How can Obama be Impeached?

Memphis, TennesseeImpeachment is not a criminal trial, but a political trial. There is no list of impeachable offenses. Gerald Ford said once that an impeachable offense is whatever the Congress will vote for. It may help, if there is a real crime involved, but that is not a necessary requirement.

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In the phrase “high crimes and misdemeanors,” misdemeanors does not just mean “minor crimes,” but also means bad behavior. Lying to the public and allowing four Americans to die, is impeachable, if the Congress deems it so. It depends on how embarrassing it may be to the Democrats and whether they think he can function as president. It also depends more on whether there is massive American public demand for impeachment.

mis·de·mean·or [mis-di-mee-ner] noun
1. Law. a criminal offense defined as less serious than a felony.
2. an instance of misbehavior; misdeed.

For example, if a president became sloppy drunk every day and refused to perform his job, that would not be a high crime or a misdemeanor in the criminal sense, but would certainly be good cause for him to be impeached, convicted and removed from office.

Impeachment is the charge made by the House of Representatives and requires a simple majority vote. A trial is then held in the Senate. For the president to be removed from office, he must be convicted in the Senate by a at least a two-thirds vote.

Impeach Obama – Sample Letter to Congress

Obama has committed many acts that more directly violate the Constitution and the Republicans need to bring multiple charges, not just impeachment say for Benghazi, if they are really serious about impeaching, convicting and removing him from office and not just scoring political points before the next election. These should include abuse of his executive powers, illegal war, killing of American citizens without due process, funding Al Qaeda in Syria and even his ineligibility for office.

Tea Party Non-Participation – The national umbrella organizations for the Tea Party do not generally support impeachment, though many of the rank and file do and independent Tea Parties may also. This is in large part because national organizations, like the Tea Party Patriots, are already adhering to 501(c)(4) rules for non-profit organizations — which can be self-declared, even before IRS approval — and political campaigns for such groups are limited by law. The group can not be primarily about politics.

501(c)(4) rules allows unlimited contributions from anonymous fat-cats. The Tea Party national umbrella organizations fear ultimately losing their tax status and fat-cat donors, if they support impeachment/removal of Obama.

*Impeach Obama NOW* Protest at Angel Stadium (Anaheim)

Protests like this are needed all over the country to rally public support for impeachment and removal. Contacting Congress also helps, but what we really need are large public demonstrations to demonstrate public support and motivate Congress to act.

You can contact your senators and representative, but it is better to demonstrate your demand for impeachment in public. A town hall with a congressman is also a great place to demand that Obama be impeached and removed, as in the clip below of a town hall held by John McCain. Obama has clearly violated the Constitution and his oath of office in a number of ways.

The Senate is controlled by Democrats, but if Obama’s crimes are exposed, he can become a politically intolerable embarrassment to some Democrats. Even, if Obama is not convicted and removed, it would be a significant benefit to air his crimes and misdeeds in public in an official forum for the public record.

In 1970, Gerald R. Ford, the then majority leader of the House of Representatives, wrote the following:

An impeachable offense is whatever a majority of the House of Representatives considers it to be at a given moment in history.

The most clear of a long list of offenses by Obama against the Constitution is violation of his oath of office, his waging of illegal wars in Libya and elsewhere, including the terrorist drone war in multiple countries, the murder of American citizens without a trial via drone strikes and his support for Al Qaeda.

Congress has become complicit in Obama’s crimes and that is why they are reluctant to act against him. Congress has allowed Obama to wage war without approval, fund Al Qaeda and even to murder US citizens without a trial.


Obama has committed the following offenses, many of which are impeachable or should disqualify him from holding office. He has committed already more than 100 times what Nixon did, for which Nixon was forced to resign or be impeached, including the targeted murder of American citizens without due process. The difference between Nixon and Obama is that the leaderships of both parties are to some extent complicit in Obama’s many crimes and usurpations. They have been corrupted and it is therefore not in their own personal interest to pursue Obama.

