How can Obama be Impeached?

Memphis, TennesseeImpeachment is not a criminal trial, but a political trial. There is no list of impeachable offenses. Gerald Ford said once that an impeachable offense is whatever the Congress will vote for. It may help, if there is a real crime involved, but that is not a necessary requirement.

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In the phrase “high crimes and misdemeanors,” misdemeanors does not just mean “minor crimes,” but also means bad behavior. Lying to the public and allowing four Americans to die, is impeachable, if the Congress deems it so. It depends on how embarrassing it may be to the Democrats and whether they think he can function as president. It also depends more on whether there is massive American public demand for impeachment.

mis·de·mean·or [mis-di-mee-ner] noun
1. Law. a criminal offense defined as less serious than a felony.
2. an instance of misbehavior; misdeed.

For example, if a president became sloppy drunk every day and refused to perform his job, that would not be a high crime or a misdemeanor in the criminal sense, but would certainly be good cause for him to be impeached, convicted and removed from office.

Impeachment is the charge made by the House of Representatives and requires a simple majority vote. A trial is then held in the Senate. For the president to be removed from office, he must be convicted in the Senate by a at least a two-thirds vote.

Impeach Obama – Sample Letter to Congress

Obama has committed many acts that more directly violate the Constitution and the Republicans need to bring multiple charges, not just impeachment say for Benghazi, if they are really serious about impeaching, convicting and removing him from office and not just scoring political points before the next election. These should include abuse of his executive powers, illegal war, killing of American citizens without due process, funding Al Qaeda in Syria and even his ineligibility for office.

Tea Party Non-Participation – The national umbrella organizations for the Tea Party do not generally support impeachment, though many of the rank and file do and independent Tea Parties may also. This is in large part because national organizations, like the Tea Party Patriots, are already adhering to 501(c)(4) rules for non-profit organizations — which can be self-declared, even before IRS approval — and political campaigns for such groups are limited by law. The group can not be primarily about politics.

501(c)(4) rules allows unlimited contributions from anonymous fat-cats. The Tea Party national umbrella organizations fear ultimately losing their tax status and fat-cat donors, if they support impeachment/removal of Obama.

*Impeach Obama NOW* Protest at Angel Stadium (Anaheim)

Protests like this are needed all over the country to rally public support for impeachment and removal. Contacting Congress also helps, but what we really need are large public demonstrations to demonstrate public support and motivate Congress to act.

You can contact your senators and representative, but it is better to demonstrate your demand for impeachment in public. A town hall with a congressman is also a great place to demand that Obama be impeached and removed, as in the clip below of a town hall held by John McCain. Obama has clearly violated the Constitution and his oath of office in a number of ways.

The Senate is controlled by Democrats, but if Obama’s crimes are exposed, he can become a politically intolerable embarrassment to some Democrats. Even, if Obama is not convicted and removed, it would be a significant benefit to air his crimes and misdeeds in public in an official forum for the public record.

In 1970, Gerald R. Ford, the then majority leader of the House of Representatives, wrote the following:

An impeachable offense is whatever a majority of the House of Representatives considers it to be at a given moment in history.

The most clear of a long list of offenses by Obama against the Constitution is violation of his oath of office, his waging of illegal wars in Libya and elsewhere, including the terrorist drone war in multiple countries, the murder of American citizens without a trial via drone strikes and his support for Al Qaeda.

Congress has become complicit in Obama’s crimes and that is why they are reluctant to act against him. Congress has allowed Obama to wage war without approval, fund Al Qaeda and even to murder US citizens without a trial.


Obama has committed the following offenses, many of which are impeachable or should disqualify him from holding office. He has committed already more than 100 times what Nixon did, for which Nixon was forced to resign or be impeached, including the targeted murder of American citizens without due process. The difference between Nixon and Obama is that the leaderships of both parties are to some extent complicit in Obama’s many crimes and usurpations. They have been corrupted and it is therefore not in their own personal interest to pursue Obama.

• In general, he has usurped the power of Congress and violated his oath to uphold the Constitution

• Even before he became president, he gave a couple of interviews that made it clear he does not believe the Constitution is valid today

• Has a radical, anti-American political and religious background, which has never been fully explained to the American people

• Refused to show that he is constitutional eligibility to hold office and, in fact, fights any investigation tooth and nail and at great expense, which implies a knowledge of ineligibility

• Does not conform to the constitutional requirement of being a “natural born citizen”

• Forged his draft card in an apparent attempt to hide the fact that he failed to register for the draft in violation of federal law

• Defrauded and provoked the public by posting a purported birth certificate on the White House website, which has obviously been manufactured with computer software.

