nd and 1st amendment

    Mass Shootings Only Obama’s First Step

    What this Criminally DeFacto Tyranical Government is keeping from you…..

    There is alot more I can send you drop me a line!

  21. Any attempt this Illegally in Office NWO Kenyan Born Muslim USURPER tries to enforce an ILLEGAL BOGUS MARTIAL LAW……. it will fall upon deaf ears we will NOT give up our weapons and we will rise and take our Nation back for it has absolutely NOTHING to do with “Continuity of Government” but it has EVERYTHING to do with “Continuity of their Criminal Enterprise” hense the Criminally Illegally and Treasonously Created USA CORPORATION and their Illegally re written USA CORPORATION Constitution 1871. It is being done deliberately to DISARM the American people because they know that until We The People are disarmed their Satanic Nazi New World Order cannot become a reality/

    The New World Order and their Agenda and anyone supporting the New World Order and their Agenda are all committing Open Acts of High Treason that come with a Death Scentance! Its pure Treason and a major Violation to their Sworn Oath Articcle 6 Section 3. They are all Criminally complicit in attempting to OVERTHROW these United States and are all Criminally in bed with our enimies providing to them aide and comfort to do it!

    I want to remind everyone that FREEDOM IS NOT FREE….. We the People are in FACT despite GLOBALIST BULLSHIT PROPAGANDA…. We are the Legitimate 4th Branch of Government and the Last Line of Defense (DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR ARMS) and hide them if you must, but NEVER GIVE THEM UP!

    If those we entrusted to Protect and Defend have failed us and have Treasonously gone to bed with the enemy then it is up to the people to “Rise in Mass” and physically remove them all by the seat of their pants and arrest them to be tried and hung for Treason possibly send them to the WORLD COURTS for another round of Nuremburg Trials as we did with the Nazi’s.

    We the people are Empowered and Fully Authorized under the Constitution to do so to remove an Out of Control Tyranical Government by any and all means neccessary and replace them with a very limited and for the people by the people government. Alot of people do not know this, but there are right now “Active Arrest Warrants” out for Treason and Crimes Against Humanity by the World Courts on Obama Biden the Bushes the Clintons, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Henery Kissinger, George Soros and others….. Are these are the Criminals you want in Office!

    This comming election is our last peaceful means to take this Nation back for the people…. if we do not stand United and stop letting people like Louis Farrakahn Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and the Main Stream Media who are all nothing but whores themselves to the New World Order with a mission to Keep the People Devided and pumped with twisted lies and globalist Propaganda then we have no one but ourselves to blame for losing what so many have died to Protect and Defend.

    Any other vote for President except for TRUMP CUZ and CARSON are all votes for SLAVERY to the Treasonous Satanic Nazi New World Order……If they steal this election the people will rise in Mass if they try to Disarm the people we the people will rise and stand against these Tyranical Communist enemy whores to the NWO with BRUTE FORCE…… We will not bow to any of them.

    you must understand Obama was Seditiously Criminally and Illegally and Treasonously allowed to USURP the Office of President Knowingly and Criminally by Deliberately Deceiving and Defrauding the American people. Congress and the Senate Supreme Court Justices and Federal Judges the Joint Cheifs and others throughout our National Security Aspperattis including Govenors and Mayors and Leadership of all our ABC Agencies are ignoring the fact that Obama is Criminally USURPING the Office, he is NOT Legally in Office and posesses absolutely no Legal Lawful or Constitutional Power or Authority to do anything that has been done since 2008 and Article 1 Section 7 Clause 2 of the Constitution the Origional NOT the Criminally re Written USA CORPORATION CONSTITUTION 1871 Forced Upon the people without their Knowledge and Consent clearly states that as long as a FRAUD USURPS the Office of President Congress and the Senate can make and pass NO LAWS and if they do all they do is NULL and VOID and have no power to enforce anything!!!