• In general, he has usurped the power of Congress and violated his oath to uphold the Constitution

• Even before he became president, he gave a couple of interviews that made it clear he does not believe the Constitution is valid today

• Has a radical, anti-American political and religious background, which has never been fully explained to the American people

• Refused to show that he is constitutional eligibility to hold office and, in fact, fights any investigation tooth and nail and at great expense, which implies a knowledge of ineligibility

• Does not conform to the constitutional requirement of being a “natural born citizen”

• Forged his draft card in an apparent attempt to hide the fact that he failed to register for the draft in violation of federal law

• Defrauded and provoked the public by posting a purported birth certificate on the White House website, which has obviously been manufactured with computer software.

• Lied about details of his life’s story in his auto-biography and elsewhere, in order to advance his political career (Claimed for years to be born in Kenya in his publishers bio.)

• Rejected the validity of the Constitution in public during a radio interview before he took office and cynically swore to uphold the Constitution, which he earlier declared to be no longer valid

• Set up a system of government “Czars” in order to usurp/bypass congressional authority

• Forced churches to accept practices at their medical institutions, which are a serious violation of their religious belief

• Is increasing US government debt at unsustainable rates

• His cronies in the Senate have refused to pass budgets are required by law in order to prevent the House of Representatives from de-funding his criminal activities.

• Wasted billions of stimulus funds on political cronies

• Smuggled a couple thousand illegal firearms to Mexican drug lords, who used them to kill dozens, of people, including the mass murder of 16 persons including 14 teenagers at a coming-out party and a US Border Patrol Agent

• Murdered three American citizens — one of them 16 years old — without due process in an unauthorized, illegal and undeclared terroristic drone war that has killed thousands, including many civilians and children

• Supported openly the “Occupy Movement,” which had anti-American, anarchist and communistic revolutionary objectives

• Waged war in Libya without the constitutionally required approval from Congress

• Refused to affirm in an open congressional hearing the sole right of Congress to declare war via his Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta

• Enforces the law selectively, according to his political agenda

• Refused to prosecute the New Black Panthers for blatant voter suppression

• Dictates new law via abuse of executive orders, as with immigration and gun control laws

• Aided radical Islamist groups, including the Muslim Brotherhood and elements of Al Qaeda in the destabilization and overthrow of various governments in the Middle East

• Deserted the American Ambassador and other Americans while they were under attack for his own personal political reasons

• Blatantly lied to the American public to cover his own culpability about the circumstances of the murders of the Ambassador and other Americans in Benghazi by an Islamic terrorist group

• Failed to pursue justice for the murderers of the Libyan ambassador, while the suspected leader of the terrorist group roams free and unhindered in Libya

• Has committed numerous other illegal acts and abuses of power while in office


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  1. i agree i think and have been emailing boehner and sen kirk and rand paul to do something and i hope boehner starts the process to impeach obama but obamas supporters put and kept the democrats in the senate so there can be no 2/3rds vote to kick his butt out. unless someother
    way can work this out.

    1. It is ludicrous to count votes before the facts have been laid out. Would be like a jury voting before the trial starts. In any case his crimes need to be aired in public. Claiming that he cannot be convicted is just the Republican talking point, given as an excuse why they should not do anything at all. They are really his appeasers and collaborators.

