Obama’s Psychopathic Narcissism / Megalomania

Obama - Extreme Narcissist
Barack Obama
Extreme Narcissist
Sam Vaknin, an international expert on the subject, has declared that Obama fits the profile of an extreme or pathological Narcissist, aka malignant Narcissist, sometimes called popularly an egomaniac or megalomaniac. This does not just mean that he is merely narcissistic, that is arrogant or egocentric in the usual sense, but that he has a dangerous psychological disorder. Other famous figures from history, who have been diagnosed as psychopathic Narcissists have been Adolf Hitler and Stalin, as mentioned by Vaknin in the interview below by Liddy below.

Cult leaders are extreme Narcissists, or it may be better said the other way around extreme Narcissists always, by nature, form some kind of personality cult, even if it involves only one other person, such as a spouse.

This is a 20-minute interview of San Vaknin by G. Gordon Liddy

The Perils of President Obama’s Narcissism
Sam Vaknin Interview on G. Gordon Liddy Show

A short overview of Obama’s pathological Narcissism.

Obama’s Psychopathic Narcissism / Megalomania


A 45-minute documentary on Narcissistic Personality Disorder:

Narcissists -British Documentary


Barack Obama: Narcissist or Merely Narcissistic? by Dr. Sam Vaknin


Obama Says “I am God”

12 thoughts on “Obama’s Psychopathic Narcissism / Megalomania”

  1. I know that Barrack obama is intelligent. Not as much as Hitler but still. I really think that a president of a country should entire belong to that country. Barrack obama without a doubt has put United States in big danger with his musulmans connections that are not clear to this day. Barrack doesn’t think like an americain at all. I wish him good. But God I would feel unsafe with him in power. They are too many detail that we can’t get hands on. Something with Hillary Clinton and the thousands of page that was destroyed in the affair “email corrunption”.
    Bottom line is that americains shouldn’t doubt a minute about their president.
    Now he is going after Donald Trump!!!How immature is that in the way that we all know that he support Clinton. How can you trust Clinton or Obama.
    I hope God knows what he is doing !!!

  2. Obama–Clinton’s and others in top governmental roles (Congress, Senate, etc.) have sold out their souls to Lucifer…one could almost go so far as to say that if ‘demon possession’ is true; as the Holy Bible acknowledges, then Obama–Clinton’s and others (will not name here) are of the highest order of demon infiltration in that they have consciously ‘given’ themselves to be possessed…as such; they are most probably infiltrates of the Nephilim. One cannot get closer to a Lucifer offspring than and Nephilim. However, there are certain ‘intercessors’ under the Lordship of Christ who have been given a specific; appointing, anointing and commissioning to pray for such one’s to be exposed, held accountable for their conscious rebellion against the Most High and consequently will be dealt with by the ONE true G-d…In fact, the ‘intercessors’ are the one’s behind the scene’s–that, through their prayers much of the ‘doubly dead’ – ‘clouds without water’ – “appointed for judgment from of old’ that Jude speaks of in his Epistle are being exposed for their ‘accountability’ and ‘divine prosecution’ in this very generation–this upcoming Passover will seal their fate in mass numbers, i.e. those vile, foul, egoistic, megalomaniac, schizoid, self-deceived ‘spirits’ who are blind to divine realities and virtues. And, of which scoff at the ‘pure in heart’. These one’s are being exposed during this ‘hour’ for their evil deeds and will be held accountable very soon. What God does is let their iniquity come to the surface in its fullness and then through united intercessory prayer as the Holy Spirit operates through the Lord’s vessels, executing the ‘already won victory’ of Christ do these ‘spirits’ experience their time of judgment. When Christ was walking down the street, He came across some men who were possessed. They said to Him, “Have you come to torment us before the time?” (I.e. have you come to send us to the abyss, etc?” and Christ answered: “This is the time–be you cast out”–The Christ Natured Spirit in the Body of Christ has been given the authority and the power to speak those exact words into existence–into the spirit realm (ether, if-you-like)–this is what is happening as the Universal Christ-Bride-Body of pure intention believers who have attained this ‘authority-power’ in the Spirit (Consciousness) as an; appointing, anointing and commissioning are doing in this hour. Such is the effectiveness of such high level of prayer in this hour. This is why we exalt our Lord, Christ, Yeshua as he works His victory through His Bride that He is making pure without sport or wrinkle. We are the Sons of Light and we have come to dispel, displace and cast the Sons of Darkness into the pit…this is ‘the time’ for their exposure and judgment…for the Lord does nothing unless He first reveals it to His fellow-sons, the Prophets and Prophetesses of the Lord. As it is written, “The ages are framed by the Living Manna Word in and through the mouth of God’s prophets’ who serve under the Lordship of Christ…for we know that our weapons are not carnal—that we fight not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers in high places–against the rulers of this darkness” and that we have all authority in heaven and earth to execute such judgments in the earth as they speak the Living Manna Word, i.e. as that Word comes through us as a two-edged sword to expose the darkness to the Ineffable Light of the Holy One–Christ, Yeshua. Therefore, these fallen ones inhabiting the disciples of Lucifer are and will continue to be exposed–however, the human being forms have been extended enough grace to either repent and turn from their evil ways, and then humbly give their new allegiance to the Lord, Christ Yeshua for the truth and deliverance, or they will be counted with the number of those fallen one’s and therefore through ‘attachment’ and ‘conscious acceptance’ of their willfully accepted plight be judged according to the will and the laws of the Holy One. The unenlightened might say: “Who are you to judge anyone or anything?” which would be the cunning deceitful mentality of the wicked and unenlightened. God’s answer is that He gives authority over such maleficent and fallen spirits, because Christ is coming in and through His holy ones (saints) to be glorified in the earth and He places His enemies under the feet of His appointed, anointed and commissioned ones. Scriptures: II Thess. 1:10; Romans: “For it pleases God to trample Satan (and his activities and associated fallen ones) under your feet shortly”. As it is written of Christ’s right to rule in and through His Bride-Sonship-Body of believers: “Heaven is His throne and earth is His footstool and He patiently until His enemies are subdued and judged (Paraphrased)…i.e.until the Kingdom of the this world have become the kingdom of the Lord and of His Christ…” Book of Revelation. So to those of the Christ-Bride-Sonship-Body; “Look up for your redemption draws near.” Those who are not aware that we are in the time of the battle of the ages between the Sons of Light and the sons of darkness are held in oblivious bondage–usually sustained through ignorance and unbelief which would be nothing buy FEAR! Faith’s Energies Attuned Reversely…not jut false evidence appearing real!

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  4. Obama was a vile individual who was adored by a gutless and simpering media. He was a warmongering arrogant fraud who spawned a new Cold War and presided over a desperately divided nation. Thank God that he’s gone!

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