    They are all Deliberately and Criminally complicit in ignoring that Obama is an illegal USURPER because as whores themselves to the New World Order they are the ones who deliberately knowingly criminally Seditiously Fraudulantly and Treasonously allowed Obama to USURP the Office of President. Obama was allowed to USURP the Office becasue the Queen of England wanted Obama in and Obama is a Puppet Controlled by Valarie Jarrett who takes Direct Orders from the Queen of England and the Vatican. The Pope is not the Pope he is a Jesuit. It is the Jesuits and the Illumninatti we are at WAR WITH AND THEY ASIDE FROM ALL THE GLOBALIST BULLSHIT YOU HEAR ARE IN TROUBLE AND ARE LOSING THIS IS WHY OBAMA IS TRYING TO DISARM THE PEOPLE WITH THIS NEXT SET OF EXECUTIVE ORDERS, BUT THEY ARE NULL AND VOID AND DO NOT POSSESS THE POWER TO ENFORCE! They, the Globalist want youto belive its legal and the law and IT IS NOT!!!!!! PLEASE KNOW AND UNDERSTAND YOU ARE BEING LIED TO….. HITLER HIMSELF STATED…. Lie to the people and keep repeating it and sooner or later the sheeple will believe it……

    Neither the President (including a Criminal USURPER), Congress, the Senate, Supreme Court Justices, Federal Judges, nor the States, nor their Govenors and Mayors even through Laws Bills Amendments, Mandates, Executive Orders, and Even through Treaties, THEY STILL DO NOT POSSESS THE POWER TO Supersede, Bypass, Over ride, or USURP the Constitution, the Bill of Rights or our Sovereignty. They are all FORBIDDEN to”Waring Against the Constitution” to which they are all BOUND Article 6 Section 3.

    They are all operating OUTSIDE the Constitution in clear violation to their SWORN OATH Article 6 bSection 3 giving themselves powers and authorities “they do not have”, making Contracts and Agreements with Foreign Governments and Enemy Agents for which “they have no Legal, Lawful or Constitutional power to make” (also in violation of the Logan Act) and are allowing these enemies to “Control Them” to overthrow our Nation for nothing but power and greed no matter who they hurt to enslave our Nation our people and the world into a Perverted Criminal Nazi NWO. They all Bow to a known proven Criminal Fraud USURPER as President (Just being Criminally ignored), provide aide and comfort to our enemies put our Allies into harms way, and have allowed our enemies to compromise our Government from within which makes them all Criminal Felons guilty of Sedition, Treason, Mis Prison of Treason, Conspiracy to Overthrow in addition to many other charges. They all need to be Immediately Mass Arrested and imprisoned for life and/or Hung at the Gallows….. We do have laws against Treason and we need to use them. They were not written just to give us something pretty to read on a rainy day!

    Globalist 10 point plan to take down America….. its Treason and they all MUST be arrested! They are nothing but Public Servants gone ROGUE!…/the-globalist…/…

  22. White boys, get over it! You simply cannot accept the fact that a brilliant Black man is in the White House. If you seek the negative you will find it. Look for the GOOD things he has done, for example NOT being buds with Putin. He’s too smart to hook up with a rogue power-hungry “leader”. I write this as a Caucasian girl who can only pray that a Republican will never again inhabit the White House. You think things are bad now???? Wow!

    1. Criminal Fraud USURPER he is a FRAUD allowed to USURP the Office to take America Down. If you got your Obama phoine get over it cause thats all you will ever see… Hitler called people like you useful idiots….. and when your done serving your purpose ypu’ll be taken down too….. You know nothing of the History of this Nation that has brought us to this point or what is actually going on……. Its people like us who fought bled and died to give you the freedom to talk the insane bullshit that spews from your forked tounge! Date: Sat, 2 Jan 2016 18:00:29 +0000 To:

  23. By the way, folks, get RID OF THE HATRED YOU ESPOUSE AT THE SAME TIME — IF YOU ARE CAPABLE OF chewing gum and walking at the same time. HATE, HATE, HATE : THAT’S ALL YOU’RE ABOUT! GET OVER IT, KIDS!