  2. Where have all the Patriots gone Democratic or Republican! Since when has it become a nation of meek politicians. That sit back and allow our country to be destroyed, there only concerned with getting reelected and bettering themselves isn’t it their responsibility to better the Nation… Better yet, why as Americans do we keep re electing them. Have we become complacent to trade our liberties and freedoms for free handouts. We were once a great nation built on the backs of Men/Women. Who worked long hours to support their families and better themselves. And our government use to be a hand up, not a hand out! We were once ashamed to take handouts. Now have we become a nation of entitled citizens content on gutting whats owed to us? Or shell we pick up are pitchforks and shovels and demand less from or government!!! Remember the government cannot give you anything without takeing it away from someone else. If you feel the Government can do a better job of raising your families keep being complaint.. Because if we stay the coarse that is where we are headed. Every aspect of are government has been compromised. Its time we as Patriotic Americans we take out the trash. Where better to start then the top! In the words of a former President the buck stops here.. democrat or republican let us demand are rights to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, Isn’t it time we crush the backs of the corrupt greed driven political parties getting fat off land of the free, and put them to work in the fields like the remaining true patriots. No better then the average working class man should a politician be or treated. It is a job…. not a paid vacation at the tax payers expense. If I wasnt so busy working in the fields, I would run under this platform.. and stick to it no more freebies!! Everybody pulls his weight no more sell outs, bail outs, no new taxes / slash that less taxs! Built in America by Americans for Americans. A sovereign Nation mighty and true… God bless this country and its hardest working people. Give a man/women a job worth doing, then dont tax then to death.Then add a tax on that!! All so you can get a voter to like the free cell phone, free slash / that not so free health care free housing. We’re Americans and we will take care of our own!! Stop stealing from or social security, it was a flawless system until you stupid politicians we elected messed it up to cover your mess.

  3. seems clear congress if they really wanted to help we the people they would do their job which they are not. more than a dozen reasons to one is doing their job or he would have been impeached 1st term.clear by funding our enemies and taxes us to death who he is for shuts off all americans while holding a rally for illegals that was treason against each and every u.s.a. citizen.treason is a big deal and calls for impeachment .and it sees any who talks of freedom and keeping the constitution is the enemy that should wake up congress alone our vets were treated very wrong.congress should once and for all demand the records be unsealed and find out who is setting in the w.h. as the u.s.a. president or have the military walk him out if he has lied about who he is if he has been honest tell we the people as we pay his salary by our tax dollars.even at that he has lied,treason,put american down in other countries,bowed to arab kings… american and surely NO! president of the u.s.a. has ever done that but his father was keyan born under british rule even if his mom was american both parents that is what was but now doesn’t seem to matter only those who want a president not a dictator.

  4. We the people must impeach this so called a pres. We have not had a president in 5 years since he was born in Kenya. He is evil and a pig he needs to be put in jail now.

  5. With every fiber of my being I wish to have Obama prosecuted and out of office. The problem is that Obama’s government has been catering to the lazy for so long, that the lazy are outnumbering the hard working. The lazy are so fixated on the free stuff that Obama is offering, at the expense of the hard working, they can’t, or don’t want, to believe that this system is destined to fail. As long as the free stuff keeps coming, and they can continue to be lazy, they will support Obama, making it very difficult to get enough support for the impeachment process to begin.

    This country is catering to the lazy, and the illegal. What other country GIVES MONEY AWAY to illegal immigrants for food, housing, medical care, and college tuition? California is now allowing illegals to have driver’s licenses and also practice law. Illegal immigrants defending illegal immigrants in American courts?! You and I, as LEGAL American citizens, are held accountable for our actions, and if we do something illegal, we have consequences that we must pay. Why aren’t illegals held to the same standard? Why are they allowed here in the first place?

    The American Dream of working hard and earning your living has been swept aside for the the question of “What is the least amount of work I can do, while getting the most free stuff from the government?”.

    Immigrants don’t come here because of the American Dream. They come here because our government, our President, is quite literally GIVING our country away.

    When are we as a country going to start worrying about ourselves instead of the rest of the world? We cannot help anyone else if we ourselves are not taken care of first.

    How long will it take for the hard working to decide it’s not worth the effort to work hard if the President is just going to take what they earn, through honest hard work, and give it away to the lazy? The path this country is on will very quickly turn our country into a third world country instead of a global super power.

    For the sake of our beloved country, the United States of America, Obama must be removed from office in order for the healing process to start.

  6. So funny to see how old this page is an yet the amount of idiots who voted him back in office no offense bunch of sheep.