• Lied about details of his life’s story in his auto-biography and elsewhere, in order to advance his political career (Claimed for years to be born in Kenya in his publishers bio.)

• Rejected the validity of the Constitution in public during a radio interview before he took office and cynically swore to uphold the Constitution, which he earlier declared to be no longer valid

• Set up a system of government “Czars” in order to usurp/bypass congressional authority

• Forced churches to accept practices at their medical institutions, which are a serious violation of their religious belief

• Is increasing US government debt at unsustainable rates

• His cronies in the Senate have refused to pass budgets are required by law in order to prevent the House of Representatives from de-funding his criminal activities.

• Wasted billions of stimulus funds on political cronies

• Smuggled a couple thousand illegal firearms to Mexican drug lords, who used them to kill dozens, of people, including the mass murder of 16 persons including 14 teenagers at a coming-out party and a US Border Patrol Agent

• Murdered three American citizens — one of them 16 years old — without due process in an unauthorized, illegal and undeclared terroristic drone war that has killed thousands, including many civilians and children

• Supported openly the “Occupy Movement,” which had anti-American, anarchist and communistic revolutionary objectives

• Waged war in Libya without the constitutionally required approval from Congress

• Refused to affirm in an open congressional hearing the sole right of Congress to declare war via his Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta

• Enforces the law selectively, according to his political agenda

• Refused to prosecute the New Black Panthers for blatant voter suppression

• Dictates new law via abuse of executive orders, as with immigration and gun control laws

• Aided radical Islamist groups, including the Muslim Brotherhood and elements of Al Qaeda in the destabilization and overthrow of various governments in the Middle East

• Deserted the American Ambassador and other Americans while they were under attack for his own personal political reasons

• Blatantly lied to the American public to cover his own culpability about the circumstances of the murders of the Ambassador and other Americans in Benghazi by an Islamic terrorist group

• Failed to pursue justice for the murderers of the Libyan ambassador, while the suspected leader of the terrorist group roams free and unhindered in Libya

• Has committed numerous other illegal acts and abuses of power while in office


294 thoughts on “How can Obama be Impeached?”

  1. 1) Has Obama still has not proved it that he is a US born citizen. The Kenya government proved it that he was born in Lamu Kenya.
    2) Was he planted by Muslim terrorists or by the pharmafia.
    3) He claimed during his election campaign that he was supported by some $ by poor blacks. It must have been a helluva lot of donations. Where did the money REALLY com from muslims or pharmafia?
    4) Let us face it the US has not one single outstanding aspirant for presidency.
    5) More and more Americans are getting fatter than pigs. They do not need Obama-scare but to get off their butts do exercise and eat properly. Obama should have persuaded people and force the foodmongers and GMO peddlers to stop poisoning people. What are the AMA and the FDA doing?
    6) He wants to import ebola to the US to kill tens of thousands and send frontline troops to West Africa to shoot ebola viruses. His ebola innoculations story is nothing but lies.
    7) I would agree that to destroy ISIS is a must but he keeps sending troops on pointless missions.
    8) To overcrowd the US with immigrants takes away jobs from simple people, who become dependents on the state or turn to crime. An overcrowded country becomes an inefficient disorganised, crime ridden junk of a place.
    9) Unless discipline is reinstalled in the schools the US is a has been. Amercans on the whole are already the most ignorant people in the world.
    10) ) Sensible gun control is important. One has to be practical instead of waffling a few words about it.
    11) To allow Chinese rubbish to be dumped into the country is simply foolish . Free trade is simple the most idiotic system.
    12) The US needs to adopt the metric system and one of the clowns, called president has to start it. Without American exports will die.
    13) Cut back using and using the resources. Work, think, be healthy and full of the joys of life. Think how everything dovetails in our bodies environment and beyond and if you cannot see from it that there is a greater mind than ours, it is something wrong in your grey matter.

    Just a few comments. It is high time that the US which was created by European immigrants will become a non entity. It is a pity as it could become the greatest nation in the world..

  2. Treason, sedition, and waging war against America are all impeachable offenses as they are crimial acts not politi8cal ones.

  3. If it is in God’s will that President Obama has to be impeached, then may God have His way with Him however it must be done.

  4. Can the American people do something to get his ass out of there and possibly bring up crominal charges on him and put him away? I know i have read it somewhere but I can’t remember.