    1. Not about winning or losing its about Criminal Fraud Treason and the attempt to Overthrow these United States which is a noose around all their necks!

      Date: Sat, 2 Jan 2016 18:03:53 +0000 To:

  24. Also, do you bigots remember what the Dow was some years ago? Levels of 5000-6000? THAT was scary. It has drastically improved under the Obama administration. No matter who is in office, things ain’t gonna be perfect. And if you think they can be, you’re not only bigoted, you’re downright DUMB: a page taken from the putrid “mind” of Trumper Dumper. Can you imagine him having a conversation with the likes of Angela Merkel?

  25. The fact that Obama has NOT been impeached should tell ya’ll something. There is no reason to do it. Otherwise, wouldn’t you all cowboys have tried to make it happen? THINK ABOUT IT!

    1. The Treason is Deep its our entire National Security Apperattis. Congress the Senate Joint Chiefs they all know Obama is a FRAUD They allowed him to USURP the Office. Obama was selected by the Queen and is a puppet controlled by Valarie Jarrett and Valarie takes orders directly from the Queen. England never left it will be 1776 all over again!

      Date: Sat, 2 Jan 2016 18:18:03 +0000 To:

  26. People say this has no bearings on whether you’re black or white. But if you think about it, black, mexican, and muslim personal are being treated better than whites right now. IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY. If you are/can find a black or mexican or muslim person who disagrees with what Obama is doing, it might get farther than just white men and women protesting. Let me point out that I have nothing against the other races or them coming to our country. However, they need to be legal and have background checks. Not all muslims are terrorists, and not all mexicans are drug dealers. However, we have to be careful with everyone to make sure that that 2% are banned from America. So many things need to be changed, and I’m happy that people are beginning to wake up. Me being only 14 gives me an advantage. And me having a very close black friend helps a great deal. She is just as angry as I am. And we plan to do something about it.

    1. Kaija, there is nothing wrong with white folks protesting by themselves. We don’t need permission from others just to express our free speech in public. In California, we often have others protesting with us, but it is not a requirement. Feeling that you need approval from other groups is part of the political correctness that the media uses to manipulate the public. Check out the 11-year-old girl in this video even younger than you, who was protesting with us in San Bernardino. I think she was actually 10, going on 11. She was great and a smart girl. Her black mother was off-camera behind her cheering her on.


      Thanks for writing. Let us know what you have planned? If you do some kind of protest, I will post photos of it on the blog below, if you send them to me and it is okay with your parents. I will also share them on my Facebook pages.

      Impeach Obama Now Coalition

  27. I feel the Senate and congress are chicken. Knowing all this and do nothing. Obama needs to be tried for treason. They may not have a job if they don’t do something. They need to go on Facebook see how people feel about them and obama

  28. Obama is a clear and present DANGER to the American way of life as also is the industrial military complex and the International banking cartel. We must take back our country and prosecute all the corrupt players in the arena of politics no matter what the cost.

  29. I believe in my heart Obama has committed treason against the US their for any thing he has ruled on our next President should Un do plus our next President get enough evidence to charge Obama with treason. I know part of charging Obama with treason is impeaching him, but it doesn’t look like we are going to get him impeached. They would of done it before now. I have tried so many times to get him impeached, so I have come to realize they are just bidding time so he can finish his term. Nobody wants to take him on except a few. I sure wish they would .

