How can Obama be Impeached?

Memphis, TennesseeImpeachment is not a criminal trial, but a political trial. There is no list of impeachable offenses. Gerald Ford said once that an impeachable offense is whatever the Congress will vote for. It may help, if there is a real crime involved, but that is not a necessary requirement.

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In the phrase “high crimes and misdemeanors,” misdemeanors does not just mean “minor crimes,” but also means bad behavior. Lying to the public and allowing four Americans to die, is impeachable, if the Congress deems it so. It depends on how embarrassing it may be to the Democrats and whether they think he can function as president. It also depends more on whether there is massive American public demand for impeachment.

mis·de·mean·or [mis-di-mee-ner] noun
1. Law. a criminal offense defined as less serious than a felony.
2. an instance of misbehavior; misdeed.

For example, if a president became sloppy drunk every day and refused to perform his job, that would not be a high crime or a misdemeanor in the criminal sense, but would certainly be good cause for him to be impeached, convicted and removed from office.

Impeachment is the charge made by the House of Representatives and requires a simple majority vote. A trial is then held in the Senate. For the president to be removed from office, he must be convicted in the Senate by a at least a two-thirds vote.

Impeach Obama – Sample Letter to Congress

Obama has committed many acts that more directly violate the Constitution and the Republicans need to bring multiple charges, not just impeachment say for Benghazi, if they are really serious about impeaching, convicting and removing him from office and not just scoring political points before the next election. These should include abuse of his executive powers, illegal war, killing of American citizens without due process, funding Al Qaeda in Syria and even his ineligibility for office.

Tea Party Non-Participation – The national umbrella organizations for the Tea Party do not generally support impeachment, though many of the rank and file do and independent Tea Parties may also. This is in large part because national organizations, like the Tea Party Patriots, are already adhering to 501(c)(4) rules for non-profit organizations — which can be self-declared, even before IRS approval — and political campaigns for such groups are limited by law. The group can not be primarily about politics.

501(c)(4) rules allows unlimited contributions from anonymous fat-cats. The Tea Party national umbrella organizations fear ultimately losing their tax status and fat-cat donors, if they support impeachment/removal of Obama.

*Impeach Obama NOW* Protest at Angel Stadium (Anaheim)

Protests like this are needed all over the country to rally public support for impeachment and removal. Contacting Congress also helps, but what we really need are large public demonstrations to demonstrate public support and motivate Congress to act.

You can contact your senators and representative, but it is better to demonstrate your demand for impeachment in public. A town hall with a congressman is also a great place to demand that Obama be impeached and removed, as in the clip below of a town hall held by John McCain. Obama has clearly violated the Constitution and his oath of office in a number of ways.

The Senate is controlled by Democrats, but if Obama’s crimes are exposed, he can become a politically intolerable embarrassment to some Democrats. Even, if Obama is not convicted and removed, it would be a significant benefit to air his crimes and misdeeds in public in an official forum for the public record.

In 1970, Gerald R. Ford, the then majority leader of the House of Representatives, wrote the following:

An impeachable offense is whatever a majority of the House of Representatives considers it to be at a given moment in history.

The most clear of a long list of offenses by Obama against the Constitution is violation of his oath of office, his waging of illegal wars in Libya and elsewhere, including the terrorist drone war in multiple countries, the murder of American citizens without a trial via drone strikes and his support for Al Qaeda.

Congress has become complicit in Obama’s crimes and that is why they are reluctant to act against him. Congress has allowed Obama to wage war without approval, fund Al Qaeda and even to murder US citizens without a trial.


Obama has committed the following offenses, many of which are impeachable or should disqualify him from holding office. He has committed already more than 100 times what Nixon did, for which Nixon was forced to resign or be impeached, including the targeted murder of American citizens without due process. The difference between Nixon and Obama is that the leaderships of both parties are to some extent complicit in Obama’s many crimes and usurpations. They have been corrupted and it is therefore not in their own personal interest to pursue Obama.

• In general, he has usurped the power of Congress and violated his oath to uphold the Constitution

• Even before he became president, he gave a couple of interviews that made it clear he does not believe the Constitution is valid today

• Has a radical, anti-American political and religious background, which has never been fully explained to the American people

• Refused to show that he is constitutional eligibility to hold office and, in fact, fights any investigation tooth and nail and at great expense, which implies a knowledge of ineligibility

• Does not conform to the constitutional requirement of being a “natural born citizen”

• Forged his draft card in an apparent attempt to hide the fact that he failed to register for the draft in violation of federal law

• Defrauded and provoked the public by posting a purported birth certificate on the White House website, which has obviously been manufactured with computer software.

• Lied about details of his life’s story in his auto-biography and elsewhere, in order to advance his political career (Claimed for years to be born in Kenya in his publishers bio.)

• Rejected the validity of the Constitution in public during a radio interview before he took office and cynically swore to uphold the Constitution, which he earlier declared to be no longer valid

• Set up a system of government “Czars” in order to usurp/bypass congressional authority

• Forced churches to accept practices at their medical institutions, which are a serious violation of their religious belief

• Is increasing US government debt at unsustainable rates

• His cronies in the Senate have refused to pass budgets are required by law in order to prevent the House of Representatives from de-funding his criminal activities.

• Wasted billions of stimulus funds on political cronies

• Smuggled a couple thousand illegal firearms to Mexican drug lords, who used them to kill dozens, of people, including the mass murder of 16 persons including 14 teenagers at a coming-out party and a US Border Patrol Agent

• Murdered three American citizens — one of them 16 years old — without due process in an unauthorized, illegal and undeclared terroristic drone war that has killed thousands, including many civilians and children

• Supported openly the “Occupy Movement,” which had anti-American, anarchist and communistic revolutionary objectives

• Waged war in Libya without the constitutionally required approval from Congress

• Refused to affirm in an open congressional hearing the sole right of Congress to declare war via his Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta

• Enforces the law selectively, according to his political agenda

• Refused to prosecute the New Black Panthers for blatant voter suppression

• Dictates new law via abuse of executive orders, as with immigration and gun control laws

• Aided radical Islamist groups, including the Muslim Brotherhood and elements of Al Qaeda in the destabilization and overthrow of various governments in the Middle East

• Deserted the American Ambassador and other Americans while they were under attack for his own personal political reasons

• Blatantly lied to the American public to cover his own culpability about the circumstances of the murders of the Ambassador and other Americans in Benghazi by an Islamic terrorist group

• Failed to pursue justice for the murderers of the Libyan ambassador, while the suspected leader of the terrorist group roams free and unhindered in Libya

• Has committed numerous other illegal acts and abuses of power while in office


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  1. Use Law enforcement, arrest him and send him to Prison for a Long time. He was a dishonest President, couldn’t tell the truth and a Muslin supporter.

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