  5. Impeach Obama Now. we must no longer endure his destroying every aspect of American life. He wants to control our lives by making us communist that he wants to control.
    If you don’t believe this , read what a communist really is!!!!!

  6. It’s time to rise up and throw these bums out. IM READY WHEN YOU ARE.THIS COUNTRY IS TOO GREAT TO LET THERE GUYS BRING IT DOWN.

  7. I’m a tea party supporter.but the stuff you said is pathetic and you who wrote this craps is unamerican. The lies you are saying is pathetic. You need to deport yourself and all those silly liberal too.the tea party I support their views of the president don’t forget we tea party liberal are going to take the south back all those poor red..eck who voted republican even knowing the rich republican is just using them because they know they ha:-$Te the black president.not because he’s a twice elected .president. Because him is not one of them at least not half of him.this conspiracy theories you keep coming up with us pathetic and people act like you are the minority.there’s only about 40 million African American here and there’s about 240 or more white people. And you crying about nothing you ain’t worried about the president elective just don’t want a black men doing people started this country which you stole, murdered. Enslaved. And you don’t want no who you think is 3/5of a man are better yet not a human at all you people hanged, whipped, branded, sold, raped and humiliated into submission and that’s who you right wing fanatic are

    1. Brother you are one stupid dummied down ignorant individual…… you are a byproduct of the Socialist Communist party Both the Republican and the Dems are all on the same team they have been since 1871….. This my friend is Documented Historical FACT……. you are a byproduct of the Department of Education and if you are a shining example of what the Tea Party has to offer the Tea Party is in big f’n trouble…… its becasue of people like you that this Nation is in serious trouble! If you want to do this nation any good vote for Ben Carson he is the only one who is not a whore for the New WOrld Order. Personally I believe you to be a NWO TROLL WHORE….. Do like the wind and go blow………………. when we rise to take this Nation back you will all hang at the gallows for your Seditious Treason! Yoaur ranst simply shows your ignorance…….. You cannot fight the TRUTH!!! so you ramble total BULL SHIT! Date: Tue, 6 Jan 2015 03:50:14 +0000 To:

  8. Also let me tell you something about SLAVERY that blacks want to seem to ignore….. Throughout all of Black slavery the Blacks during the Barbery Coast have enslaved more whites than all of this dark period for blacks being enslaved throughout North America and blacks especially in Africa still to this day are enslaving whites when blacks are no longer being enslaved…….. White slavery is really a serious matter Do your research. Some blacks just want to ignore the Barbery Coast and white slavery because it does not suit their agenda……

  9. Osama Obama must be Impeached NOW, otherwise this country will be under Communist Rule! This SOB has caused MORE unrest in government than any other president in History!! Obama is actually a Socialist and a Muslim sympthizer. HE MUST BE REMOVED FROM OFFICE IMMEDIATELY!

  10. it will have to do with what force is called for,;it may take WW3sorry but its the truth to save the usa and its free way of life.;i know oh not again.sorry it is on its way.he is not going to be removed on his on acord

  11. I agree, get his sorry ass and all his appointees out of the Whitehouse (with no ongoing benefits of any kind) and make sure they are forever unable to influence in any way, any form of government or administration again!!!!!!!

    As a veteran, I didn’t fight for these moron’s freedom to randomly take my, my families, and my country’s freedoms away!!!!!!

    So how does it happen, why is it seemingly impossible to get anyone with any authority or ability to get the ball rolling and keep it going? Not one road I’ve researched had lead anywhere, why? I understand he is in office (as sick as saying that makes me) and I understand his administration rules with fear and bullying, but there has to be somewhere that is making strides to fight for the people.

    As stupid as it sounds, I’d love to send him and his administration pink slips. Detailed in full with the reasons they have shown to not be capable of completing their assigned tasks and letting them know they are being fired, effective immediately, without severance or continued benefits (except the eleigbility of COBRA Insurance or state aid if they can afford it…and Washing DC isn’t a state….) and as their employer, I will argue any unemployment claim to the fullest extent of the law!

    I’m sure it would be laughed out of the mail room, and I’d be put on yet another govt. watch list, but who cares! They are an employee, subject to discipline the same as anyone and can and should be fired for their actions and inactions!!!!!!

    It’s ridiculous for Americans to live in fear of this bully, to feel as though there is nothing that can be done, feel the way they want us to so we roll over and let them continue to do what they want because we think we can’t fight back!!!!! I’m willing to fight for me and mine, and I do me FIGHT.