  7. The press needs to quit comparing him to Nixon, Nixon did nothing that hurt the American people, but yet Obama is. Our government isn’t ours anymore. All those people think about are themselves and don’t live in our world, they don’t care and never will. The big march that happened in Washington about Vietnam needs to happen again. This so called President is just sitting in our White House laughing and saying “Boy the American public sure was stupid to vote me in again, but hey who cares, I’ve got them just where I want them, they are all screwed. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!” I think we should all learn from this and come next election if we make it to that day, anyone elected should be just a regular person who has no connections with anybody and cares only for true americans. Hell I’m just a hillbilly and could run this country better than he is doing. It won’t be long before we are told what we can and can’t do. It won’t be long before we will have to ask just to go the bathroom.

  8. Think of the US as an apple and Obama and his fat wife are worms eating away from within. Everything they touch rots. But what is even worse than Obama are all of the enablers who support him. Its time to get out the pesticide and spray, spray, spray!!!!!!!!!!


  10. Does Obama not realize how many innocent are being affected by his ridiculous decisions? I say he has to go.

  11. OB cannot be IMPEACHED!! Article 1 Section 7 Clause 2

    you can remove him vi9a the 25th Amendment as being Criminally Psychotically Insane

    or the Military can step in and if those fail then the people

    THe American people are the 4th Branch of Government and the Last Line of Defense!!

  12. Obama needs to be impeach for all the harm he has done to our (GOD’S) country.. How can this person( and his family members) look at themselves in the mirror and feel good… He will have to stand before GOD and explain why he did so much damage to America… He should be put in jail and serve time after his term till we get our country back to the time before he stepped into our house… Never saw his birth cert. I know president Carter is happy now since Obama has taken the place of the worse president in history…

  13. obama thinks that he is above the law but if enough people speak up there will be only one fate for obama

  14. No one has even talked about the BILLIONS of U.S.A’s money missing from the Federal Reserve bank when he became a “conn”unist ruler for those blind and ignorant people who voted for him. Among all of the unspeakable outcast moves that a “PRESIDENT” should not take to down grade the AMERICAN people nothing but lies lies lies i mean hes not even a GOD fearin man if you look up the meaning of his biological name it means SATAN.

  15. Impeachment woould be nice to start a civil war. Get over it, your Great White Hope lost Romey. May as well get use to it because there will be a Mexician American soon, just wait and see

  16. He is an African American (I don’t have a problem with any color people-must love them all as a brother and sister) and the Senate, Congress bicker about color president in the White House has cause a lot of headache to where Obama “hasn’t/couldn’t get much done”, they keep fighting him. I’ll be damn if a woman gets elected into the white house because IT WILL BE another 4-8 years of “can’t get anything done!”

  17. I don’t understand. We know for fact that Obama has lied and broke laws. We know for fact that our congress and government is bought out by corporate companies. Why cant the people vote to make the decision? It is our country not the governments. We should as people of the US vote to remove all government officials and rebuild it. We have that power, don’t we? Isn’t this the tyranny government the constitution warns us of with the second amendment? Why are we as people not doing this?

    1. No, that is not allowed by the Constitution. You have to vote these politicians out of office and replace them with others. To do that you have to get the support of the public, which takes some time to turn around public opinion.

  18. How many Americans know that our US American dollars are supporting Obama Syria Rebels? This group is killing Christians that will not convert to Islamic. They are beheading fellow brothers and sisters in Christ in Syria. I heard that Obama considers America ….. bad people.

    I feel one day very soon in the future our religious freedom rights will takenaway. We will all be forced to convert Isalmic and if we don’t we will paid the ultimate price….. A brutal execution beheading.

  19. He isn’t my president. I didn’t vote for him in the first election nor the second. I never call him President Obama. I just call him Obama!