    1. We have a Congressiona; Problem because they are all bought and sold out traitors to the NWO that is why they will not remove him. They possess the power to remove and arrest Obama under the 25th Amendment as Criminally Insane! as well as all of his Criminal Assistants

      Date: Sat, 23 Apr 2016 02:22:24 +0000 To:

  30. Hi my name is camera i stay in Jackson Mississipp I am a Democrat and I had a relation to give Michelle Obama rock Obama I have a good idea to help the African American people to help get the city back on the right track and what about Obama I have a way are call me come up with some applications 4 to help all black and white to sign up for everyone in America can start standing up and fight for their rights and speak the voice the way they feel stand up for the right about the city please call yes we just got to make those who do not want to follow God command we do not need you and I’ll stay. I was sitting god with us too we are the ones we took earlier than early man made land laws did African American have to follow back or text me at 601-316-2314 camera ward and I will spreading outward to those who are spreading rumors out on Obama saying that he did not give a damn about the whole city and he just care about the Jackson Mississippi your mama doing his best is all states is the one don’t give a damn about Jackson Mississippi and not trying to help. And yes we all got here he made we are not complaining about skin color the walls is up in my office and I did call the ones that need to be in the office all the time of I go to all the ones who are the don’t the city and so they care about the whole city not the reason he doing who is best to help the city Ann Arbor City . the ideas to President Obama Michelle Obama please Give me a if you need help by getting the city back on the right track. To those who are spreading rumors about Obama and trying to help the city or the other City you are like it’s the state government not his fault

  31. He’s a traitor r piece of crap. He’s doing all he can to bring America down for his Muslim brothers. Impeach his ass!

  32. I think that we’d have to get in contact with a person from each town/state, set a date to start and hold signs saying we won’t leave until he gets arrested Lol. That guy should go straight from the white house to the Cuban prison. I’m in Albany, Oregon so I can get a protest going here if we can try to get a countrywide