    It’s about action, and I’m looking for the right road leading to it…anyone else?

  12. It appears Obama feigns incompetence to avoid taking real action on critical issues. This becomes all but proven true when you then compare his incredible organization for social “balancing” programs he pushes. There is really no doubt in my mind that Obama is a sort of “Manchurian Candidate” for some entity. Who is pulling his strings ? not sure… some Muslim influence seems likely… based on the ISIS response

    I predict at some point these facts will become known (unfortunately after he leave office) and if we survive historians will look back on how close this country came to anarchy. It is very likely the 2016 election could erupt in some sort of civil conflict before or after ?

    Good news is our system of checks and balances seems to have choked Mr. Obama off but wonder what he will attempt in these last 20 months of office. Unfortunately checks and balances can not effect “inaction” very adroitly. So Obama’s stalling to not take on global threats (ISIS) is very very troubling

    Bottom line: Obama is an hyper political, evil, misguided, gifted liar, posing as a “family man” , posing as a “black man” . He is very dangerous

  13. Obama is putting America in grave danger. Terrorist are being armed with machine guns. America is being disarmed. Isis is being armed with American weapons. Obama knows Iraq will lose the battle with Isis and Isis will gain America weapons. Obama refused to close our borders on purpose. Terrorists will enter our borders. Obama plans to take over our country. His plan is we won’t have guns to fight back. America is in grave danger under Obama wake up America, before it’s too late.

  14. Get Obama out of office before he has done more damage to the United States and wants to continue doing damage by letting immigrants into this country. What about United States citizens? Don’t they count?

  15. Lets make him do like forest gum and make him run run away out of the USA never to return

  16. this is a very bad man. i cant believe that everyone in america wont protest more to get this man out of office. hes broken so many rules. when hes out of office america is gone. there r so many terrorists now in america. they r waitng very patiently to ruin our country. we must be prepared. he cannot finish his term. hes winning at everything he wants. this is our country not his, he wants america destroyed. please people unite together before its to late’

  17. I dont care if the world voted him in …… He and the entire DNC Criminally Lied and defrauded the American peopleknowing full well he was a Criminal Kenyan BOrn FRAUD USURPER….. He is a USURPER, he is also NOT Natural BOrn required of Article II …… He cannot be President… A USURPER bears absolutely NO Legal Lawful or Constitutional Power to do anything…Constitution is also clear that as long as a FRAUD USURPS the Office of President COngress and the Senate can make and pass NO LAWS…COnstitution is the Law of this Land and they are all BOUND to it article 6 Section 3……….. They are all guilty of Sedition Treason Mis Prison of Treason COnspiracy to Overthrow and alot more……………… Grow set already……. if you do not like it here pack ur bags and get the &^%* out!!!

    Date: Mon, 16 Mar 2015 20:09:23 +0000 To:

  18. I lost faith the the white house to help & protect US citizens. Obama has mucked up our health care, military, jobs, the economy, immigration, to protect us from terrorism, and the politicians let it happen. He is not listening to the US citizens. The only voice he is listening to is his own voice.

    Ask yourself,why is Obama still in the white house mucking up the US?

  19. Why are the Republicant’s being so silent on the Obama issue? They have won the majority of Congress and can easily give Obama the boot unlike the Clinton trial where the witnesses *mysteriously vanished* one by one thru various accidents or so the official stories claim.

    So where’s the beef Republicans? I want some!

  20. I told people not to vote for him I don’t vote cause they all are liers! So now we Got a President Who thinks he is GOD guess what Obama God not done with you and when he is son your life will be hell by his hands for he will judge you!

  21. Barak its time to quit you have done absolutely nothing since in power all are hungry nothing going anywhere but your wars and garbage lies you dont want peace you want constant war to sell your dirty Cheney products People are going to bulldoze your Bullshit White house soon acording to my sources thats why you ordered so many bullets and armoured vehicles i am from Canada Pal and we laugh at your bank of no money or gold your worthless pal the rest of the world is going to make sure you you dont go any where your a puppet pal you have little or no power now im as old as you goof im the last american dream from1981you have screwed the USA and the World with your big american debt of whores goof Canadians think your a loser We dont go to war for goofs pal try feeding your people first pal instead of looking into everyones back yard but your own Im the border boy from British Columbia to Washington state brother we pounded your heads in to the pavement with ease because you like to put your noses in the worlds life grow up and work on you own country Your America is nothing now pal you have no water the world hates you and your cronies of mischief will be going soon Barak face it no one in your countryhas money now and the children suffer for that and so does your society a man does not use a bus to go to work unless he has no horse or gun to feed himself or family you have turned adults in to children and children into infants your the biggest joke next to Ronald Reagan no gold means no money Remember driving age is 16 not 33 goof

  22. Sign me up to impeach barak “lightning that FALLS from the heavens” Obama which means he IS the antiChrist . Great site .