  20. fast and furious, irs, benghazi, obamacare, the trade , immigration, trumping up charges for a utube video maker, lying to american people about when he heard of scandals, black panther case, missing stimilus monies , I wonder what we don’t know,
    why isn’t congress jailing people for the outright lying in hearings

  21. In reviewing the majority of he responses every person wants Obama Impeachment. Our political system needs our signatures and needs to hear our voices ( loud ), we the people need
    To stand strong and unite. We are losing our country and fast.
    I do believe within a year terrorist will be living in our back yards if we Don’t take the country back. Make our government work for us NOT us for them. We need to Impeach Obama and vote in new blood.

    I pray for all of us to stand strong

  22. Article 1 Section 7 Clause 2

    No laws of Congress are valid

    “Congress can pass no law while a usurper pretends to occupy “the Office of President.”

    The Constitution provides that “[e]very Bill which shall have passed

    the House of Representatives and the Senate, shall, before it become a

    Law, be presented to the President of the United States” (Article I, Section 7, Clause 2). Not to a usurper posturing

    as “the President of the United States,” but to the true and rightful

    President. If no such true and rightful President occupies the White

    House, no “Bill” will or can, “before it become a Law, be presented to

    [him].” If no “Bill” is so presented, no “Bill” will or can become a

    “Law.” And any purported “Law” that the usurper “approve[s]” and

    “sign[s],” or that Congress passes over the usurper’s “Objections,” will

    be a nullity. Thus, if Obama deceitfully “enters office” as an usurper,

    Congress will be rendered effectively impotent for as long as it

    acquiesces in his pretenses as “President.””

    Furthermore, Obama Could not be Removed Except by Force. As a USURPER posturing

    as “the President,” Congress cannot even impeach Obama because, not being the

    actual President, he cannot be “removed from Office on Impeachment for, and

    Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors”

    (see Article II, Section 4). In that case, some other public officials would have to arrest

    him—with physical force, if he would not go along quietly—in order to prevent him

    from continuing his imposture. Obviously, this could possibly lead to

    armed conflicts within the General Government itself, or among the

    States and the people. BUT IT NEEDS TO HAPPEN IF WE ARE TO SAVE HER!


    ALSO, Bear in mind, that as an imposter Commander–in-Chief of the Armed Forces,

    “he will be entitled to no obedience whatsoever from anyone in those Armed

    forces and Law Enforcment. Indeed, for officers or men to follow any of his

    purported “orders” including law enforcement will constitute a serious breach of military

    discipline—and in extreme circumstances even charged with “war crimes.”

    In addition, no one in any civilian agency in the Executive Branch of

    the General Government will be required to put into effect any of

    Obama’s purported “proclamations,” “executive orders,” or “directives”

    (Viera, J.).

    Biden cannot step in to take over as President nor can Pelosi, Reed, Clintons, Boehner,…NO ONE can step in because they are all Criminally in COLLUSSION with the NWO, England, Bilderbergs George Soros, Rothchilds, Rockefellers, the EU and the UN, Tri Lats etc…. They all allowed this FRAUD to USURP the Office of President…. They know he is illegally there and has no power or authority to do anything yet they are all allowing this to go on, the are all continuing to BOW to a Criminal NWO USURPER as President and are enabling aiding and abbedding the collapsse of the United States….. This is the open published Agenda of the Nazi NWO,… If you cannot see it by all the evidence before you then your nothing but BLIND SHEEPLE and may GOD have mercy on your souls…. We must elect an intrim Government which will step in for 6 months untill new elections can be had…..

    I am tired of these people thinking they have the power to do this shit when they clearly do not….just because they say its the law does not make it the law!!!

    Especially concerning the TTP and giving Control of our Internet to our enimies and attempting to sign away our Sovereignty…………..