  33. I beleave if Congress truly cared for there family and safety they can plainly see Obama as clearly violated is position to hold of he needs be impeached Congress wake up Americans fought for our freedom not to let Obama full you with is evil ideas Congress if your freedom and family and love in your heart for your neighbors as well has friends not to mention peace and to enjoy another beautiful day our father in heaven give us not let Obama feal your ears with him being a con artist to destroy our great nation that I’m sure all congressman have family that have fought and died for you to be in office do what’s right impeached obama before it’s to late and our beautiful country America be walked on our veterans who has died for our freedom there graves be walked on and destroyed and innocent American citizen who lives at peace be turned into a massacre life is great we don’t need new world order we need to stand for what our country is and as always been freedom let’s not jeopardize being detained and tortured and pulled apart from our families that our Creator gave us to love and cherish let’s not envy or be greedy or want power when we die we take nuttin so inpeach obama before he calls Marshall law congress take advice from your own hard working American families who Father’s died for us to live at peace obama as betrayed our country because he’s not an American they lost the battle he’s bribed is way in to presidency manipulated congress to make you beleave is serpent lies he’s evil America congress plz we are full blooded Americans who enjoy our families freedom and love for one another STOP him your own American families who fought for you to be congressman would absolutely roll over in there grave if you can’t see he is going to destroy America and give it to is own kind not by battle win there freedom but Congress giving our freedom our land to terrorist bye absolutely manipulatey you to bye his evil sick ideas and make you in the end regret not impeaching the most horrific
    Con disgrace to America that’s ever to have been in office betray his own country well if we want what our ancestors soldiers and veterans of America who gave up there life’s In.The battlefeild for our great country for us to live and breathe at peace if truly our congressman don’t act now and America stand up we will be prisoners and watch our families be killed in front of us and starve till we die in the land of the free witch belongs to us not Muslims not any unauthorized imagrant be in our country to act out and terrorize and kill innocent civilians and take there lives all because you lost a war not to be here this place is for the brave and who wants live at peace not be controlled and watched and abused bye a president who gives not one bit of consideration to stand for our country America wake up we voted this snake in because he told us what we wanted to hear can’t you clearly see he manipulated you disgraced your father’s who fought for us to be hear all to let him have is own ppl and is own kind kill us take our freedom detain us starve us it’s comeing you best darn beleave but America stand up its not to late to get Congress to impeach such a evil president open there eyes for them to see he’s making them become a snake in the grass and turn them from there own backyard and destroy them and there families as well as our own he’s 120% percent the fault for the unitedstates to fall and American population be destroyed right before your eyes all because you can’t see a monster when your being made to look like a fool. INPEACH OBAMA he will destory this nation best beleave I’may just be a normal guy and broke but I’m happy and content but I promise you stop it or life that once was great will be the end to what we gave our soldiers for backing down from obama who is wanting power to let his own type ppl live in the free land because what we did not a dam thing to stop is racist weak hearted sickind of a man who stole America hope everyone reads this open Congress’s eyes to what he is even doing to them and they just don’t realize what obama’s gonna turn around and tortured even Congress’s own family and friends because you bought is bold face easy to read bullshit lies and let him still our fought for freedom and land that once stood strong but now be demolished and took over because we were to lame to even care for our own ppl our neighbors our families our children who love and need to be in a country with peace we can handle our own crime rate to protect and serve not have world war 3 and put them trough it don’t make a mistake congress it will be something you will regret and face your own loved ones because you betrayed America and your own family for not making a decision so easy that will protect all of mankind on us soil .for obama full of deadly poison he’s putting in your minds the devil works hard trough a coward like him show him who’s in controller to make the final decisions in our white house it’s CONGRESSMAM you guys are what we need to keep America from being attacked TRUMP will fix our nation that once was if you do the right thing inpeach him plenty off violations for him to even be in office if it’s money he offers its not worth itoney can’t buy the love for your family your friends ur neighbors your most important freedom value pride in your country peace if you don’t I promise you congress we will live to be tortured held captive starved in our own back yard and our kids killed in front of us so senserely your true love for America lies in your hands and the resentment of all of American human race you betrayed because you can’t see the truth trough a manipulated president who just over came you walked on you made you feal the fear he’s truly gonna let u watch what u set back and let him do for being brivbed bye a terrorist act of is Muslim culture that would be a disgrace to let even such a person run our country and even dare continue you leave him in office before he opens is mouth to the announcement of Marshall law were then your to late for even taking such time even debate on it you know what to do congress do your jobs and save our country before mass destruction and death comes upon what we live for. Life is a beautiful thing it’s the ppl like obama who shouldn’t breathe a breath of air on our soil but rotts were he came from murderer liar truly sickense well America I could go on for ours but if this can’t make them open there eyes then there freedom and family means shit to them cause obama will take them out as well he hates Americans plain and simple you dam snake breath the dust of the ground forever evil is not for the U.S and our pride for life in the land of the free a truck man will listen and answer to the truth because the truth will set us free….

  34. All u people make me sick n i mean real sick. What the f. …n. ..r u waiting for until we get blown out of the skies. ..the asshole is writing his own laws ..the list goes on n on n on .listen he stopped the media. Now what does that tell you. This can be stopped. I only wish i could somehow get in the media. I have to much to say.

  35. Here, here!!!!! Obama has done things that are at best poor taste but truly he is a smug liar

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    1. Obama has done a lot of crocked things. he should be impeached now, he gave lots of money to foreign countries, impeach him now.

  37. If they don’t impeach him he will be getting money from the US until he dies.This country is in a financial problem already. The presidents that are getting money from this country is already getting 200,000 a year,to do nothing but sit on their bottom.If we don’t pay taxes the IRS comes after us,there is something wrong with all of this.

  38. Impeach Obama, he is a crook rigging voting machines and campaigning for Hillary Clinton while he was serving as President and he was born in kena and not a USA citizen with a phone type birth certificate, the worse President to serve this country.

  39. Why impeach him, he’s a criminal. Walk in and take him out. He’s an enemy of the state. A treasonous, son of a bitch, mutha #*% ¥$. What r he hell you all waiting for. Do I need to come down and do this myself? What the future are you waiting for? What a bunch of lazy miserable picks, we have. Can you say Law inforcement.

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