Obama is NOT Hitler!!

Obama, like Duke,
puts a nice face on racial animus.
Obama is not Hitler, at least not yet. Hitler is an icon of racial hatred and dictatorial government. The comparison with Hitler is useful for communicating a message about Obama. Everyone knows what Hitler stands for and the connection is thus easy to make. This comparison is valid and does not dishonor any victims of the Nazis. On the contrary, it honors them to draw such comparisons as a tool to inform people about Obama’s motives. There is something seriously wrong with the idea that we should not start drawing parallels, when our leaders have dictatorial tendencies, until 40 million people have been killed.

At this point, however, Obama is more like a black version of David Duke, a Grand wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klu Klan. Duke became a politician and his mode of operation was to put a nice face on racial extremism in an attempt to deceive the public about his true motives.

Obama’s Trinity Church in Chicago is a Black Nationalist sect, as is the Nation of Islam, the New Black Panther Party and a number of other such black hate groups. Marcus Garvey, the Founder of the Black Nationalist mass movement in the 1910’s, believed that the success of the white race was due to white supremacy and Garvey mandated that blacks should organize themselves into groups following the principles of the KKK. Since that time, there has been a kind of black KKK and Obama is a leader of it.

Marcus Garvey was known as the prophet of Black Nationalism. He prophesied that one day the black race would produce their own Hitler. Since Garvey’s time, Black Nationalists have continued to emulate their white supremacist counterparts and often work with the KKK and Nazi Party.

Black Nationalism teaches that, unless whites submit, the white oppressors of the world will be defeated and America destroyed in a cataclysm that starts with a race war. This is supposed to lead to a millennial, biblical “kingdom” on earth, restoring the black man as “ruler of the universe.” It is a black cult movement.

Obama – The “nice” Face of the Black KKK

Marcus Garvey was investigated by the FBI, because he was working with the KKK and later the Nazi Party. He was deported from the country, because of this association with racial hate groups. Today, we have become too politically correct to punish such racial agitators, instead we elect them to the presidency!!

American Nazi Party meeting with the Nation of Islam in 1961

Malcolm X met with and cooperated with George Lincoln Rockwell, shown in the image above. The doctrine of Black Liberation Theology of Obama black nationalist sect in Chicago is based on the beliefs of Malcolm X, as has often been stated by the author of the foundation books on Black Liberation Theology, James H. Cone.

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