    Constitution is clear…even if Obama Wannabe Dictator were legit and he is NOT, PROVEN and validated, but, (ignored with Criminal Intent) Neither the President nor Congress nor the Senate nor the Supreme Court nor the Federal Courts nor the States nor their Governor’s and Mayor’s even through Executive Orders and Treaties they STILL DO NOT possess the Power or the Authority to USURP the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, or our Sovereignty….The Constitution weather they chose to ignore it is the Law of the land and they are BOUND to it Article 6 Section 3….all they do is NULL and VOID not to mention they have been Criminally DeFacto since 1871

  23. RECENT!! Breakiong Bombshell!!

    British Intelligence Advisor Michael Shrimpton is a British barrister (attorney), an adviser to British intelligence, and a serious person. (Hard Documented Files) Obama is Criminal Fraud USURPER and puppet for England and the New World Order, born 1960 in Kenya. DNA testing done on Obama already by CIA

    Michael Shrimpton is now a Consultant for British Intelligence and is well Connected a very serious individual! I have communicaed with Mr. Shrimpton this is his correct email! Shrimpton has his own blog, The Shrimpton Report. His email address is
    Feel Free to Contact him! I challenge you not to be afraid of learning the TRUTH!

    Although Barack Hussein Obama (BHO) is said to have been born on August 4, 1961, he actually was born in 1960. Obama’s alleged mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, was not pregnant in July 1961. Although BHO is said to have been born in Honolulu, Hawaii, he actually was born in Mombasa, Kenya, which was then British territory, which means British intelligence has his records. The C.I.A. surreptiously took a DNA sample of Obama at a fundraising dinner and ran a test, but could not match Obama’s DNA with his [maternal] grandparents, the Dunhams. Former New York governor and GOP presidential aspirant Rudy Giuliani told Shrimpton at a recent lunch that he (Giuliani) knows all about this. Giuliani had hoped he would be the GOP presidential candidate and he’d then use the information against the Democrats. The Clintons (Bill and Hillary) also know about this.

    For the rest of the 1½ hour video, Shrimpton talked about British politics and the European Union. However, at the 1:09:30 mark, a man in the audience asked Shrimpton a question about Obama and Kenya. In his response, beginning at about the 1:11:55 mark, Shrimpton alluded to the 2008 U.S. presidential campaign as if it was ongoing as he spoke, which suggests that the forum took place in 2008. Shrimpton also made these additional claims:

    Given the above, British intelligence on the year (1960, not 1961) and place (Kenya, not USA) of Obama’s birth, Obama would “soon be pressured into withdrawing” from the presidential race or resigning of course with the benefit of hindsight, we know that didn’t happen.
    Senator John Edwards also knows because Shrimpton had briefed him. Former CIA director (under Bill Clinton) also knows. Shrimpton does not name him. Clinton had 3 successive CIA directors: James Woolsey, John Deutsch, and George Tenet. The Kenyan government, of course, knows. The UK newspaper Daily Telegraph also knows. The Honolulu press is aware that Obama’s birth records in Honolulu’s Queens Medical Center are fake. The Honolulu Advertiser knows this.
    Sen. John McCain knows Hillary Clinton and Bill knows
    British Intelligence knows because MI5 got the Nairobi Special Intelligence files when Kenya became independent.
    Kofi Annan, Secretary General of the United Nations from 1997 to 2006, also knows.
    Shrimpton also said something very strange — that Obama’s half-sister is actually his full sister, and that the sister is “missing.” (The only “half sister” of Obama about whom we are told is Maya Soetoro-Ng, the daughter of Stanley Ann Dunham and her Indonesian husband, Lolo Soetoro.)


    Supreme Court Judges Say Obama Birth Certificate A Fake – 18 April 2014

  24. WAKE UP AMERICA! PLEASE READ here are the tactics Obama has been using to control America from Saul Alinsky. There are 8 levels of control that must be obtained before you are able to create a social state. THIS IS WHY WE MUST IMPEACH OBAMA

    1) Healthcare — Control healthcare and you control the people

    2) Poverty — Increase the Poverty level as high as possible, poor people are easier to control and will not fight back if you are providing everything for them to live.

    3) Debt — Increase the debt to an unsustainable level. That way you are able to increase taxes, and this will produce more poverty.

    4) Gun Control — Remove the ability to defend themselves from the Government. That way you are able to create a police state.

