Obamacare and Amnesty – Twin Pillars of Obama’s Subversion

Obama-GodDamnAmericaObamacare and Amnesty are complementary and work together for the subversion and ultimately destruction of the sovereignty of America. Obamacare re-distributes wealth from working Americans to welfare recipients and illegal aliens. Amnesty of whatever kind provides legal residency to illegal aliens and that allows them to sponsor more of their friends and family to come illegally to the US in the future. The added healthcare benefits are, of course, also a big incentive for more illegal immigration.

Obama has already enacted a form of amnesty for hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens via his unlawful executive decree that stopped the deportation of the so-called dreamers. Even, if no amnesty bill passes, Obama will likely continue granting amnesty to others by abuse of his power to issue executive orders.

Any kind of legal residency for illegal aliens is a form of amnesty. Many Republicans are just as anxious to grant some form of amnesty to illegals as Obama is, because monied interests profit from the cheap labor, while shifting the social costs to the taxpayer. They want to promote more illegal immigration by giving amnesty to the illegals, who are already here.

It is unconstitutional for Obama to change law with an executive order, but he often does exactly that with impunity. Amnesty supporters are demanding that he stop deporting illegal aliens altogether and this would amount to amnesty for all illegal aliens. It is not at all unimaginable that Obama will order something like this as a last resort.

Government estimates are that 11-12 million illegal aliens are residing in the US, but this number has been used for many years without being increased. It is believed that the number is much higher. Estimates range up to 30-40 million illegal aliens currently living in the US. Granting tens of millions of illegal aliens residency and ultimately citizenship and voting rights would permanently shift political power.

In this clip Service Employees International Union (SEIU) executive vice president, Eliseo Medina points out in 2009 that Amnesty will give Progressives power for the long term, in effect, creating a one-party Government. The great majority of illegal aliens will eventually become Democratic voters and this is the principle reason for their support among the Democrats and Progressives. Though fewer in number, there are also progressives in the Republican Party and especially in the leadership of the Party.

Once the power of the Progressives is secure, they will certainly open the illegal immigration floodgates even wider, cementing their power and ending American sovereignty permanently. A system dominated by a single corrupt party ruling over a dependent underclass is their goal. They have done similar fundamental transformations in countries, such as South Africa, and this is evidently the model for America.

Anatomy of the Dominant Party System in Africa

Obama was a SEIU as an organizer, before he sought political office. SEIU is one of Obama’s biggest contributors and supporters.

SEIU is a Progressive organization and Progressive-ism has long been associated with Communists and used as a front for Communists as well as for other types of subversives.

A third pillar that could be added is unending war to drive us into more debt and weaken America economically. War also provides an atmosphere of fear, in which it is easier to manipulate public opinion.

The cult doctrine of Black Liberation Theology of Obama’s Trinity church is fundamentally based on the destruction of the American system and that is also the object of many of his other radical associations. People have to be incredibly naive, willfully ignorant or themselves subversive to ignore these factors as his motivation.

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  1. He who has the money controls the ones who need it. We are in a country full of fat lazy bums. Sitting there collecting a check they never earned. My hearts cold . If you aint working when you can but choose not to, then you should starve. This world has no room for laziness anymore. The era of helping the worthless will come to an end. To hell with any sob story you may have. I have a million but still I work and pay into the system you abuse so openly. Learn to fish for food like I and my family had to to survive. We never asked for a handout. We strived to survive and found a way everytime. No welfare. We ate beans son.

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