  23. Yeah, lets impeach him. We are Americans and we will fight for our country. Let’s get rid of him.

  24. Get rid of Obama. He is not a Christian. All other than Christian are going to hell. God said that I didn’t. Good luck to you non believers.

  25. America wake up!! Stand up for this great and powerful nation. Help stop this president Obama from disarming and destroy America!! This president is doing this on purpose. We are in grave danger. Look at our open border. Our tanks and weapons given to Isis. Isis will come through our border. This president is up to no good! We have to stop him now!!!!!

  26. Obama seems to be unstoppable. He’s so brazen and arrogant. He pushes everyone around like a playground bully. But if there were a way to stop him by standing strong together, I would be more than happy to do anything to help. He is destroying everything America stands for and that we have too long taken for granted. I would liken him to Hitler and I fear the worst is yet to come. I never thought I’d see the day that a president of the United States was completely focused on destroying America. How could the American people be so docile and let things get to this point. We need a fire lit under our butts before it becomes too late! Time is quickly running out!!

    1. He is not doing anything he is a puppet and scape goat for his controllers Congress the Senate Biderbergs George Soros Rothchilds etc… Those we trusted to protect and defend are in bed with them they are on the same team and need to be immediately removed! The Joint Cheifs are also sadly in bed with them. Its time to show them why we are refered to as the 4th Branch of Government and make them know that they are NOT above the Law and will be made to answer. Date: Sun, 28 Jun 2015 14:23:13 +0000 To:

  27. If were so worried about homeland security what the hell is Obama doing in there, and if he can get in like he did so sneaky how many others like him are already there. This is a bigger problem then Obama!

  28. One last thing, as we get ready to celebrate the 4th of July and everything that it stands for, for this once great nation and I don’t like saying that because I’m extremely patriotic everyone in my family has been in some branch of the military I would just like to say to Obama the wrath of God is coming, it says in the bible people in charge of many are subjected to a greater punishment, so in GOD we trust please deliver us from evil

  29. Obama, you have every right to represent the oppressed.

    You have no right to dishonor Chris Kyle. For that, Obama, or whatever your name is or gender….you need to go. Get the fck out….kick rocks…..go to a place that will honor your fake credentials and hijacked namesake……you are a very confused individual. Abhorrently subtle in your misuse of power. You please nobody with an ear for truth or patriotism…. Shame on you, whoever you are…..get out of our House….take your dogs and charade for a long walk…. ..

  30. If President Obama has committed such heinous acts, why haven’t in Pittsburgh proceedings against them?

  31. We need to take back our country. Why r we allowing Obama, one person, , president r not, allowing one person to screw up our country. All I hear is talk. We need to get up off our ass and do something. This is so pathetic. I can not, can NOT believe we are not going foeward and impeach this power hungry ASSHEAD. I also can’t believe how you BALL-LESS congress, house of Representatives are letting this go on. PLEASE THINK OF OUR KIDS, YOUR KIDS who are going to have to live with the repercussions of what this @#$#@&* is doing to our country. Please dont make me be asshamed…please.

  32. obama has started a revalution against the government for not putting a riot hungry man in prison and his precious black panthers and black life matter naacp all hate groups allowed by obama to cause trouble the average american take this as an assalt own our very lives we are done with rioters looting threating to kill white people and everyone who gets in there way be ready people are about to go to war with those that obama says leave them alone they have not done anything as they wipe off their knives and clean there guns enough of standing by while cowardly congress allows this behavior they must get big pay checks on our dime they forgot we don’t work for them they work for us and when an employee gets out of control you fire them so OBAMA YOU ARE FIRED the american people are speaking now so put him in jail where he belongs and while your cleaning up get nICKY HALEY TOO she sent our tax information and checking account info to INDIA why have n’t congress done there jobs get these people in jail where they belong and unlock the CLINTON files and tell america what horrible things they done to americans

  33. America or obama, you can’t have both. Osama obama is the WORST president since president george washinton.No president has done Worse to the usa that obama! I am 63 years old and have Never seen anything worse that him!

  34. the legalization of the gay marriage is enough for him to be impeached,how can you legalize the “wrong”?

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