    5) Welfare — Take control of every aspect of their lives (Food, Housing, and Income).

    6) Education — Take control of what people read and listen to — take control of what children learn in school.

    7) Religion — Remove the belief in the God from the Government and schools.

    8) Class Warfare — Divide the people into the wealthy and the poor. This will cause more discontent and it will be easier to take (Tax) the wealthy with the support of the poor.

    1. They are arrogant and having a serious wet dream…when we rise in mass and they find themselves standing before the gallows…. i will not shed one tear for any of them!

      Date: Sun, 6 Jul 2014 18:41:58 +0000 To:

  25. Has anyone even thought that Mr. Obama has made all these unilateral decisions and intact bragged that he would continue with the executive orders… And that this same man has his finger on a button to launch nuclear weapons???

    Helloooo… Where is the US Martial to arrest this treasonous man?

  26. Obama is simply not intelligent enough to do any job where important decision have to be made. He is a simple minded man who sneaked himself into a position he is not fit for. His orders simply have to be ignored. let us look at his skills.

    Engineer, who would understand technology and industry? NO
    A health specialist? NO
    Has he been a soldier NO
    Has he financial background NO
    Has he got a solid economic background? NO
    Has he had any negotiating skills? NO
    Has he been a agriculturalist? NO
    So what experience does he have apart from waffling the same rubbish? He has no skills, no intelligence. How can a man be elected to run anything? He maybe fit for a simple job Come on Americans. It is time to sideline him and ignore his commands otherwise the US will fall apart.

    1. Sorry, but it is just very dumb and naive to assume Obama has good intentions at this point after nearly six years of his shenanigans. He is a subversive and has been extremely successful at it.

  27. I have enjoyed 51 years of freedom in the United States of America. It was provided to me by the blood, sweat, hard work and sacrifice of those Americans who built this country. I owe everyone who has fought, and died for this country. I pray that I will be given the opportunity to repay my dept of gratitude to my American hero’s. It’s past time to impeach obama. It’s time to reclaim this country as the Judeo-Christian Nation that it was founded to be. A nation of religious freedom. A Nation with respect for her constitution. A Nation with a strong military. A fair tax system. A dept free nation. That encourages industry and hard work. Obama hates America. Let’s kick him out. We are not the colonial thugs that he claims we are. We have been a friend to friendly nations. We have helped people all over the world to establish their own rule. Obama should be punished for what he has done to my beloved country. It will take great sacrifice to recover from him presidency.

  28. We are now in grave danger because so many have been blinded by this presidents intentions…he just continues on a path of destruction….disassembling the foundation of a once great nation…we can turn back….pray for God’s mercy on this nation.

  29. If we don’t get on the Obama boat and agree with this failure then we are all called prejudice! It seems to me that it’s the people that back him and his failed policies that are truly prejudice.

  30. Nestor -> I would also hold her responsible for sedition, if not outright treason.Whilst I only made 1 charge, I’m certainly not saying that she’s not guilty (so-to-speak, since she hasn’t been convicted of anything) of other crimes worthy of impeachment against our country. In fact, I agree that she’s engaging in sedition and treason.But for my deal to work, my one charge has to be enough 4 me at this time, but I do appreciate you adding in your 2 cents on this.

  31. How did it ever get this far? The president of the United States should be both feared and respected around the world. This guy is an enemy of our allies as well as an enemy of the citizens of the United states. This man has 3 or 4 times as many executive orders as all previous president’s combined. If you take a minute to read some of them you will soil your pants. I read a few and within seconds my jaw dropped. Orders that give the government power to put us in work camps and take over all resources like power and other utility companies. This man is pure evil and if you know anything about him and his past you know that he hates white America which no matter how racist some liberals may find this but I’ll say it anyway. White America is America. Yes there are other races but the white majority is the one that pays the bills and in the eyes of mist radical liberals keeps everyone else down. That is completely wrong. The truth is that the lifestyle and work ethic brought here by our European ancestors is what made this country what it is or at least what it was. That is why he is going after the guns and creating this huge welfare states. He has the black vote just because of the color of his skin. He and other liberals get minority votes by offering free stuff but offers no way to improve their lives. The sad fact is that most minority groups only know about his hope and change nonsense. When in tee viewed on the streets 99% of these people know absolutely nothing about politics, obama or anything that could be used to make a good decision about who should lead our country. Other elected officials have been afraid to confront him because every time someone confronts him they are called racist. That’s insane…. we need the elected officials we trust to protect us from threats and protect our rights to stand up for us and go after this tyrant. Yes impeach Obama and don’t waste any time doing it. Secure the senate in November and remove obama from office. Bring everything out in front of the American people so the left has no choice but to go along with it. Make sure all Americans that live thus guy blindly to see the truth so there is no misunderstanding. Then inform and educate the public about the true agenda of the left. We need hope and change but All of that can only come from a more educated public and more action from our elected officials.

    1. There is zero chance the Republican will get a 2/3 majority in the Senate, required to impeach Obama. There are not that many seats up for grabs. Some help from Democrats is required. This group is not about partisan support for the Republican Party.

    2. Stop voting these NWO WHORES into office!! Everyone who ran in the last election were all whores for the New World Order including Romney, Hillary is a NWO whore as well and a murderer and Seditious Traitor…. The only person who was not a whore for the NWO was Ron Paul you need to elect a strong Constitutionalist this is the only way we will take this Nation back without violance. As far as I am concerned Ron Paul is the President as clearly the elections were stolen…….

      Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2014 05:27:07 +0000 To:

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  34. We have got to all pull together, and demand for impeachment now! Obama is a traitor, he lies to us, we have lost more of our rights under the obama regime, than all previous presidents combined! He is a threat and a danger toall of us, and our posterity, by enslaving us to nwo. His presence isnt of, or for the people. He works for dipshits like rothchilds, rockefeller, or any other owl worshipping satanist that has dinero for him. Lets impeach, and put someone by the people, for the people, who will gets back to a nation under god, not bal.

  35. Obama is a traitor. Obama runs a baby-Stalin dictatorial regime. Obama is an imperial president. Obama and his regime are the enemies within. Obama and his regime are the enemies of faith, freedom, family and liberty. Obama has bought our LEOs and Military with Pay and Pension with Printed Fake Federal Reserve Notes. LEOs and Military should note that those FRNs are paper, but our freedom costs much blood. We need to end thus regime and most of the government needs to be re-chained as the Constitution wanted. All of the acolytes of Alinsky, Cloward and Piven should be arrested and imprisoned for their sedition, for their treason, for their utter evil.

    Debt is Wealth. Ignorance is Strength. Freedom is Slavery. War is Peace. Cold is Warm.

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  37. Get that stupid sob outta here! This is what it’s like with a sociopath for a president! His real name is osama! “Go home!” We don’t need Muslims running our country! Your not getting any more of our money to give to isis! Go home antichrist, You’ll soon be in hell where You belong! Bye!!!

  38. Greetings from Ohio! I’m bored at work so I decided to browse
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  39. When they voted to not let these Americans back in that was and is working with Isis and the one from Hawaii threw a wrench in it and so now they are here!
    I think he was paid off to do this, I mean after all wasn’t Obama born supposedly in Hawaii!
    This is just terrible what this Un- American President is doing! What can we do to stop him and make congress wake up!

  40. Wake up America, in 2008 backed by a liberal-controlled media in addition to unsurpassed ignorance, our great country voted for a closeted-Muslim with a vengeance towards hard-working Americans and a hidden agenda under the slogan of “change” to convert our government into a third world socialist, communist.
    We must remove him and his cronies once and for all. As it is, it’ll take longer than the six years it’s taken this bastard to transform our homeland to bring it back to the great nation it’s always been. He’s destroyed our credibility in the world, our morals and principles, our way of life. Get this incompetent idiot out of the office of president, before he destroys our country further.

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